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Know your BFEE: Nixon Threatened to NUKE Vietnam

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-26-05 04:33 PM
Original message
Know your BFEE: Nixon Threatened to NUKE Vietnam
In the process, Nixon almost got planet earth nuked.

It wasnt completely the crooks fault, though.

Ya see, the Soviets were having a border dispute with Red China and they were getting ready for war....

The short version:

In 1969, after a half a year as president (and with no real peace plan he had told the nation he had to get elected), Richard M. Nixon wanted to drive the North Vietnamese to the bargaining table.

So, Tricky Dick ordered Henry Kissinger to spread the word among the North Vietnamese that he, Richard Milhous Nixon, was a madman. To pretend the president was crazy, Nixon ordered the Air Force on nuclear alert.

To Nixon, acting like a rightwing nutjob was just his way to make a point. Unfortunately, while the Ho Chi Minh and the government of North Vietnam thought he was seriously coo-coo, the Soviets couldve thought otherwise.

At that very moment, the Soviets had problems and plans of their own. Locked in a border dispute with China, the Russian commies were preparing to nuke China first.

Imagine what would happen if the Soviets thought all the U.S. bombers in the air were meant for THEM?

Wonder if some comrade colonel wouldve said, Gee. Were gonna get hit. We better hit first. And pressed the button.

As the Mean Drunk Cheney would say, Thatd be a real bummer.

The Long Version

For his catalyst, Tricky Dick told Henry Kissinger to spread the word amongst the North Vietnamese that he, Richard Milhous Nixon, was certifiably insane and was so hopping mad he was itching to push the button.

Nixon's Madman Strategy

by James Carroll
The Boston Globe
June 14, 2005

"I call it the madman theory, Bob," Richard Nixon said to Robert Haldeman. With the recent revelation of the identity of ''Deep Throat," the nation's memory has been cast back to the Watergate crisis, which began with a burglary 33 years ago this week. Nixon is remembered as having threatened the US Constitution, but his presidency represented a far graver threat than that. Various published tapes have put on display his vulgarity, pettiness, and prejudice and his regular drunkenness. But what has generated insufficient alarm is Nixon's insane flirtation with the actual use of nuclear weapons.

''I want the North Vietnamese to believe," he went on, ''that I've reached the point that I might do anything to stop the war. We'll just slip the word to them that for God's sake, you know Nixon is obsessed about communism. We can't restrain him when he's angry, and he has his hand on the nuclear button, and Ho Chi Minh himself will be in Paris in two days begging for peace." Six months into his presidency, Nixon's frustration with Hanoi's refusal to budge in its demands at the Paris peace talks was extreme, and he put his madman ploy into gear. For this account, I depend on the political scientists Scott D. Sagan and Jeremi Suir, whose 2003 article in the journal International Security brought the incident to light.


So to pretend the president was crazy, Nixon ordered Operation GIANT LANCE. SAC stood down training missions and sent up nuclear-armed alert missions. Nice way to make a point, hah?

From Oct. 10, 1969, through the rest of the month the US military was ordered to full global war readiness alert, without any provocation, and with no explanation to US commanders as to the alert's purpose. Nuclear armed fighter planes were dispersed to civilian airports, missile countdown procedures were initiated, missile-bearing submarines were dispersed, long-range bombers were launched, targeting was begun. On Oct. 27, in the climactic action designed to make it seem the madman was loose, the Strategic Air Command was ordered to dispatch B-52 bombers, loaded with thermonuclear weapons, toward the Soviet Union. Eighteen of the bombers took off from bases in the United States in an operation named Giant Lance. ''The bombers crossed Alaska," Sagan and Suri wrote, ''were refueled in midair by KC-135 tanker aircraft, and then flew in oval patterns toward the Soviet Union and back, on 18-hour vigils over the northern polar ice cap." The ominous flight of these H-bombers to, and then at, the edge of Soviet territory continued for three days. This was all done in total secrecy -- not from the Soviets, of course, since they knew quite well what was happening, but from the American people.

Unbeknownst to Nixon, his ''madman" gamble coincided with a border dispute simmering just then between China and the Soviet Union. The two communist rivals were themselves approaching war footing, and Moscow already had reasons to be wary of America's tilt toward Beijing. Thus, when signals of an American nuclear countdown were picked up, Moscow would have had every reason to assume that the United States was preparing to attack in support of Beijing, perhaps launching a preemption of Moscow's own contemplated attack against China. The Soviets could have seen the American threat not as ''irrational," as Nixon intended, but as consistent with a reasonable strategic purpose.

As if such accidental complications were not unsettling enough, as Sagan and Suir point out, the entire ''madman theory" of coercion was flawed in its essence, depending as it did on twisted logic that assumed an adversary would respond to a calculated show of irrationality with something other than irrationality of its own. Presumably, Nixon wanted a frightened Moscow to convince a frightened Hanoi to change its behavior in Paris as a way of heading off Washington's insanity. Rational Russians would save the world from crazy Americans. Come again?


