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One dictator down, one to go

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chookie Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Dec-14-03 02:34 PM
Original message
One dictator down, one to go
Edited on Sun Dec-14-03 02:35 PM by chookie
Hopefully we'll get busy and get lucky here in America, too, and see our own dangerous dictator removed from power next year.

I have hope for peace and stability in Iraq, and I wish its great people good luck. Alas, there is nothing to indicate, in the absence of wishful thinking, that anything like that is going to happen anytime soon. Looks like it's going to be American oil plutocrats shitting in the golden toilets, and if the people protest the form of corporate government that the US intends to impose upon them, they will be told, as we dissenters are here, that they are lucky that they aren't shot in the streets now that they are "free", so they better shut up.

For the people who for so long suffered under Saddam Hussein, this is a happy day, and I rejoice along with them.

With all due respect to the Iraqi people, for us in the USA -- I'm not so sure this is a positive thing. The Chimperial administration is going to play it as a Glorious Victory Against Evil, and tell us to rejoice that We The People no longer have to fear the flying monkeys that Saddam was going to set upon us any minute! The dead of Sept 11 and their grieving families have been avenged! All Hail, Chimperial Highness! Our children will be safe in shopping malls!

I don't care if they caught Saddam Hussein in the arms of Britney Spears -- the invasion and occupation of Iraq were not necessary or smart things to do. The Fat Guy may have been captured, but the consequences of the US invasion of Iraq are far from over.

I don't know about you, but I don't feel any safer, since Saddam has been captured. In fact, I am a lot more frightened, because the portrayal of this capture as some meaningful victory is goig to be merely the latest lie in a long saga of dangerous lies -- and it will be used to justify further "pre-emptive" operations and militarism.

I believe our real enemies are laughing at us, as they see us crowing over the capture of Saddam as some positive development for the security of the US. They are laughing as they see His Chimperial Highness isolate America from its allies and degrade it into what is largely seen as a dangerous power, out of control.

Personally, I think its all a bunch of BS -- but I think we can assume that this little event is going to have a major impact on the election next year. The fight for Democracy in America has just gotten a lot harder, and we're just one more giant leap down the road to the "Saddamification" of America, i.e. a repressive, militarism expansionist nation based on a cult of personalty.
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