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- during the recording sessions for young americans, what future famous artist camped out in the lobby datasuspect Wed Dec-28-11 12:35 AM3
- i didn't know people were still posting on this site orleans Tue Dec-27-11 12:08 PM1
- Happy Birthday ttnd some guy Tue Dec-27-11 12:33 AM1
- Wait.. this is still here? quakerboy Sun Dec-25-11 08:01 AM10
- My favorite Christmas song Lasher Sat Dec-24-11 03:51 PM0
- Message hidden by jury decision. (Original post) Lasher Fri Dec-23-11 03:47 PM12
- This whole deal begins to remind me of The Devil at Four O'Clock EFerrari Thu Dec-22-11 06:15 PM1
- Shitty G snooper2 Thu Dec-22-11 12:56 PM0
- and in the death, as the last few corpses lay rotting on the slimy thoroughfare . . . datasuspect Thu Dec-22-11 12:20 PM3
- Help: Hoarder = Rats and Mice = Needs Extermination [View All] ellisonz Wed Dec-21-11 09:33 PM36
- Well, the old black elder berry has kicked in and I feel a little better. texanwitch Wed Dec-21-11 09:28 PM5
- This is the end, Beautiful friend, This is the end, My only friend, the end Ptah Wed Dec-21-11 09:25 PM1
- the creme of the crop are on DU2 still unionworks Wed Dec-21-11 11:39 AM11
- Happy Christmas, Your Ass! dbt Wed Dec-21-11 07:38 AM1
- I'm back, DU3 is rockin'! snooper2 Wed Dec-21-11 12:17 AM11
- Im a fleabit peanut monkey, all my friends are junkies datasuspect Tue Dec-20-11 06:40 PM1
- Locator for the virgin King, but I love you in your fuck-me pumps . . . datasuspect Tue Dec-20-11 04:13 PM0
- in the publicity stills for diamond dogs, what is the name of the book david bowie is reading? datasuspect Tue Dec-20-11 04:04 PM0
- Not dark yet rug Tue Dec-20-11 09:29 AM1
- Can you spare a quarter? nt MrScorpio Mon Dec-19-11 10:15 PM4
- I've been busy... Rick Myers Mon Dec-19-11 08:51 PM0
- RICKSQUATCH - Ep 104 - POWERHOUSE (greatness) snooper2 Mon Dec-19-11 04:12 PM0
- I need a weekend to get over the weekend, finished the floors and painted two rooms... texanwitch Sun Dec-18-11 10:13 PM0
- Watching "American Werewolf in London" unionworks Sun Dec-18-11 06:31 PM0
- Does anyone watch Once Upon a Time? some guy Sun Dec-18-11 11:26 AM3
- OK, please tell me how one gets femrap Sat Dec-17-11 11:03 PM6
- The waning hours of the old Lounge. kayakjohnny Sat Dec-17-11 04:26 PM4
- one of the best Charles Manson quotes: datasuspect Sat Dec-17-11 04:19 PM3
- Beer is good for you Lasher Fri Dec-16-11 08:06 PM1
- I'm still fucking bullish about Kudzu Pab Sungenis Fri Dec-16-11 01:26 AM3
- Hilarious. The leafblower video... bif Thu Dec-15-11 10:19 PM1
- I saw the front page femrap Thu Dec-15-11 10:16 PM1
- The tumbleweed thread EastTennessee... Thu Dec-15-11 09:04 PM3
- If we are no longer supported by the administrators, what does that mean? kayakjohnny Thu Dec-15-11 02:36 PM15
- I want to create a thread that never gets a chance to live. GreenPartyVot... Thu Dec-15-11 11:52 AM8
- I am loving the Juror feature on DU3 - and I am seeing responses that make me happy nadine_mn Thu Dec-15-11 09:36 AM1
- Welcome to Pirate Island, mateys Capn Sunshine Wed Dec-14-11 11:38 PM9
- Should we tell the people in GD about the lack of Mods, they might not know. texanwitch Wed Dec-14-11 05:38 AM6
- 178,296. A-Schwarzeneg... Wed Dec-14-11 05:34 AM3
- *****BURP***** kayakjohnny Tue Dec-13-11 11:33 PM2
