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- Why you shouldn't eat birds struggle4prog... Thu Nov-24-11 10:57 AM5
- Well, Patrick the Screwy Orange Cat has discovered a new toy. Brigid Thu Nov-24-11 10:35 AM9
- Wrong place for the "Cheers" theme song. Archae Thu Nov-24-11 10:17 AM1
- A bison that's tired of the bullsh*t marmar Thu Nov-24-11 09:16 AM13
- One of your first big crushes and what it means about you. I loved Richard Chamberlain [View All] applegrove Thu Nov-24-11 08:57 AM38
- Food Movies! [View All] kentauros Thu Nov-24-11 08:29 AM37
- What happened to "Robb is a Dingbat?" Archae Thu Nov-24-11 08:16 AM6
- Remember holiday gatherings when you had to sit at the kids table. texanwitch Thu Nov-24-11 07:17 AM9
- It's a REALLY bad day, and things have gone completely wrong when... cherokeeprogr... Thu Nov-24-11 07:16 AM7
- Check it Bennyboy Thu Nov-24-11 07:08 AM11
- Remember holiday gatherings when you had to sit at the trough? pacalo Thu Nov-24-11 05:07 AM3
- "Get off my lawn!" Brigid Thu Nov-24-11 04:28 AM5
- Whatever happened to the War on Thanksgiving anyway? Bossy Monkey Thu Nov-24-11 04:24 AM6
- Heineken commercial questions hyphenate Thu Nov-24-11 03:29 AM11
- Hugo warrior1 Thu Nov-24-11 02:30 AM3
- Anyone hella bored and want to make a photoshop for me? XemaSab Thu Nov-24-11 02:25 AM5
- Thanksgiving Politics = Problems? Kath1 Thu Nov-24-11 02:04 AM2
- I had a patient today who is currently crashing with the "Occupy Tacoma" group. Aristus Thu Nov-24-11 12:55 AM3
- "If they unplug everything at the AMAs,Lady Gaga is the only performer that can perform" Swede Thu Nov-24-11 12:46 AM15
- Those of you who went to Catholic schools and had nuns for teachers... [View All] raccoon Thu Nov-24-11 12:37 AM50
- OK, it is 10:05 pm do you know where you turkey is. texanwitch Thu Nov-24-11 12:22 AM8
- Check these broads out. givemebackmyc... Thu Nov-24-11 12:20 AM7
- My 99 cent store dinner kind of kicked ass. K8-EEE Thu Nov-24-11 12:15 AM5
- New Leonard Cohen song: Show me the place roguevalley Thu Nov-24-11 12:15 AM1
- I made cornbread today to make dressing for tomorrow. [View All] Lint Head Thu Nov-24-11 12:04 AM36
- A new holiday tradition that faded away clyrc Wed Nov-23-11 11:53 PM0
- Years ago, I roasted my turkey in a brown paper bag.. fadedrose Wed Nov-23-11 11:43 PM4
- Live Blogging the making of a Pumpkin Cheesecake and the dough for a Double Crust Apple Pie Renew Deal Wed Nov-23-11 11:25 PM4
- So today I took my neighbor to HEB and Kroger's, I felt sorry for the people working. texanwitch Wed Nov-23-11 11:24 PM13
- Community canceled yet Rules of Engagement still on the TEEVEE. sarcasmo Wed Nov-23-11 11:11 PM14
- Reason for being sent to detention? Thoughtfulness. WillParkinson Wed Nov-23-11 10:57 PM3
- Allow Me To Fire The First Salvo In the Annual War On Christmas MilesColtrane Wed Nov-23-11 10:56 PM14
- Parents of 'Adolf Hitler' Lose Custody of Newborn [View All] Bucky Wed Nov-23-11 10:28 PM39
- I'm reading "Lady of Lunenburgh". It is a historical novel that follows the exact same immigration applegrove Wed Nov-23-11 10:23 PM5
- The Margarita: should it inolve kiwi fruits and pinapples? Taverner Wed Nov-23-11 10:21 PM14
- I still say Snooki has a career as a WoW Orc JCMach1 Wed Nov-23-11 09:53 PM0
- I can't stop watching this video. A very fast little dog follows a mountain biker through a trail. kayakjohnny Wed Nov-23-11 09:40 PM10
