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Rev MOON wears crown and robes in Dirksen Senate Office Building function.

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-14-04 11:23 PM
Original message
Rev MOON wears crown and robes in Dirksen Senate Office Building function.
This is too crazy to make up. Seems plenty of big wigs in government -- not all of whom are conservative nutjobs -- were on hand to make Rev Sun Myung Moon feel "special." He even had a shofar salute. This is not a joke. -- Octafish

Rev. Moon's Curtain Call

By Bill Berkowitz, AlterNet
May 11, 2004

It's practically impossible to keep up with all the projects and conferences, rallies and summits, front groups and businesses, and political machinations involving the Rev. Moon's Unification Church currently known as the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. Having recently celebrated his 84th birthday, the Rev. Moon seems rejuvenated and desiring to increase his visibility, while at the same time this master of mixed and often convoluted messages appears to be preparing his final farewell to America. Along the way, however, he is trying to plant the seeds of his political legacy with help from some powerful political friends.


Moon considers himself to be the True Father, the Messiah, and has stated numerous times that his goal, as Fred Clarkson put it in his book Eternal Hostility, is "an autocratic theocracy to rule the world."

On the evening of March 23, a group of the Rev. Moon's powerful political friends gathered at the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington. There, the Reverend presided over a ceremony presenting "Crown of Peace" awards to a number of honored guests. Seven U.S. Congressmen Democrats Sen. Mark Dayton of Minnesota, Rep. Danny K. Davis of Illinois, Harold E Ford Jr. of Tennessee, Sanford D. Bishop Jr. of Georgia and Republicans Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett of Maryland, Christopher B. Cannon of Utah, and Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania received "Ambassadors for Peace" awards.

The Rev. Moon, who was decked out in a campy floor-length cape, was presented with an ornate gold crown and a lifetime achievement award. Introduced by a shofar-blowing rabbi, the Rev. told the star-studded audience made up of congressional members and a number of religious leaders that a "new era" had come: "Open your hearts and receive the secrets that Heaven is disclosing in this age through me."

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whistle Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-14-04 11:27 PM
Response to Original message
1. Rev Moon thinks he is the second coming of Christ?
...I think not.
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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-14-04 11:51 PM
Response to Reply #1
6. Moon's bankrolled politicians and TV preachers galore.
The guy is crazy, but he's stolen so many billions of dollars from his followers that he's been able to afford buying all the politicians he wants. George W Bush being just one of them.

Moon also owns the buzz-setting Washington Times. The thing's not fit for wrapping fish, but it is Reagan and Bush Sr's favorite newspaper. it would be W's, too, if only he could read.

Those interested in the subject of the Unification Church and its "charismatic" (read: "moneybags") leader:

Dark Side of Rev. Moon: Hooking George Bush

By Robert Parry

Last fall, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's latest foray into the high-priced world of media and politics was in trouble. South American journalists were writing scathingly about Moon's plan to open a regional newspaper that the 77-year-old founder of the Korean-based Unification Church hoped would give him the same influence in Latin America that the ultra-conservative Washington Times had in the United States.

As opening day ticked closer for Moon's Tiempos del Mundo, leading South American newspapers were busy recounting unsavory chapters of Moon's history, including his links with South Korea's feared intelligence service and with violent anti-communist organizations that some commentaries said bordered on neo-fascist.

Indeed, in the early 1980s, amid widespread human rights abuses, Moon had used friendships with the military dictators in Argentina and Uruguay to invest in those two countries. Moon was such a pal of the Argentine generals that he garnered an honorary award for siding with Argentina's junta in the Falklands War.

More recently, Moon has been buying large tracts of agricultural lands in Paraguay. La Nacion reported that Moon had discussed these business ventures with Paraguay's ex-dictator Alfredo Stroessner.


Jungle redoubts are where James Bond villains hide, and those wishing to ride out the Apocalypse.

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seemslikeadream Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-14-04 11:32 PM
Response to Original message
2. The Reverend Sun Myung Moon will become the final anti-Christ.
Here is some fun info

The Reverend Sun Myung Moon will become the final anti-Christ. As the current anti-Christ ( Richard B. Cheney) reigns and sets the stage for a one world government, Rev. Moon is preparing for his part in the take-over.

I find it totally amazing that so many of the organized religions, evangelists and so-called people of the cloth, have fallen, bowing down before the Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

At one time, people all over the world called the Unification Church a cult. Now, as Moon spreads money throughout the religious communities around the world, Moon is slowly taking control of religion in general.

