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- The song in the new Capital One rock climbing commercial... Atman Thu Dec-08-11 09:33 PM5
- Things White Girls Love to Do on Facebook Swede Thu Dec-08-11 09:19 PM7
- Lady Freedom ... Thu Dec-08-11 09:13 PM1
- Coffee! coffee, coffee, coffee, CAPPUCCINO! Lady Freedom ... Thu Dec-08-11 09:12 PM1
- HUGO is a really good movie! nolabear Thu Dec-08-11 09:09 PM6
- OMFG! OMFG! Coming up on TruTV, an "all taser" edition of "Cops!" OMFG! OMFG! TUNE IN NOW! Amerigo Vespu... Thu Dec-08-11 08:49 PM0
- Anyone seen the movie "The Debt" starring Helen Mirrens? Is it any good? applegrove Thu Dec-08-11 08:41 PM5
- PHOTO: Santa's up on the chimney, but the "gifts" he's leaving were NOT on my list. Amerigo Vespu... Thu Dec-08-11 08:27 PM1
- Teddy, talking porcupine, likes pumpkins. Akoto Thu Dec-08-11 08:11 PM3
- Breaking: Wind! Tuesday After... Thu Dec-08-11 08:09 PM6
- BREAKING; Pujols accepts 10 year deal with the Angels center rising Thu Dec-08-11 08:01 PM7
- totally my husband. trueblue2007 Thu Dec-08-11 07:40 PM5
- Muppets turned me into a commie. Then GIJoe turned me into an assassin. Then I watched Dallas... Bucky Thu Dec-08-11 07:32 PM2
- If someone had told you that John Fogarty was born and raised in Louisiana, (Poll) raccoon Thu Dec-08-11 07:04 PM7
- a/c's...Sanyo...what is their reputation for holding up over years of use? Thank you! sam11111 Thu Dec-08-11 06:57 PM4
- ******Official COMPLAIN ABOUt DU4 ThrEAD******* taterguy Thu Dec-08-11 06:49 PM6
- Dupe. (Stupid computer). nolabear Thu Dec-08-11 06:30 PM0
- Better names for the new Big East (Poll) Bossy Monkey Thu Dec-08-11 06:25 PM8
- Trucking Duck hankthecrank Thu Dec-08-11 06:19 PM3
- OK, I'll be Andy Rooney again: Caller ID and voicemail. trof Thu Dec-08-11 06:19 PM9
- "my Van Dyke" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "my Van Dyke." Ptah Thu Dec-08-11 06:19 PM10
- Job interview today - wish me luck! intheflow Thu Dec-08-11 05:46 PM6
- I think I broke wind. n/t rug Thu Dec-08-11 04:37 PM7
- I just realized that hours can go past while looking at Not Always Right and Not Always Romantic Godhumor Thu Dec-08-11 03:59 PM2
- Sandra Bullock reacts to Jessie James losing the biker build off to Paul Jr. warrior1 Thu Dec-08-11 03:46 PM12
- Breaking: LynneSin drives a bigass pick-up truck instead of a cow. ohiosmith Thu Dec-08-11 03:28 PM0
- alfredo, I found a way to avoid the workaround when posting web images on iPad. ohiosmith Thu Dec-08-11 03:21 PM0
- I would like to let the Lounge know I have found coffee heaven here in Springfield MO Lady Freedom ... Thu Dec-08-11 03:17 PM1
- I saw LynneSin in Maryland today, driving a bigass pick-up truck! Instead of cow- madinmaryland Thu Dec-08-11 03:08 PM18
- I miss Michael Scott. RiffRandell Thu Dec-08-11 02:32 PM2
- Message to LynneSin: MFM would rather be a hung outlaw than a hangin' judge. n/t MiddleFingerM... Thu Dec-08-11 02:28 PM2
- Pervy the Snowman marmar Thu Dec-08-11 02:11 PM1
- How will TTND* fare in DU3? trof Thu Dec-08-11 01:44 PM10
- I posted something in GD that I think the Lounge should see too! Lady Freedom ... Thu Dec-08-11 01:40 PM2
- Finished my first semester of grad school. Deep13 Thu Dec-08-11 01:35 PM2
- boy -- skinner doesn't fool around with those 'error' messages -- xchrom Thu Dec-08-11 01:23 PM0
- Someone go over to DU3 and start a sex thread or a bodily functions thread or post a recipe... LynneSin Thu Dec-08-11 12:40 PM15
- Peter Dinklage wins GQ's Stud of the Year NewJeffCT Thu Dec-08-11 12:09 PM9
- Trailer for the new Three Stooges movie lifesbeautifu... Thu Dec-08-11 11:39 AM5
- Things my friend's parrot says XemaSab Thu Dec-08-11 10:42 AM8
