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- hear me out- can you PM me your favorite "dirty" joke? here's why: [View All] w8liftinglady Tue Nov-29-11 02:56 AM25
- PHOTO: "I don't always drink, but when I do, I prefer the toilet. Stay thirsty, my friends." Amerigo Vespu... Tue Nov-29-11 02:51 AM3
- The tale of the great "Turkus Furkus." a story AKA, "The Day the Boys Ate the Dog" Mojeoux Tue Nov-29-11 02:05 AM2
- watching a very vain woman grow old (Poll) [View All] Tuesday After... Tue Nov-29-11 01:15 AM51
- Riddle me this, Batman! hyphenate Tue Nov-29-11 01:14 AM6
- Wolves at play ashling Tue Nov-29-11 12:52 AM3
- Anybody see this commercial narrated by Leonard Cohen suninvited Tue Nov-29-11 12:40 AM0
- Herman Cain pickup line challenge thread Fire Walk Wit... Tue Nov-29-11 12:01 AM14
- Paging MFM, MFM to the white courtesy phone please... Duer 157099 Tue Nov-29-11 12:00 AM2
- Creepy Lego-love: MiddleFingerM... Mon Nov-28-11 11:37 PM4
- Your pal, Sammy Spider MiddleFingerM... Mon Nov-28-11 11:07 PM1
- Whip it. Whip it good. The Velveteen... Mon Nov-28-11 10:51 PM0
- Which movie would you rather take a 12-year old girl to? (Poll) ButterflyBloo... Mon Nov-28-11 10:45 PM1
- I'm watching "The Walking Dead" marathon,,, and I THINK I missed the first episode AGAIN!!! MiddleFingerM... Mon Nov-28-11 10:44 PM13
- Fennec-fox ashling Mon Nov-28-11 10:41 PM2
- Though MFM is pretty easily satisfied, there IS one thing he wishes he had MUCH more of. MiddleFingerM... Mon Nov-28-11 10:36 PM1
- From the creators of "South Park" --- "CSI: Canada" MiddleFingerM... Mon Nov-28-11 10:22 PM0
- Atheist Cat can be just a LEETLE condescending. MiddleFingerM... Mon Nov-28-11 10:21 PM0
- Meh. MiddleFingerM... Mon Nov-28-11 10:20 PM0
- Look valerief Mon Nov-28-11 09:13 PM0
- #walkingdead better freaking find Sophia tonight. [View All] Courtesy Flus... Mon Nov-28-11 09:05 PM55
- How long do you want to live? [View All] Taverner Mon Nov-28-11 08:25 PM36
- Before somebody says it's fake: I don't give a good GD !, its neat ashling Mon Nov-28-11 07:22 PM9
- Oh goodie, the beer is here! 47of74 Mon Nov-28-11 07:05 PM10
- Elbow... Bucky Mon Nov-28-11 06:38 PM1
- Is the amazon site down? Hamlette Mon Nov-28-11 05:53 PM3
- 'f I were king of the fores-s-st ! ashling Mon Nov-28-11 05:03 PM3
- Maple Bacon Black Tea - mmmmmmm yummy!!! LynneSin Mon Nov-28-11 04:28 PM2
- 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer... Bossy Monkey Mon Nov-28-11 04:10 PM14
- Sometimes it's worth paying for the Collision Damage Waiver marmar Mon Nov-28-11 03:21 PM0
- Chillin ashling Mon Nov-28-11 03:09 PM0
- Don't moon me Bro ! ashling Mon Nov-28-11 03:07 PM0
- PHOTO: "We're gonna need a bigger jar...OF TARTAR SAUCE!" Amerigo Vespu... Mon Nov-28-11 03:06 PM1
- I've never known a single shrimp who has ever donated anything to charity NightWatcher Mon Nov-28-11 03:01 PM1
- Share outrageous pet stories? [View All] Dystopian Mon Nov-28-11 02:42 PM25
- Happy Cyber Monday NightWatcher Mon Nov-28-11 02:06 PM0
- So... my neighbors let their toddlers play unsupervised in our suburban neighborhood park... LAGC Mon Nov-28-11 02:00 PM10
- Sometimes MFM is not as empathetic and compassionate as he COULD be. MiddleFingerM... Mon Nov-28-11 01:58 PM0
- Is there porn on Netflix? jberryhill Mon Nov-28-11 01:57 PM10
- Love will find a way. MiddleFingerM... Mon Nov-28-11 01:57 PM0
- Oh, no no no NO, mon frere... not just The BIBLE!!! MiddleFingerM... Mon Nov-28-11 01:56 PM0
- I am the Cat, shush. Goo Goo G'joob!!! MiddleFingerM... Mon Nov-28-11 01:55 PM0
