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- what worries me: 2010 Census, state legislatures, and district redrawing zazen Thu Aug-05-10 03:52 PM4
- Sarah Palin & AKIP Spyderama Thu Aug-05-10 12:28 PM0
- This is what I have been helping with lately. Arctic Dave Thu Aug-05-10 12:23 PM4
- Some may not like the Dems playing hardball, but I had to smile reading these stories... T Wolf Thu Aug-05-10 04:21 AM1
- Elmore Furth Tue Aug-03-10 10:54 PM8
- GOP before health reform was passed "Leave Our Health Insurance Alone" Current GOP platform..... YewNork Thu Jul-29-10 10:15 AM0
- Who thinks opponents of health reform need to account for their scare tactics as they're disproven? YewNork Thu Jul-29-10 04:47 AM4
- If the Democrats can't cash in on the Republican failures to GAIN seats in November.... Scuba Thu Jul-29-10 04:40 AM5
- Democrats Tie Republicans to Tea Party Agenda Elmore Furth Wed Jul-28-10 06:43 PM0
- My staunch Republican neighbor tells me that one of the reasons he further dislikes health reform is YewNork Mon Jul-26-10 12:32 PM16
- buffett on estate tax clarence swin... Sat Jul-24-10 12:02 PM6
- Why hasn't the Right run screaming from Karl Rove? Zoroastor Sat Jul-24-10 09:50 AM1
- Rand Paul's America: A Pictorial Zoroastor Thu Jul-22-10 02:33 PM3
- George Lakoff on Democrats BEZERKO Wed Jul-21-10 01:51 PM9
- Open letter to the President. SILVER__FOX52 Sun Jul-18-10 07:17 PM4
- Proof that the Tea Party is literally a living parody (The Onion) DetlefK Thu Jul-15-10 11:40 PM1
- my name is scott, and i'm an unemplyed american no_more_yeste... Wed Jul-14-10 09:03 PM5
- No surprises here: "Maverick" McCain flip-flopping all over. BlueMTexpat Mon Jul-12-10 09:25 PM10
- Bush budget director Portman has 9 times the campaign cash as the Dem in Senate race Yeahyeah Sun Jul-11-10 03:43 PM1
- Georgia Republican Zings Obama in Hammer-And-Sickle Ad Elmore Furth Wed Jul-07-10 11:50 PM8
- Democrats Resist GOP Bid to Nationalize Election Elmore Furth Mon Jul-05-10 07:14 PM5
- The Embodied Mind BEZERKO Sat Jul-03-10 11:35 PM5
- Trouble in November? jerryster Sat Jul-03-10 08:44 AM3
- The Tea Party Pillow Talk with SCOTUS Zoroastor Wed Jun-30-10 11:12 AM2
- Where's the Movement? BEZERKO Wed Jun-30-10 01:20 AM4
- Joe Barton would like to apologize The Hitman Tue Jun-29-10 02:52 PM1
- Clarence Thomas's Wife Wants Us All To Be Politically Active... Zoroastor Fri Jun-25-10 10:52 AM5
- Does the New Right Represent the End of Civilized Debate? Zoroastor Fri Jun-25-10 08:28 AM3
- Mitch Daniels Annoys the Far Right... Zoroastor Sat Jun-19-10 07:06 PM1
- California Republicans Play Outsider Card, Vow Jobs Elmore Furth Tue Jun-15-10 09:19 PM6
- Distance themselves from bush as much as they want... Zoroastor Tue Jun-15-10 09:16 PM0
- Standard Republican Modus Operandi YewNork Mon Jun-14-10 11:30 AM3
- Pretty Disappointed about Blanche Lincoln getting In liberalmike27 Thu Jun-10-10 01:44 PM4
- As a protest of the ConservaDems who won primaries, can people protest by changing their T Wolf Wed Jun-09-10 02:03 PM3
- Need some replies to the scare tactic e-mail being sent. YewNork Tue Jun-08-10 08:49 AM8
- Progressives criticize White House, Democrats wutangfan85 Tue Jun-08-10 05:49 AM1
- A local college expects lower tuition revenues in fall because of health reform YewNork Sat Jun-05-10 08:40 AM3
- GOP Craziness Coming On Strong Zoroastor Fri Jun-04-10 06:38 PM2
- Chain e-mail about tax on health benefits is not true YewNork Fri Jun-04-10 06:36 PM6
- Soldier Says No More DADT... Zoroastor Fri May-28-10 10:30 PM0