- What will be the title of the new Indiana Jones movie? [View All] geardaddy Thu Dec-08-11 10:20 AM40
- John Lennon 1940-1980 Maccagirl Thu Dec-08-11 09:30 AM1
- 'Witch's cottage' unearthed near Pendle Hill, Lancashire, England arenean Thu Dec-08-11 09:21 AM2
- Madonna at the Superbowl? Seriously? [View All] bluesbassman Thu Dec-08-11 09:00 AM55
- Alright. I think it sucks that the lounge gets such a bad rap... BrendaBrick Thu Dec-08-11 08:36 AM15
- Self-delete (dup) Maccagirl Thu Dec-08-11 07:45 AM0
- Some of the most amazing melon sculptures you'll see today! WillParkinson Thu Dec-08-11 07:15 AM1
- PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom was EXTREMELY offended by this library's STRICT, UNREASONABLE policies. Amerigo Vespu... Thu Dec-08-11 12:35 AM9
- Anyone watch Hell on Wheels? graywarrior Thu Dec-08-11 12:32 AM2
- 2011 NHL Stadium Beer Price Review Swede Wed Dec-07-11 11:37 PM1
- I miss my doggie TorchTheWitch Wed Dec-07-11 10:36 PM4
- Oh hell, the cat got a mouse but it's still alive mreilly Wed Dec-07-11 10:05 PM3
- 'M-A-S-H' star Harry Morgan dies at age 96 LynneSin Wed Dec-07-11 10:00 PM4
- dd2003: So how did the hunting trip go? trof Wed Dec-07-11 09:49 PM2
- What is your favourite type of salad? I liked the tomato and mango salad I used applegrove Wed Dec-07-11 09:48 PM17
- What colour scheme should DU3 have? I'm thinking something Adrianne vittadini with applegrove Wed Dec-07-11 09:39 PM3
- Shit. Three days straight of winning the Game, and now I've just lost it again. Bucky Wed Dec-07-11 08:44 PM1
- Couple of Hummingbird photos I took. bluesbassman Wed Dec-07-11 08:10 PM19
- After being stuck in the house for a few days, I have discovered... TreasonousBas... Wed Dec-07-11 07:37 PM1
- How can you be in two places at once when you're not anywhere at all? Ptah Wed Dec-07-11 07:11 PM12
- The Mythbusters had a little accident... Archae Wed Dec-07-11 07:08 PM5
- VID: You're FAMILIAR with the dreaded "guitar face," but howzabout "whistle face with bonus mullet?" Amerigo Vespu... Wed Dec-07-11 06:58 PM0
- Sorry, But Oklahoma State Was Robbed by the Idiotic BCS [View All] JCMach1 Wed Dec-07-11 06:57 PM32
- Some idiot dumped a half-grown tortie cat at our house. murielm99 Wed Dec-07-11 06:29 PM7
- Have any of you ever hung up when a voice mail answer Hardrada Wed Dec-07-11 06:27 PM18
- Best Cover of a Ramones song ever recorded. Bucky Wed Dec-07-11 06:10 PM0
- Until today, I didn't know that Depends came in colors. ohiosmith Wed Dec-07-11 05:59 PM16
- The Wine Rack ohiosmith Wed Dec-07-11 05:57 PM3
- Double dog dare - check out these sites and post your fav photo AmandaRuth Wed Dec-07-11 05:34 PM2
- Dog people vs. Cat people: some differences Flaxbee Wed Dec-07-11 05:33 PM6
- PHOTO: It is probably WAY too early in the morning for THIS MUCH SQUEE. Amerigo Vespu... Wed Dec-07-11 05:04 PM4
- Writing contest pays out $50 a week to winners in December victoryparty Wed Dec-07-11 04:58 PM0
- I was rejected for Jury Duty. Still at 99% chance of demanding someone be electrocuted LynneSin Wed Dec-07-11 04:45 PM1
- Hey LynneSin, Happy Deleware Day!!! Yavin4 Wed Dec-07-11 04:41 PM0
- DU Needs Your Help -- Visit our new DU3 software preview and start posting! Skinner Admin Wed Dec-07-11 04:39 PM8
- The Plan Swede Wed Dec-07-11 04:30 PM2
- The Saga of the Marten Assault pt. III, The Acquittal Zephie Wed Dec-07-11 04:20 PM0
- Yippee - Closed my Wells Fargo accounts today - business & personal tomm2thumbs Wed Dec-07-11 03:56 PM6
- I'm in trouble now. I got my Evil Genius books. hobbit709 Wed Dec-07-11 03:41 PM0
- # # # # HAPPY BIRTHDAY oneshooter! # # # # Phentex Wed Dec-07-11 03:28 PM1
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