- Poor puppy!!! Sad, unrequited love NEVER to be consummated (well, maybe consomme'd). MiddleFingerM... Mon Nov-28-11 01:55 PM0
- Samoan rugby manager fined 100 pigs for World Cup antics KamaAina Mon Nov-28-11 01:53 PM0
- 99 cent Toaster on sale at Target. sarcasmo Mon Nov-28-11 01:35 PM11
- What Was The First Record That You Bought? [View All] Yavin4 Mon Nov-28-11 01:17 PM74
- What a way to end a symphony ... UndertheOcean Mon Nov-28-11 01:15 PM0
- You know, snow is very inconvenient. I would like to take a trip somewhere, raccoon Mon Nov-28-11 12:48 PM3
- Physics finally explains why men SEEM to be unable to maintain eye contact with a well-endowed woman MiddleFingerM... Mon Nov-28-11 12:32 PM6
- His Diary/Her Diary MrScorpio Mon Nov-28-11 12:17 PM10
- Any Gishwhesians in the house? zonkers Mon Nov-28-11 12:16 PM2
- I have another buying used car question, if anyone is around now... ellenrr Mon Nov-28-11 12:07 PM3
- The back of my ear is sore. What happened? What should I do? applegrove Mon Nov-28-11 11:55 AM7
- Bubbles!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEE!!! WHHOOOAAAAA!!! NYC_SKP Mon Nov-28-11 11:41 AM4
- Beauty Contest Star Wars Trumpet Solo. nolabear Mon Nov-28-11 11:28 AM14
- Engineers. They have their talents and uses. MiddleFingerM... Mon Nov-28-11 11:14 AM14
- Yesterday I watched an old TV show where the couple flirted in the aisles of Blockbuster Video... LynneSin Mon Nov-28-11 10:59 AM3
- We Are All Going to Die [View All] Taverner Mon Nov-28-11 10:45 AM32
- The NBA is back!!! My reaction is who the hell cares!!! [View All] center rising Mon Nov-28-11 10:24 AM25
- Yavin4 Mon Nov-28-11 10:07 AM5
- At the MFM daycare center, MFM does his best to keep the kids happy.... LynneSin Mon Nov-28-11 10:03 AM0
- Sleep No More Tuesday After... Mon Nov-28-11 09:35 AM0
- Finally had to turn on the heat last night. hobbit709 Mon Nov-28-11 09:21 AM4
- I'm going to have a four year old in my house Christmas morning!!!!! alphafemale Mon Nov-28-11 09:09 AM16
- Omnibus Lemur & Other Critter Post of 11/27/2011 ashling Mon Nov-28-11 08:47 AM4
- If you put two different pancake syrups by one manufacturer on a plate and let them sit (Poll) [View All] DainBramaged Mon Nov-28-11 07:53 AM75
- For those wonder what will happen to the thread that never dies LynneSin Mon Nov-28-11 07:53 AM2
- David Bowie says yes to futuristic musical based on his hits Swede Mon Nov-28-11 07:49 AM4
- Dexter!! OMFG!!! nolabear Mon Nov-28-11 06:17 AM4
- Tea that's much too manly for teabaggers Lorien Mon Nov-28-11 03:09 AM0
- One of the most inspirational trips in MFM's life is when he climbed atop the Eiffel Towel. MiddleFingerM... Mon Nov-28-11 01:01 AM2
- MFM quit before lunch his 1st day at Kali's ranch on realizing livestock was not easily intimidated. MiddleFingerM... Mon Nov-28-11 12:59 AM5
- Add this post to the Skinner "classic post" list dixiegrrrrl Mon Nov-28-11 12:18 AM19
- The Windmills of your Mind MrScorpio Sun Nov-27-11 11:32 PM7
- Hemingway vs "the literati": MiddleFingerM... Sun Nov-27-11 11:21 PM1
- Hemingway said the only reason other men get women is there's not enough bullfighters to go around. MiddleFingerM... Sun Nov-27-11 11:14 PM1
- hunting thread (don't read if it offends) backwoodsbob Sun Nov-27-11 11:08 PM12
- Manna-manna! Do DOO da do doo! krispos42 Sun Nov-27-11 11:08 PM2
- NOOOO!!! Kardashian empire may be "On The Brink Of Kollapse" UrbScotty Sun Nov-27-11 10:14 PM9
- Even vicious junkyard dogs are kind and gentle when treated with love. No, REALLY!!! MiddleFingerM... Sun Nov-27-11 10:10 PM0
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