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- Did your mom ever apply spit to keep your cowlick down? ashling Tue Dec-06-11 09:33 AM15
- What the hell am I going to do with a car that has a lien on the title?! ceile Tue Dec-06-11 09:22 AM14
- I had a dream that I ate the world's biggest marshmallow NightWatcher Tue Dec-06-11 09:17 AM5
- Should polar bears be allowed to use food stamps to buy time machines? (Poll) [View All] Electric Monk Tue Dec-06-11 09:11 AM35
- guitar man is COMPLETELY unaware of how unique his particular musical talent is. MiddleFingerM... Tue Dec-06-11 08:48 AM2
- Dog People vs. Cat People rug Tue Dec-06-11 08:29 AM0
- Jimmy DEAN sausage *not* Paula DEEN !1 n/t UTUSN Tue Dec-06-11 07:36 AM2
- Which DU3 super power are you looking forward to the most? (Poll) Bossy Monkey Tue Dec-06-11 07:33 AM17
- I'll tell you what annoys me! It annoys you too - CAR ALARMS [View All] LynneSin Tue Dec-06-11 06:37 AM20
- 'Tis My Birthday! Ask me anything! [View All] nolabear Tue Dec-06-11 06:03 AM52
- Li'l Skittles preferred a faceplant to sitting still for one of those dumbhead ol' familu portraits. MiddleFingerM... Tue Dec-06-11 05:39 AM5
- Music and the Mind: The Power of the Pentatonic Scale sakabatou Tue Dec-06-11 05:27 AM3
- I'm going to see the taping of "The Daily Show" today krispos42 Tue Dec-06-11 05:15 AM13
- In Memory of Jack Rose (1971-2009) Withywindle Tue Dec-06-11 01:54 AM3
- I'm an idea man: how to improve Pringles pokerfan Tue Dec-06-11 01:34 AM11
- I am a good mood tonignt watch Paul McCartney in concert on tv, so I am giving out hugs. texanwitch Tue Dec-06-11 01:14 AM8
- # # # # HAPPY BIRTHDAY nolabear! # # # # Phentex Tue Dec-06-11 12:33 AM4
- 5 Sunday questions [View All] mvd Tue Dec-06-11 12:10 AM25
- Any body else get HDNET concerts on cable. texanwitch Tue Dec-06-11 12:05 AM0
- Aaron Rodgers Will Be The Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year Yavin4 Mon Dec-05-11 11:52 PM8
- I'll be Andy Rooney: The Wretched Excess Christmas Gift of the Year: trof Mon Dec-05-11 11:36 PM15
- today is full of win fizzgig Mon Dec-05-11 11:09 PM4
- Maybe I never got it, but D W Griffith's "Birth of a Nation" is a STUPID MOVIE!!! Taverner Mon Dec-05-11 10:56 PM1
- Modern Country Vs. Old Country erpowers Mon Dec-05-11 10:26 PM12
- Does anyone else just love those "Air Mall" magazines on Old Troop Mon Dec-05-11 10:23 PM3
- Miz t. is in full bore, flat out, take-no-prisoners decorating mode. trof Mon Dec-05-11 10:20 PM7
- Dog owners- what is the best way to remove urine smell from carpet? [View All] w8liftinglady Mon Dec-05-11 09:50 PM21
- Stories from the Road: It can happen to anyone. Tobin S. Mon Dec-05-11 09:42 PM5
- Li'l applegrove's first attempts at cooking weren't always what you'd call "picture-perfect". MiddleFingerM... Mon Dec-05-11 09:34 PM3
- Oskar the Blind Kitten and His First Toys (cuteness warning) rpannier Mon Dec-05-11 09:27 PM9
- Would you wear this shirt to church? (Poll) ButterflyBloo... Mon Dec-05-11 09:05 PM13
- Here's another money-making idea! struggle4prog... Mon Dec-05-11 08:43 PM1
- The Polar Express on ABC Family now! elleng Mon Dec-05-11 08:41 PM0
- Anyone ever sue a yoga teacher for inflicting injury? ellenrr Mon Dec-05-11 08:36 PM12
- Poll: The most powerful power? (Poll) [View All] MichaelMcGuir... Mon Dec-05-11 08:35 PM21
- Mystery in the mist ashling Mon Dec-05-11 08:13 PM2
- Out there ashling Mon Dec-05-11 08:12 PM1
- The Doctor is Real In. Denninmi Mon Dec-05-11 08:09 PM1