Now this cult leader is the founder of the Washington Times, the second largest daily newspaper in the Washington, DC area. Newt Gingrich, during his inauguration as the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, stated , "The Washington Times has the real interests of America at heart."

Reverend Moon has worked his way into the United Nations, the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other countries around the world. He is being funded from the black budgets of North Korea, China, Russia and the United States

Rev. Moon has used MKULTRA mind control techniques on his followers for years. Mind control has been used on the sheeple of the world through subliminal messaging found in television, radio, newspapers, magazines and print ads of all types.
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seemslikeadream Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-14-04 11:37 PM
Response to Reply #2
3. Jerry Falwell, readily admits that he accepted 2.5 million dollars from Mo
Edited on Fri May-14-04 11:51 PM by seemslikeadream
one of my favorite parts

One such Church leader and internationally recognized evangelical Christian, Jerry Falwell, readily admits that he accepted 2.5 million dollars from Moon in 1994 in order to bail out his Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. This was funneled through a Moon organization known as the 'Women's Federation for World Peace' which has been chaired by Beverly LaHaye, Wife of Timothy LaHaye, who is the popular co-author of the "Left Behind" Christian fictional book series and a well known evangelical Christian. The Women's Federation for World Peace paid 3.5 million to the Christian Heritage Foundation, which in turn bought Falwell's $73 million debt, and then frankly wrote it off. The Heritage Foundation then seems to have paid themselves a fee of one million dollars for their trouble.

Since that time Falwell has spoken at many of Moons functions, embracing the cult-leader with unabashed reverence and friendship. Even writings from Moons' Church confirm Falwell's comradeship with 'the new messiah' and his cult. Moon has even been a guest speaker in mainline denominational Churches in the past few years. Falwell further praised Rev. Moon calling him, "An unsung hero to the cause of freedom, who is to be commended for his determination and courage and endurance in support of his beliefs."<2>

According to official court records of a lawsuit that was filed in Bedford County Circuit Court (West Virginia), it was alleged that Falwell and an associate flew to South Korea, January 9, 1994 to meet with Unification Church officials. This trip came shortly before Falwell was awarded the Moon money. Falwell stated openly, "If the American Atheists Society or Saddam Hussein himself ever sent an unrestricted gift to any of my ministries, be assured I will operate on Billy Sunday's philosophy: The Devil's had it long enough, and quickly cash the check."<1>
actually this is my favorite

Have you heard this?
George Bush, then an eighteen year-old man, held off entering Yale (a long-time Bush family destination, Prescott had graduated in 1917) to enter the military, perhaps to remove some of the tarnish from his family's honor. After the war, however, Bush joined the intelligence community and utilized his own connections to help fund drug runners from Laos to Panama. Most shocking was the so-called "cocaine coup" in Bolivia in June 1980, masterminded by fugitive Nazi Klaus Barbie, "The Butcher Of Lyons." Bush, as director of the CIA, had funneled enormous amounts of cash to drug runners including Manuel Noriega and helped in the destabilization of Argentina. Barbie, who had been previously secreted in Latin America by the CIA, began working closely with the Argentines and used drug money to finance a neo-Nazi cabal, one that succeeded in overthrowing the government. The troops swept through the capital wearing Nazi armbands, according to former DEA agent Mike Levine. They may as well have been wearing armbands portraying syringes, dollar bills and "Bush For President" buttons.

After the cocaine coup, the notorious Unification Church, the "Moonie" cult, began making inroads across Latin America. Among the first to arrive in La Paz after the Nazi/coke coup was Bo Hi Pak, Rev. Sun Myung Moon's right hand man. Moon had invested $4 million in the coup, it so turns out, and still had plenty of money left over to help finance George Bush's campaign for president in 1988. Moonie lieutenant Thomas Ward also acted as the go-between between Barbie and his CIA payrollers. The Moonies were also large funders of the Contras and heavy investors in Latin America generally. Bush is still in Moon's pocket: as recently as 1996, former President Bush flew to Argentina to appeal to Argentine president Carlos Menem to attend the gala celebration for Moon's latest right-wing newspaper. Bush has made hundreds of thousands of dollars stumping for Moon groups since leaving the Oval Office, and has been working to make sure GW Bush gets his share of drug-tainted, Nazi managed cult money for the latest Presidential campaign.
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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 12:05 AM
Response to Reply #3
12. So... Who all's in Rev Moon's pocket?
Small (one) world. And very, very bad.