- A warm and happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow liberals. Liberal Veter... Wed Nov-23-11 09:18 PM7
- Playboy model sues Journey guitarist over claims of marriage-like deal The Straight ... Wed Nov-23-11 09:12 PM10
- Anyone seen the movie "The River Why". Starring Amber Heard and applegrove Wed Nov-23-11 07:21 PM0
- Taterguy is posting about CalPeggy posting about her PMS. ohiosmith Wed Nov-23-11 06:55 PM8
- Blues Alley MrScorpio Wed Nov-23-11 06:47 PM0
- Wherever MrScorpio Wed Nov-23-11 06:41 PM0
- Third grade field trip--weird? or is it just me? [View All] MorningGlow Wed Nov-23-11 06:28 PM25
- Watch in awww as a group of wild dogs takes down prey much larger than they... WillParkinson Wed Nov-23-11 06:26 PM4
- CaliforniaPeggy is calling Skittles "Lady Liberty"!!! MiddleFingerM... Wed Nov-23-11 06:23 PM1
- Is there a living, contemporary, commercial artist you like? (Warning: Graphics Heavy) OmahaBlueDog Wed Nov-23-11 06:12 PM5
- One Of These Days MrScorpio Wed Nov-23-11 05:50 PM0
- Walking on Space MrScorpio Wed Nov-23-11 05:41 PM0
- Private Sunshine MrScorpio Wed Nov-23-11 05:28 PM0
- Kind of sunshine MrScorpio Wed Nov-23-11 05:15 PM0
- Ginza Samba MrScorpio Wed Nov-23-11 05:10 PM0
- Thanksgiving MrScorpio Wed Nov-23-11 05:08 PM0
- Jazz Suite No. 2: VI. Waltz 2 MrScorpio Wed Nov-23-11 05:06 PM1
- Pig Beer? arbusto_babos... Wed Nov-23-11 04:46 PM4
- 12 pound turkey: to brine or not to brine....that is the question. Liberal Veter... Wed Nov-23-11 04:40 PM8
- Whomever said there is no difference between Generic and Brand Name drugs is FULL OF CRAP!!! LynneSin Wed Nov-23-11 04:20 PM4
- Calling Graphic Artists... amyrose2712 Wed Nov-23-11 04:16 PM6
- CalPeggy is posting about her PMS taterguy Wed Nov-23-11 04:14 PM17
- I forgot to buy porn syrup. Gold Metal Fl... Wed Nov-23-11 04:10 PM5
- I forgot to buy corn syrup spinbaby Wed Nov-23-11 04:08 PM7
- Last post until pop ups are eliminated. RegieRocker Wed Nov-23-11 04:07 PM14
- I would love some help on a internet site question. pennylane100 Wed Nov-23-11 04:04 PM2
- I wanted to kiss a cop today Seedersandlee... Wed Nov-23-11 03:56 PM1
- Disco / Porn Star Andrea "More More More" True Dead At 68 Amerigo Vespu... Wed Nov-23-11 03:51 PM4
- I forgot to buy corn liquor. Swede Wed Nov-23-11 03:44 PM2
- My timing SUCKED tonight!!! BEFORE I started -- 4 posts in 28 mins AFTER -- 4 posts in TWO mins. n/t MiddleFingerM... Wed Nov-23-11 03:16 PM7
- Is Kelly without Regis going to make it? SEINFELD seems overbearing UTUSN Wed Nov-23-11 02:47 PM6
- PHOTO: "Oh, come ON, give me a BREAK...that doesn't look like me at ALL." Amerigo Vespu... Wed Nov-23-11 02:39 PM0
- WHY is Jersey Shore being cancelled? (Poll) jmowreader Wed Nov-23-11 02:20 PM10
- Anyone ever have any GOOD non-alcoholic wines or champagnes? Maraya1969 Wed Nov-23-11 01:51 PM9
- Tasmanian tulips ashling Wed Nov-23-11 01:37 PM1
- Baby Gorn amyrose2712 Wed Nov-23-11 12:43 PM1
- Fuckin health insurance companies Tobin S. Wed Nov-23-11 12:23 PM16
- Porcupine thinks it's a puppy WillParkinson Wed Nov-23-11 12:06 PM3
- Help! Your Favorite Books & Videos for Education/Outreach Re- Progressive Issues snot Wed Nov-23-11 11:26 AM0
- I forgot to buy porn liquor. ... ... ... Ew. Nevermind. n/t copycat MiddleFingerM... Wed Nov-23-11 10:48 AM0
- Rolling Stone names Hendrix best guitarist ever NNN0LHI Wed Nov-23-11 10:01 AM8
- Baby Corn kentauros Wed Nov-23-11 09:45 AM4
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