- Two mommies ashling Mon Dec-05-11 07:59 PM0
- Don't throw your food away but don't do this! astral Mon Dec-05-11 07:54 PM9
- Need some help finding a story Angry Dragon Mon Dec-05-11 07:46 PM3
- TheRepublican... Mon Dec-05-11 07:26 PM1
- I once had a beer with an Australian cowboy in a Russian restaurant in Calgary. Swede Mon Dec-05-11 07:11 PM8
- It can only be Jared... NewJeffCT Mon Dec-05-11 07:00 PM2
- Going on my first hunting trip [View All] dd2003 Mon Dec-05-11 06:52 PM70
- Cain says he was 'misquoted' on suspending campaign. trof Mon Dec-05-11 06:47 PM0
- Open letter to the BCS [View All] guitar man Mon Dec-05-11 06:13 PM22
- I am predicting a 2 to 0 LSU/ Alabama score rurallib Mon Dec-05-11 04:53 PM4
- No college football for two weeks???!!! pokerfan Mon Dec-05-11 04:03 PM17
- Golden Corral's commercial for their Chocolate Wonderfall says "You can dip anything you want in it" Amerigo Vespu... Mon Dec-05-11 03:45 PM17
- Jedi Kittens!!! Yavin4 Mon Dec-05-11 03:41 PM1
- Ausfahrt, 1950 - German picture ashling Mon Dec-05-11 03:26 PM13
- I need your prayers, vibes......... [View All] emilyg Mon Dec-05-11 03:24 PM193
- Star needed to stay for one year in the new subscription $5 would do it 2Design Mon Dec-05-11 03:02 PM0
- Good news, SEC haters! An SEC team will LOSE in the National Championship game! Bake Mon Dec-05-11 02:46 PM13
- Thanks for All the Little Things I Cant Stop Thinking About yellerpup Mon Dec-05-11 01:28 PM4
- Has anybody here ever tried google? struggle4prog... Mon Dec-05-11 01:24 PM8
- Weird - cornstarch + water + vibration marzipanni Mon Dec-05-11 01:12 PM4
- Have you ever been to a "massage parlor"? (Poll) ButterflyBloo... Mon Dec-05-11 12:36 PM11
- A difficult choice Th1onein Mon Dec-05-11 11:54 AM0
- MiddleFingerMom loves, loves, LOVES his Mexican food... the HOTTER the better!!! MiddleFingerM... Mon Dec-05-11 11:51 AM1
- Don't call the Feds! struggle4prog... Mon Dec-05-11 11:51 AM1
- After the initial shock, LynneSin realized she was loved unconditionally & lived happily ever after. MiddleFingerM... Mon Dec-05-11 11:49 AM1
- Does anybody know what "WT" is? zanana1 Mon Dec-05-11 11:37 AM5
- MFM and NoName were the poster children for pets and their humans growing to look and act alike. MiddleFingerM... Mon Dec-05-11 11:36 AM0
- I'm confused. Does this signal the death or the resurgence of "natural" cosmetics? MiddleFingerM... Mon Dec-05-11 11:35 AM0
- SURE, we're all under pressure these days. That's why I take time every day to go to my happy place. Amerigo Vespu... Mon Dec-05-11 11:31 AM0
- I once shared tea with... zanana1 Mon Dec-05-11 11:15 AM0
- The Java Junkie's Creed marmar Mon Dec-05-11 11:02 AM2
- watch this... pass it on ..... or... what ever... lost-in-nj Mon Dec-05-11 11:01 AM14
- Havanese ! - Gesundtheit ! ashling Mon Dec-05-11 10:49 AM3
- You guys ever see "Boondock Saints"? Iggo Mon Dec-05-11 10:40 AM6
- Anyone know how to search for a property sale value? XemaSab Mon Dec-05-11 10:35 AM7
- Symphony of lights ashling Mon Dec-05-11 10:26 AM4
- I never seem to get deja vu anymore. Swede Mon Dec-05-11 10:25 AM6
- Bluebird of happiness, my ass! hobbit709 Mon Dec-05-11 10:17 AM2
- Question about hooking laptop to TV with HDMI..... madmom Mon Dec-05-11 09:15 AM4
- Huevos ashling Mon Dec-05-11 08:52 AM5
- The cats discover Coors Light 47of74 Mon Dec-05-11 08:32 AM16
- I'm SUCH geezer. We got a Sharper Image catalogue in the mail. trof Mon Dec-05-11 08:27 AM6
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