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- NBC will need "four or five" people to replace Russert DeepModem Mom Wed Jun-18-08 03:46 PM14
- The Russert weekend, RIP DeepModem Mom Tue Jun-17-08 02:01 PM9
- Today I Shall Speak Ill Of The Dead zehnkatzen Tue Jun-17-08 07:42 AM10
- Blogger arrests hit record high subsuelo Mon Jun-16-08 09:21 AM4
- No one alive had more enthusiasm for what he did. sellitman Sun Jun-15-08 10:20 PM3
- He died the semi-ultimate upper-class white male's death [View All] Miss Authorit... Sun Jun-15-08 11:00 AM20
- Joe Klein: "He Was Loving This Election" DeepModem Mom Sat Jun-14-08 03:33 PM5
- Tiny Town: Washington After a Fall DeepModem Mom Sat Jun-14-08 12:44 PM3
- Keith Olbermann has Jumped the Shark [View All] One Sweet Wor... Sat Jun-14-08 11:14 AM41
- DeepModem Mom Sat Jun-14-08 12:11 AM0
- Fox & Friends tells its viewers which words are hard to spell underpants Thu Jun-12-08 04:07 PM14
- The reason that CorpoMedia MUST keep the WH in Repug hands: annabanana Thu Jun-12-08 06:43 AM2
- Obama's "lobbyist" will get heavy rotation today. With nary a peep annabanana Thu Jun-12-08 05:42 AM0
- Tribune Company owner Sam Zell: The L.A. Times's Human Wrecking Ball DeepModem Mom Wed Jun-11-08 09:23 PM5
- Pentagon Pundits, Media Reform and Talking Back to Bill O'Reilly groovedaddy Wed Jun-11-08 10:44 AM0
- Interesting statement on a radio news break ... at least, to me zbdent Tue Jun-10-08 06:41 PM2
- Fox News 'Dems Fail' 'Republicans lead charge' 'API... reminding' underpants Tue Jun-10-08 12:10 PM3
- Clinton's exit from race a preoccupation for reporters: "Commentary disguised as reporting"? DeepModem Mom Tue Jun-10-08 05:07 AM6
- CNN works to keep its political winning streak going DeepModem Mom Mon Jun-09-08 08:00 PM3
- Uncertainty as Tribune Company Prepares to Retrench DeepModem Mom Mon Jun-09-08 04:01 PM0
- Attention, Liberal Media! zbdent Mon Jun-09-08 01:05 PM3
- CNN-Poor reporting bmichaelh Sat Jun-07-08 08:09 PM4
- Who should have gotten the 3-6 PM time slot on Air America? (Poll) stillrockin Sat Jun-07-08 07:13 PM1
- More hypocrisy from MSNBC -- Olberman refuses to pay taxes [View All] One Sweet Wor... Fri Jun-06-08 04:40 PM22
- CBS News presented by ExxonMobil underpants Fri Jun-06-08 02:30 PM1
- Tonight on Moyer's Journal: McClatchy reporters on McClellan & press reaction groovedaddy Fri Jun-06-08 01:06 PM1
- Page A7 of my local rag underpants Fri Jun-06-08 11:39 AM1
- Disney/ABC & News Corp/Fox - The 2008 Election & Control of the FCC Median Democr... Fri Jun-06-08 10:25 AM0
- CNN rules on historic primary night; Fox falls to third place behind MSNBC DeepModem Mom Thu Jun-05-08 12:47 PM1
- Pls see Latest on COMCAST: snot Thu Jun-05-08 11:14 AM0
- Another MSNBC "insider" is talking -- DeepModem Mom Wed Jun-04-08 01:22 PM5
- Matt Drudge: "assignment editor for the national press corps" DeepModem Mom Tue Jun-03-08 10:22 PM3
- McClellan on 'Meet the Press': Bush Should Have Fired Rove DeepModem Mom Tue Jun-03-08 02:53 PM2
- Campaign reporters have a nose for conflict -- real or imagined DeepModem Mom Tue Jun-03-08 12:39 PM0
- Study shows young adults hit by 'news fatigue' DeepModem Mom Mon Jun-02-08 03:44 PM2
- Sorry about that: NYT on Obama beheading op/edcolumn Miss Authorit... Sun Jun-01-08 10:23 PM3
- Chuck Todd now has a Fan Site, Chuck Todd Facts DeepModem Mom Sun Jun-01-08 02:34 PM14
- Dove Soap campaign about advertising fashion/beauty distortion intheflow Sun Jun-01-08 12:52 PM9
- With redesigned Wall Street Journal, Rupert Murdoch launches old-fashioned newspaper war against NYT DeepModem Mom Sat May-31-08 04:00 PM7
- Dean slams media coverage as he opens Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting DeepModem Mom Sat May-31-08 10:14 AM0
- Media: "How could we ever have known?" janet118 Fri May-30-08 09:52 AM3