So, let's do something about it. Here's a start:

Who Is In Rev. Moon's Pocket?

Organized By Category

Political - Religion - Business - Academia - Celebrities

~Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church are using people and groups to accomplish a devious agenda. Moon seeks to control the entire world, and establish a one-world theocracy with himself as head. His aim has been to influence America and in so doing influence the world. He does this through relationships.

Through his many hundreds of front groups and through his followers, Moon develops relationships with people and groups that have power, money, influence, or in some other way can be of use to Moon's agenda. It is doubtful that most of those involved with the Moonies through front-groups, realize that Moon seeks world domination. In fact, it is likely that Moon's followers and the leaders of his groups would even lie, to hide this fact. Lying, is acceptable to Moonies, to serve what they believe is the greater good. In fact, Moon not only condones lying, but has detailed for his followers, his theological belief that great people of God have lied for heavenly reasons, and that even "God himself lies very often". Below, are various categories of the many fields of human endeavor that Moon seeks to influence the world through, and each category contains a listing of individuals, businesses and organizations, which are helping Sun Myung Moon accomplish his goals, whether knowingly or not.

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-14-04 11:56 PM
Response to Reply #2
8. They don't call it the Brave New World Order Thing for nothing.
A Kinder, Gentler One-World Dicatorship.

Bush , Rev. Moom & Washington Times

By Carla Binion

In the 1970s, the Fraser Senate Investigating Committee looked into the "Koreagate" scandal. . . Then-U.S. Representative Donald Fraser said the senate committee discovered that Moonie leaders were told Moon wanted to start political work in the U.S. The Moonies were told that objection to Moon's goals would equal objection to God. (Fraser Committee Report, page 320.)

President George Bush was head of the CIA when Koreagate broke in 1976 and knew the above details. Despite that, Bush (1) Did nothing to oppose the Unification Church's deceptive, coercive, brainwashing tactics or designs on our political system, and (2) In 1995 spoke at a series of Moon rallies in the U.S. and Japan. The rallies were hosted by Mrs. Moon's front group Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP). (Jolen Chang, "Asian Fortune," March 1995.) Bush received one million pounds for payment according to the "British Daily Mail." ("Bush and '1M from Moonies,' "Daily Mail," September 5, 1995.)

George Bush claimed innocence and gave his only interview on the subject to the Moonie owned paper, "The Washington Times." Bush praised the WFPF's "great emphasis on family" and told the "Times:" "Until I see something about the Women's Federation that troubles me, I will continue to encourage them." (Peter McGill, et al, "Ed Schreyer and the Moonies," "Maclean's," October 23, 1995; Andrew Pollack, "Bush Host In Japan Tied To Rev. Moon," "The New York Times," September 4, 1995.)

Because Bush headed the CIA during Koreagate, he knew that when the Moonies talk of "family" they mean the "True Family" of the Unification Church. As former head of the CIA, he also knew of The Washington Times Moonie connections.

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DoYouEverWonder Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 09:25 AM
Response to Reply #8
27. Does anyone remember the big rally Moon had in NYC ?
It was in the mid 70's and it was held at Madison Square Garden.

For at least a month in advance, this rally was hyped all over the city. People were on every major street corner handing out free tickets.

There was so much buzz about this 'event' and heck the tickets were free that they packed the place. My boyfriend and I were going to check it out, but when I got in the middle of the crowd heading into the Garden, I got freaked out, and decided that I really didn't want to go in there.

From what I heard, Moon talked for hours in Korean. Most of the people couldn't understand a word he was saying. It was all very bizarre and creepy and most people left disappointed to say the least.

At the time it seemed strange. Who the heck was this Moon guy and were did he get the money and power to rent Madison Square Garden and suddenly fill NYC with his little Moonies? I'm not surprised to find out years later that Bu$hCo and CIA were some how involved.

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 09:34 AM
Response to Reply #27
28. Oh yeah. Remember the Korean CIA tried bribing Congress?
Behind the Times: Who Pulls The Strings at Washington's No. 2 Daily?

By Fred Clarkson
Aug./Sept. '87

The Washington Times, the right-wing daily that bills itself as an alternative to the Washington Post, is owned and influenced by Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church. But most journalists seem unable or unwilling to consider the political implications of this fact -- despite the role of Washington Times executives in the Koreagate scandal of the 1970s and the Iran-contra scandal today.