- When the Music's Over Capn Sunshine Tue Dec-13-11 11:30 PM0
- Fuck this fuckin' shit.... I'm startin' a sex thread!! Bucky Tue Dec-13-11 11:29 PM4
- DU2 is converting to DU3 tonight - who will have the last post here before the cut over? The Straight ... Tue Dec-13-11 10:18 PM19
- Thinking of you, Alien Girl! struggle4prog... Tue Dec-13-11 03:33 PM15
- So kiss me and smile for me/Tell me that you'll wait for me Lyric Tue Dec-13-11 01:24 PM7
- Ok, just got back... johnnie Tue Dec-13-11 08:29 AM2
- Question for Those Who Sell on Ebay romantico Tue Dec-13-11 03:47 AM1
- We can still post here on DU2? underpants Tue Dec-13-11 02:26 AM13
- Don't let them shut it down!!1! Take the Occupy DU2 Pledge!1!!1!1 struggle4prog... Mon Dec-12-11 10:44 PM13
- Sex Thread [View All] Tuesday After... Mon Dec-12-11 06:48 PM30
- On DU2s last day check in and I'll tell you what I really think about you taterguy Mon Dec-12-11 06:54 AM8
- does no admin support = no mods? datasuspect Mon Dec-12-11 12:28 AM14
- Here I come... NYC_SKP Sun Dec-11-11 09:14 PM2
- I have a post in GD, a wake for DU2. texanwitch Sun Dec-11-11 08:28 PM0
- Did I just get wooshed by Sunday's Foxtrot? pokerfan Sun Dec-11-11 05:44 PM2
- new verb? The Straight ... Sun Dec-11-11 03:04 PM2
- Probably one of the most important things I've learned from country music: datasuspect Sun Dec-11-11 02:51 PM7
- So, I spent the day helping a friend clean out her Aunt's house, the Aunt was hoarder. [View All] texanwitch Sun Dec-11-11 02:11 PM33
- my snarktometer datasuspect Sun Dec-11-11 01:21 PM0
- holy fucking shit! Russian bologna is the best damn bologna EVER! datasuspect Sun Dec-11-11 09:59 AM0
- Holiday cheer - here and there mia Sun Dec-11-11 09:09 AM1
- Why does DU3 not let me in? Lady Freedom ... Sun Dec-11-11 08:35 AM13
- Will the last one out please shut off the lights fishwax Sun Dec-11-11 06:12 AM1
- Quick questions: when does DU3 go live, and do we all move over automatically? hedgehog Sun Dec-11-11 06:11 AM13
- Pole dancing as a sport? From Huffingtonpost. Swede Sun Dec-11-11 06:05 AM4
- Laura Nyro! ruggerson Sun Dec-11-11 05:50 AM11
- Bananas are better than oranges [View All] snooper2 Sun Dec-11-11 05:41 AM32
- Post your favorite virtual Christmas cards here: dixiegrrrrl Sun Dec-11-11 04:59 AM6
- i just learned there's a new pinball arcade in town fizzgig Sun Dec-11-11 04:39 AM11
- Goodbye old friend ornotna Sun Dec-11-11 04:06 AM0
- I think we should start a last members of the DU2 Lounge club. texanwitch Sun Dec-11-11 04:00 AM6
- cute overload pokerfan Sun Dec-11-11 03:46 AM4
- I need some medical advice Duer 157099 Sun Dec-11-11 03:45 AM9
- Katy Perry's hosting SNL tonight. Might be fun, might really really really really really suck. Amerigo Vespu... Sun Dec-11-11 03:20 AM2
- So we're moving to DU3? Well I'm gonna go then! And I don't need anything. Except this ashtray... Gidney N Cloy... Sun Dec-11-11 03:11 AM10
- this fizzgig Sun Dec-11-11 02:55 AM3
- FINALLY -- the psychology behind all your compulsive TP behaviors: MiddleFingerM... Sun Dec-11-11 02:06 AM5
- So long it's been good to know you rug Sun Dec-11-11 01:38 AM0
- Well,so long DU2 lounge. Swede Sun Dec-11-11 01:01 AM1
- Remember -- if you have office cats, OSHA requires you follow accessibility rules for them, too. MiddleFingerM... Sun Dec-11-11 12:41 AM1
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