- Is David Gregory Orchestrating Hit Jobs on Other MSNBC Talent? DeepModem Mom Fri May-30-08 02:32 AM12
- Does the media allowing Obama to lie ("Uncle Auschwitz Buchenwald Ohrdruf") mean media on his side? [View All] papau Fri May-30-08 12:20 AM36
- Aaron Barnhart: The only thing approaching "self-parody" are these endless attacks on Olbermann BerryBush Thu May-29-08 11:39 PM2
- Olbermann Responds to Murdoch's "Crazy" Remark DeepModem Mom Thu May-29-08 11:10 PM2
- MSNBC's Doc Block shrinking? Gregory's Race for the WH to re-air at 11 DeepModem Mom Thu May-29-08 02:09 PM6
- DeepModem Mom Thu May-29-08 01:33 PM2
- Murdoch had role in Obama NY Post endorsement, predicts Dem landslide DeepModem Mom Thu May-29-08 10:52 AM0
- Is "Scott is saying nothing new ..." a brushoff? zbdent Thu May-29-08 08:31 AM5
- KO "let the freak flag fly"? "A revolt coming?" DeepModem Mom Thu May-29-08 06:32 AM10
- May Ratings: MSNBC's Big Prime Time Gains DeepModem Mom Wed May-28-08 09:16 PM5
- Keith Olbermann Blows Last Remaining Gasket DeepModem Mom Wed May-28-08 03:14 PM16
- The New Yorker's Hendrik Hertzberg on Chris Matthews: A broader picture than the NYT Mag's DeepModem Mom Wed May-28-08 01:27 PM0
- Whatever Happened to Iraq? How the media lost interest in a war with no end in sight DeepModem Mom Wed May-28-08 01:03 PM0
- MSNBC, Leaning Left And Getting Flak From Both Sides DeepModem Mom Wed May-28-08 12:03 PM5
- The pro-Obama case against MSNBC's pro-Obama political coverage One Sweet Wor... Wed May-28-08 09:52 AM4
- I am beginning to understand... GTurck Wed May-28-08 07:27 AM2
- Dangerous Liaison: The pro-Obama case against MSNBC's pro-Obama political coverage DeepModem Mom Wed May-28-08 12:40 AM9
- On Morning Joe, Carlson compared Clinton to a "cat in a box" and a "drunk party guest" DeepModem Mom Tue May-27-08 06:04 PM5
- The rise and fall of Hillary Clinton, Assassi-Bitch Miss Authorit... Tue May-27-08 01:39 AM11
- NBC News, MSNBC: Uneasy coexistence? DeepModem Mom Mon May-26-08 09:53 PM4
- Divided we stand: Arguing over what is and is not a fact DeepModem Mom Mon May-26-08 09:38 AM4
- Clinton eats words, micro-media gags DeepModem Mom Mon May-26-08 03:36 AM2
- Stopping the Propaganda Pundits, petition stuntcat Sun May-25-08 12:39 AM2
- The Cleveland PBS station censored Bill Moyers tonight. Algorem Sat May-24-08 03:33 PM9
- On Daily Kos, Olbermann previews a Special Comment DeepModem Mom Sat May-24-08 12:36 AM0
- In nations where dissent is a crime, there may be continuing and Unreported disasters Boojatta Thu May-22-08 10:09 AM0
- World News Trust At The National Conference On Media Reform Tace Thu May-22-08 09:19 AM0
- 20 Year-Old Memo Found Apologizing for Bill O'Reilly's Meltdown on Inside Edition twentythreesi... Wed May-21-08 04:55 PM0
- Dimora says GOP and PD in league against Democrats Algorem Wed May-21-08 05:50 AM0
- The punditry disconnect continues on primary night DeepModem Mom Wed May-21-08 02:26 AM2
- Maureen Dowd: The Reader's Guide DeepModem Mom Wed May-21-08 01:30 AM6
- Repugs who say that Bush wasn't talking about Obama or Democrats are the same people zbdent Tue May-20-08 09:51 AM0
- WP, pg1: Olbermann Feud Fuels Bill O'Reilly's Blasts at GE DeepModem Mom Tue May-20-08 01:08 AM1
- If Rupert Murdoch hadn't been born masshole Mon May-19-08 09:01 PM3
- Voinovich & Brown to host Lanigan & Malone Algorem Mon May-19-08 04:43 PM1
- MSNBC interviewed Tonya Harding on Clinton's alleged "Tonya Harding strategy" DeepModem Mom Mon May-19-08 01:23 AM5
- Sen. Obama locks horns with the FCC and speaks up for diversity in media FrenchieCat Sun May-18-08 04:15 PM5
- NYT falsely suggested that only Clinton administration officials objected to ABC's "Path to 9/11" DeepModem Mom Sun May-18-08 02:58 AM3
- "American Idol"'s Ryan Seacrest gives KO's Special Comment morning L.A. radio airtime DeepModem Mom Sun May-18-08 01:02 AM5
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