- James O'Keefe Only Gets Probation Zoroastor Thu May-27-10 10:08 AM3
- A Victory for Rand Paul is a Victory for White Supremacists... Zoroastor Sun May-23-10 11:29 AM3
- Disappoint to see a pro Prop 16 ad on DU ut oh Fri May-21-10 03:45 PM10
- You can thank the millenial generation! caledesi Thu May-20-10 07:20 PM6
- Bad Vice President. Bad Vice President. sandrakae Mon May-17-10 03:07 PM4
- Marcy Winograd Debates Jane Harman! (w/ video) UPDATED ILMediaProgre... Sun May-16-10 03:08 PM1
- Demcratic Party's Favorable Rating Lowest in 18 years. -- Gallup Poll Elmore Furth Sun May-16-10 07:38 AM13
- You Won't Believe What's On Lincoln Chafee's Campaign Website Alison Matusa... Wed May-12-10 07:42 PM14
- Kagan Too Moderate? Conservative? Zoroastor Wed May-12-10 05:59 PM5
- What do you think of "non-partisan" political groups? ninety lives Tue May-11-10 04:28 AM2
- Pennsylvania needs a real Democratic Senator. VOTE for Sestak sandrakae Mon May-10-10 02:27 PM8
- Poll stunner: Bennett on brink of defeat notesdev Mon May-10-10 02:26 PM4
- Laura Bush's book a Defensive Apologist Appeal Zoroastor Thu May-06-10 11:32 PM5
- Greek Bankers' Deaths Obama's Fault Too Zoroastor Thu May-06-10 09:12 PM0
- Bachman's hypocrisy only rivaled by her idiocy Zoroastor Wed May-05-10 07:53 AM3
- Jean Schmidt's Contenders in the Dem. Primary TOOLZ Fri Apr-30-10 08:12 PM0
- God's Tornado of Justice Hits Mississippi Zoroastor Mon Apr-26-10 11:18 AM0
- I got a personalized email response from Tarryl Clark campaign jerryster Tue Apr-20-10 11:41 AM1
- When Republicans control Congress, Republicans say it's democracy. But..... YewNork Sun Apr-18-10 08:41 PM3
- Penalty for not having insurance is too low [View All] YewNork Sun Apr-18-10 07:38 PM25
- Split both GOP and Dem parties? Beavker Sat Apr-17-10 07:21 PM15
- Fear maglatinavi Sat Apr-17-10 04:37 AM1
- Finally, a Republican understands why we need health care reform Denver Dave Wed Apr-14-10 06:46 PM2
- The GOP's Shopping Trip to Tiffany's Elmore Furth Fri Apr-09-10 06:08 AM2
- Cash Scarcity Concerns GOP steven johnso... Wed Apr-07-10 02:28 PM6
- The predictioneer: Using games to see the future in strategic situations steven johnso... Tue Apr-06-10 08:52 PM2
- Each of us, and all Democrats, must decide for ourselves how to deal with the traitorous T Wolf Tue Apr-06-10 08:49 PM5
- My recommendations to the Democratic Party tcaudilllg Tue Apr-06-10 08:37 PM0
- 10 things T baggers should know. jaksavage Mon Apr-05-10 12:03 PM3
- GOP - Get Over It!!!!!! blind_dog Fri Apr-02-10 08:45 AM2
- Another flagrant example of Republican Hypocrisy! MindandSoul Thu Apr-01-10 11:59 PM4
- The Tea Party -- personified anti-government and anti-multiculturalism steven johnso... Wed Mar-31-10 09:42 PM7
- Republican Are Facing Divisive Primaries steven johnso... Tue Mar-30-10 06:43 AM5
- The Real Boston Tea Party was Staged by Merchants who Smuggled Tea Elmore Furth Sun Mar-28-10 05:04 AM5
- Here's a great blog post to show how hypocritic the rethugs are. TxVietVet Fri Mar-26-10 10:39 PM5
- So, when is Rush moving to Costa Rica YewNork Fri Mar-26-10 07:37 PM4
- So, when is Rush moving to Costa Rica YewNork Sun Mar-21-10 10:02 PM1
- Republican Party's 2010 fundraising strategy: fear steven johnso... Sun Mar-21-10 12:54 AM5
- So, I've been campaigning around my municipality... MrMickeysMom Sun Mar-21-10 12:51 AM7
- Somebody Tell Rush Limbaugh - Costa Rica has Universal Health Care Denver Dave Fri Mar-19-10 09:59 PM4
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