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- My son... tomorrow night ....I'm in heaven [View All] Dystopian Sun Dec-04-11 02:06 AM24
- Want of have some fun Loungers, check out this thread GD. texanwitch Sun Dec-04-11 01:56 AM8
- Any one else watching Storage Wars on A and E. texanwitch Sun Dec-04-11 01:48 AM3
- And you think YOU'RE having a bad day? MiddleFingerM... Sun Dec-04-11 01:39 AM4
- I danced and danced and danced tonight. redwitch Sun Dec-04-11 01:33 AM1
- Mindy McCready's son found in Arkansas alp227 Sun Dec-04-11 01:32 AM7
- 2 cute ashling Sun Dec-04-11 01:29 AM5
- Cat a tonic ashling Sun Dec-04-11 01:28 AM6
- Autumn leaves ashling Sun Dec-04-11 12:54 AM2
- CUTE ALERT ! ashling Sun Dec-04-11 12:18 AM1
- What thing have you stupidly put on hold only to wonder why? I kept applegrove Sun Dec-04-11 12:04 AM2
- My Birthday cake! Archae Sat Dec-03-11 11:58 PM11
- So how about them Santa Ana winds? K8-EEE Sat Dec-03-11 11:14 PM6
- Fuckin' kid. MiddleFingerM... Sat Dec-03-11 10:55 PM5
- My Son Made a Christmas Song and Video... Demoiselle Sat Dec-03-11 10:43 PM3
- Michaelangelo's "Waldo": MiddleFingerM... Sat Dec-03-11 10:39 PM1
- Today's College Football Thread (Conference Championship Edition) [View All] fishwax Sat Dec-03-11 10:31 PM35
- The 2011 DU cast of "It's a Wonderful Life"... [View All] pacalo Sat Dec-03-11 10:23 PM23
- I bought FIFA 12 today... TheMightyFavo... Sat Dec-03-11 10:08 PM1
- I am eating multi-colored goldfish crackers and drinking ice tea, and posting on DU. texanwitch Sat Dec-03-11 10:07 PM15
- Nuh-UH!!! No WAY!!! I am NOT gonna swim where that man's been washing his ass!!!!! MiddleFingerM... Sat Dec-03-11 09:24 PM2
- When I see people at this Long Dong Silver's, I think that some people lose their jobs justifiably.. madinmaryland Sat Dec-03-11 09:10 PM1
- The good thing about raw sewage is it contains far more nutrients than cooked sewage. Electric Monk Sat Dec-03-11 08:16 PM1
- When I eat at this Long John Silver's, I think that some people lose their jobs justifiably. LoZoccolo Sat Dec-03-11 08:10 PM15
- Really cool new Black Keys video many a good m... Sat Dec-03-11 07:49 PM1
- Did you guys know that the Easter Island (Aotearoa) heads have bodies? mahina Sat Dec-03-11 07:43 PM4
- WOW- my wife and I had the same thought at the same time - "Santa Claus is coming to town" underpants Sat Dec-03-11 07:36 PM4
- Train your dog to wash dishes ashling Sat Dec-03-11 07:07 PM4
- If everyone actually did unto others as they would have others do unto them, Electric Monk Sat Dec-03-11 06:55 PM0
- Are there any New Orleans aficionados here? ohnoyoudidnt Sat Dec-03-11 06:52 PM16
- What US state flag has a Union Jack in it? underpants Sat Dec-03-11 06:47 PM2
- German bank robber REALLY screws up... Archae Sat Dec-03-11 06:46 PM3
- Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Electric Monk Sat Dec-03-11 06:31 PM0
- Afghan woman pardoned after agreeing to marry her rapist. ohiosmith Sat Dec-03-11 06:27 PM2
- From the department of "Oh Hell No" XemaSab Sat Dec-03-11 06:24 PM14
- Cape Town - The Photo/Video bikebloke Sat Dec-03-11 06:06 PM1
- Hiyaaa warrior1 Sat Dec-03-11 05:55 PM1
- OK, OK... I'm not a big fan of MOST pet costumes, but he/she would almost certainly DESERVE this one MiddleFingerM... Sat Dec-03-11 05:46 PM5
- What's yours is mine. What's mine is mine. What's anybody's anywhere anytime is mine. MiddleFingerM... Sat Dec-03-11 05:44 PM4
- Can someone please tell me what 'mic check' means? Paper Roses Sat Dec-03-11 05:24 PM5