Some more details and links

The madman nuclear alert: secrecy, signaling, and safety in October 1969 Scott D Sagan & Jeremi Suri International Security

On 27 Oct 1969, President Nixon ordered a nuclear alert codenamed GIANT LANCE, which was carefully concealed from the US public and from US allies, but was intended to frighten Vietnam and the USSR into to agreeing to end the Vietnam War. "This article has four parts. First, we briefly discuss the historiography and alternative explanations that exist about the October 1969 alert. Second, the body of the article is an analytical narrative, not only showing what happened but also demonstrating the different motives of various actors and the outcome that their interaction eventually produced. Third, we discuss nuclear safety problems and crisis diplomacy counterfactuals that provide a sense of the risks involved in the nuclear alert. Finally, the article concludes with observations about the significance of the October 1969 alert for understanding the role of nuclear weapons today. The fact that Richard Nixon placed US nuclear forces on a high state of alert to support his madman theory has major implications for how scholars and practitioners should think about democratic control of nuclear weapons. It also has important implications for how they should think about the consequences of nuclear proliferation" (p155).

Sagan is professor of political science and co-director of the Center for International Security and Co-operation (CISAC), Stanford University; Suri is assistant professor of history, University of Wisconsin at Madison.

PDF of above at:

And a little more detail.

Nixon's nuclear ploy

Richard Nixon thought a secret, worldwide nuclear alert would remain unknown to the American public, and he was right. But his strategy--to threaten the Soviets into helping bring an end to the Vietnam war--was unsuccessful. They may not even have noticed.

By William Burr and Jeffrey Kimball

January/February 2003 pp. 28-37, 72-73 (vol. 59, no. 1 2003 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists


"Going for broke"

Nixon wrote in his post-war memoirs that he emerged from a July 7 meeting with Kissinger on the presidential yacht Sequoia intending to "'go for broke' in the sense that I would attempt to end the war one way or the other--either by negotiated agreement or by an increased use of force." He could either escalate the war to force a favorable negotiated agreement or he could accelerate the withdrawal and do what was necessary to protect American forces while they were leaving. In either case, he said, "We'll bomb the bastards."


Kissinger flew to Paris, where he held his first secret meeting with the North Vietnamese, during which he reminded Xuan Thuy of the letter to Ho. At another meeting on the same day, he told French Foreign Ministry officials that "it was important that not be confounded by a fifth-rate agricultural power."


On August 30, Nixon received Ho Chi Minh's reply to his July 15 letter. Ho rejected Nixon's negotiating terms, put forward his own plan for a negotiated solution to the war, and brushed aside Nixon's threats.

His warnings having failed to intimidate either Hanoi or Moscow, Nixon knew that he would soon have to make a decision about which alternative to pursue--military escalation or accelerated Vietnamization.


Later in October, Kissinger reminded Nixon that in a forthcoming meeting with Dobrynin, "your basic purpose will be to keep the Soviets concerned about what we might do around November 1" and also to "make clear that . . . unless there is real progress in Vietnam, U.S.-Soviet relations will continue to be adversely affected."


So, whats this got to do with the price of beef today? Well, Nixons bosss son, Poppy, has his own spawn occupyin the Oval Office. And Smirko wants to update tactical nukes for his own war on whatever. Now thats crazy.

US seeks tactical nukes

By Steve Schifferes
BBC News Online in Washington

Even as the US Senate approved a new nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia, the Pentagon was asking Congress for authority to develop a new generation of tactical nuclear weapons.

The US military believes that the new tactical nuclear weapons are essential to meet to threat of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, and says they could be used against chemical or biological weapons facilities and nuclear bunkers buried deep underground.

But arms controls advocates say that the plans could undermine US efforts to limit nuclear proliferation at a time when North Korea, among others, seems intent on developing nuclear weapons.

"I don't see how we can look all the nuclear wannabes in the face... when we are going to now launch ourselves into a whole series of new weapons," said Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher, a member of the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee.

The new weapons under consideration include low-yield tactical nuclear weapons, which were banned by Congress in 1993, and a "robust nuclear earth penetrator", designed to bury deep into the ground before exploding.


Its almost ironic. Nixon pretended to be a madman. Even if it was the only time he told the truth as president, he'd be doing better than Poppy and Smirko ever did.

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montana_hazeleyes Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-26-05 04:42 PM
Response to Original message
1. That is funny,Nixon pretending he was nuts.
But I can't believe I'm saying this , I'd sure take him now, over what's occupying the whitehouse** right now. Of course we'd need the press we had back then also.
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Karenina Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-26-05 04:55 PM
Response to Reply #1
2. Why do you hate Amurikkka?
How DARE you hang the TRUTH out there for ALL to see! It's traitorous like that Mark Felt feller!!! Didn't you get the "memo?" It said:

"I am NOT a crook!"

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jun-27-05 12:14 PM
Response to Reply #1
6. Agree. I never thought I'd miss the Crook. Thanks to "The Texans."
Yet, thanks to Nixon and his crowd, we have Smirk, Sneer, DeLay, Fritzie Frist and the rest of the neo-kkkonservatives.