- I gotta tell you again -- you folks here in The Lounge make me a MUCH better person MiddleFingerM... Sat Dec-03-11 05:23 PM14
- It's hard to swallow your pride, but it's even harder to pass it out the other end. Electric Monk Sat Dec-03-11 04:30 PM0
- Oh, joy. I have pink eye. Prisoner_Numb... Sat Dec-03-11 04:20 PM5
- I bought a Bonders suit from a Goodwill type store. Is it supposed to be a good brand? Nikia Sat Dec-03-11 04:19 PM6
- What super powers will you have in DU3? (Poll) struggle4prog... Sat Dec-03-11 03:25 PM2
- Some time ago I hid the facebook presence of my loony ashling Sat Dec-03-11 03:17 PM1
- How many people agree with this? Old Troop Sat Dec-03-11 02:59 PM10
- Check out the beautiful music from Esmerine. bif Sat Dec-03-11 01:21 PM0
- Are you a fleabit peanut monkey? Are all of your friends junkies? Taverner Sat Dec-03-11 12:58 PM6
- Rosie went up to Oakland to see Johnny Mathis tonight EFerrari Sat Dec-03-11 12:32 PM6
- It's hard to quit while you're ahead, but it's easy to get fired while you're behind. Electric Monk Sat Dec-03-11 12:11 PM1
- Interested in a Brazilian experience, check this out. elleng Sat Dec-03-11 11:43 AM6
- PHOTO: MiddleFingerMom. Smooth? You betcha. And he knows that all begins with a smooth RIDE. Amerigo Vespu... Sat Dec-03-11 10:52 AM8
- I don't know why, but dogs just LOVE MiddleFingerMom. I mean they love, love, LOVE MiddleFingerM... Sat Dec-03-11 10:37 AM1
- continuum transfunctioner RainDog Sat Dec-03-11 09:09 AM0
- I haz a favor to ask [View All] graywarrior Sat Dec-03-11 08:52 AM84
- I want to create a thread that never diets. ohiosmith Sat Dec-03-11 08:23 AM2
- Am I the only goofball playing Skyward Sword? seaglass Sat Dec-03-11 08:16 AM0
- Are you gonna deal, or what? ashling Sat Dec-03-11 07:08 AM1
- This has to be one of the stupidest songs ever recorded: [View All] raccoon Sat Dec-03-11 07:05 AM26
- A funeral home with no business is having an out-of-body experience. Electric Monk Sat Dec-03-11 05:53 AM2
- I has freckles ashling Sat Dec-03-11 05:45 AM0
- Face Palm ashling Sat Dec-03-11 04:27 AM2
- What would you do about co worker who plays same music constantly Danmel Sat Dec-03-11 03:56 AM14
- Is divinity fudge a Southern thang (sic)? Long ago, we had a [View All] raccoon Sat Dec-03-11 03:38 AM20
- Peeling the feathers off ducks always gets me down. Electric Monk Sat Dec-03-11 03:26 AM5
- Who was your favorite character on "The Waltons"? [View All] Maccagirl Sat Dec-03-11 03:10 AM27
- College Football: WVU just beat South Florida 30 to 27 in a real heart stopper. Lasher Sat Dec-03-11 02:29 AM5
- pinch my nipples! trueblue2007 Sat Dec-03-11 02:11 AM0
- The icon for DU has changed krispos42 Sat Dec-03-11 02:03 AM15
- Rachel Maddow is hilarious... MrsBrady Sat Dec-03-11 01:59 AM5
- quack quackity quack grasswire Sat Dec-03-11 01:56 AM1
- How do you know if you raised your kids properly? [View All] Old Troop Sat Dec-03-11 01:33 AM25
- Why is everything so expensive? Electric Monk Sat Dec-03-11 01:29 AM1
- Gimme five! Prisoner_Numb... Sat Dec-03-11 01:26 AM2
- I said, keep those kids off my lawn! Prisoner_Numb... Sat Dec-03-11 01:25 AM1
- Honk if you're reading this while driving. Electric Monk Sat Dec-03-11 01:12 AM2
- # # # # HAPPY BIRTHDAY NewJeffCT! # # # # Phentex Sat Dec-03-11 01:09 AM7
- GHAH!!! baldguy Sat Dec-03-11 12:44 AM0
- What's with product reviews? So, I'm thinking the dishwasher is getting hedgehog Sat Dec-03-11 12:33 AM0
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