From the White House tapes, we see that Nixon had a special place in his heart of hearts for George H.W. Bush and "The Texans."

The Kennedy Assassination:

The Nixon-Bush Connection

by Paul Kangas

Note: All references to "George Bush" refer to George Herbert Walker Bush, Father of George "Dubya" Bush who was "elected" pResident by a 5 to 4 vote of the Supreme Court.

A newly discovered FBI document reveals that George Bush was directly involved in the 1963 murder of President John Kennedy. The document places Bush working with the now-famous CIA agent, Felix Rodriguez, recruiting right-wing Cuban exiles for the invasion of Cuba. It was Bush's CIA job to organize the Cuban community in Miami for the invasion. The Cubans were trained as marksmen by the CIA. Bush at that time lived in Texas. Hopping from Houston to Miami weekly, Bush spent 1960 and '61 recruiting Cubans in Miami for the invasion. That is how he met Felix Rodriguez.


On the Watergate tapes, June 23, 1972, referred to in the media as the "smoking gun" conversation, Nixon and his Chief of Staff, H.R. Haldeman, discussed how to stop the FBI investigation into the CIA Watergate burglary. They were worried that the investigation would expose their conection to "the Bay of Pigs thing." Haldeman, in his book The Ends of Power, reveals that Nixon always used code words when talking about the 1963 murder of JFK. Haldeman said Nixon would always refer to the assassination as "the Bay of Pigs."

On that transcript we find Nixon discussing the role of George Bush's partner, Robert Mosbacher, as one of the Texas fundraisers for Nixon. On the tapes Nixon keeps refering to the "Cubans" and the "Texans." The "Texans" were Bush, Mosbacher and Baker. This is another direct link between Bush and evidence linking Nixon and Bush to the Kennedy assassination.

In the same discussion Nixon links "the Cubans," "the Texans," "Helms," "Hunt," "Bernard Barker," Robert "Mosbacher" and "the Bay of Pigs." Over and over on the Watergate tapes, these names come up around the discussion of the photos from Dallas that Nixon was trying to obtain when he ordered the CIA to burglarize the Watergate. (Source: Three Men and a Barge", Teresa Riordan, Common Cause magazine, March/April 1990, and San Francisco Chronicle, May 7,1977, interview with Frank Sturgis in which he stated that "the reason we burglarized the Watergate was because Nixon was interested in stopping news leaking related to the photos of our role in the assassination of President John Kennedy.")

After Nixon's landslide victory in 1972, he knew he had to centralize all power into the White House to keep his faction in power, not only to hold power, but to prevent the media from digging into how he secretly shot his way into the White House, just like Hitler shot his way into control of Germany. The first thing Nixon did was to demand signed resignations of his entire government. "Eliminate everyone," he told John Ehrlichman about reappointment, "except George Bush. Bush will do anything for our cause." (Source: Pledging Allegiance, Sidney Blumenthal.)


Maybe someday, soon, ours will again be a nation of laws.
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EFerrari Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Jun-26-05 04:58 PM
Response to Original message
3. Pigs are flying. I miss Tricky Dick,
the smarter, diplomatic moderate.

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gandalf Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jun-27-05 12:01 PM
Response to Original message
4. it would be a pity
to see this thread drop too quickly...

even though it will be available on the Know Your BFEE Blog soon.
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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jun-27-05 12:07 PM
Response to Reply #4
5. Bushler ordered production of Plutonium-238
Gee. I thought Pooty-toot was a sleep-over friend.

It appears miserable failures who work hard to recreate the past's almost forgotten mistakes are here to doom us.

U.S. Has Plans to Again Make Own Plutonium

June 27, 2005

The Bush administration is planning the government's first production of plutonium 238 since the cold war, stirring debate over the risks and benefits of the deadly material. The substance, valued as a power source, is so radioactive that a speck can cause cancer.

Federal officials say the program would produce a total of 330 pounds over 30 years at the Idaho National Laboratory, a sprawling site outside Idaho Falls some 100 miles to the west and upwind of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Officials say the program could cost $1.5 billion and generate more than 50,000 drums of hazardous and radioactive waste.

Project managers say that most if not all of the new plutonium is intended for secret missions and they declined to divulge any details. But in the past, it has powered espionage devices.

"The real reason we're starting production is for national security," Timothy A. Frazier, head of radioisotope power systems at the Energy Department, said in a recent interview.

He vigorously denied that any of the classified missions would involve nuclear arms, satellites or weapons in space.


Thank you, gandalf! For the kick, the blog and everything else, and most of all, for giving a damn.
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gandalf Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jun-27-05 03:40 PM
Response to Reply #5
8. published on blog
Edited on Mon Jun-27-05 03:41 PM by gandalf
"the real reason we're starting this blog is for national security", says gandalf
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oasis Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jun-27-05 01:50 PM
Response to Original message
7. Nixon walking up the aircraft steps for his final flight as president was
the highlight of the seventies for me. At long last, justice.

The power of the legislative body of government was demonstrated as was the power of the press.

If Bush would take a similar stroll after announcing his resignation, that would make my decade.

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