Since its inception in 1982, the Washington Times has gained a circulation of about 100,000 and the endorsement of President Ronald Reagan, who reads it every day. Founding editor and publisher James Whelan resigned in July 1984, charging that top Unification Church (UC) officials had taken over the paper in violation of UC guarantees of independence. In 1987, Times editorial page editor William Cheshire and several staff members also resigned over UC interference.

The Washington Times public relations line -- printed as fact in a Time magazine profile (6/15/87) -- maintains that the newspaper is "owned by a group of Korean investors affiliated with the Unification Church." These "investors" -- the Korean-based Tong-II Industries -- do not seem to view the Times as a profit-making venture. Current Times editor-in-chief Arnaud de Borchgrave told the Washington Post (5/6/87) that a Tong-II executive described one of the company's factories as "the logistical tail of the Washington Times." "They are very conscious of the fact that a certain portion of their profit comes to us to meet the subsidy," de Borchgrave said.


Three NWC executives are not only top Unification Church officials, but have also had high-ranking posts in the Korean CIA (KCIA). Sang Kook Han, a "personal assistant" to the KCIA director in the early 1960s, later served as South Korea's ambassador to Norway and Panama. In 1984, Han was installed at the Washington Times, precipitating the resignation of editor James Whelan. Currently senior vice president of New World Communications, Han is described by Whelan as the "de facto publisher" and "inspector general" of the Times.

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seemslikeadream Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 09:42 AM
Response to Reply #28
30. Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
Edited on Sat May-15-04 09:49 AM by seemslikeadream
In Search of the Messiah - Opening the door to Korea
By Mother Tynnetta Muhammad
Updated Aug 6, 2003, 08:11 pm Refer this article
Print page

Opening the door to Korea with Minister Farrakhan on World Friendship Tour III

Previous colmuns by Mother Tynetta Muhammad
"And the believers should not go forth all together. Why, then, does not a company from every party from among them go forth that they may apply themselves to obtain understanding in religion, and that they may warn their people, when they come back to them, that they may be cautious?" Holy Quran, Surah 9, verse 122

In the bitter cold winter of 1998, Minister Farrakhan and his 24-member delegation of the Nation of Islam arrived in Seoul, Korea, for the first time. After passing through Customs, we were received by some of the leadership of the Unification Church under the direction of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. He and his wife, Hak Ja Han Moon, hosted our visit.

The first place on our stop was the location of the beautiful theater of the performing arts academy of the Little Angels and Ballet School, built and founded by the Rev. Moon. His daughter-in-law, Julia Moon, is the current director. We were invited to a very formal dinner, which was followed by our attendance at a performance of the Little Angels in the large theater complex. Their routines and disciplines, demonstrated in the art of their cultural expression, were impeccable and stunning.

Minister Farrakhan receives medallion from Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife after a performance of the Little Angels. Photo: Kenneth Muhammad

Minister Farrakhan receives medallion from Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife after a performance of the Little Angels. Photo: Kenneth Muhammad
It was after the youthful performance when medals of Honor were presented to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, his wife Mother Khadijah and myself. We were all treated with the greatest respect and were hosted for two days before our departure. During that time, tours were arranged for our delegation, which included a visit to their own newspaper plant, a ceramic factory, and the Sun Moon University campus site outside of Seoul.

Mother Khadijah, Sister Karriemah, and myself did not visit one or two of these sites, which in my visit to Korea last year were included. This journey not only opened the door wider to Korea, but also included my passage to Mongolia, which was made possible through Rev. Moons leadership.

German anyone?

18. Mai 2003:
Juden, Christen und Muslime unterzeichnen die "Jerusalem-Erklrung"
131 Reprsentanten des Christentums, ber 120 des Judentums und 10 des Islams trafen sich in Jerusalem. Erzbischof Stallings lud dabei den ranghchsten Rabbiner zur gemeinsamen Unterzeichnung der Jerusalem Erklrung ein. Nachdem sich der Rabbiner den Inhalt von Friedensbotschafter Dr. Shalev auf hebrisch genau hatte erklren lassen, sagte er, er wrde unterschreiben, wenn auch sein muslimischer Bruder, der Imam, unterschreiben wrde. Daraufhin stand der Imam ohne zu zgern auf und alle drei, als Vertreter des Judentums, Christentums und des Islam, unterschrieben die Jerusalem-Erklrung, gefolgt von allen anderen Teilnehmern der Konferenz.

Journey To Korea - Meeting with the Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon
By Mother Tynnetta Muhammad
Updated Sep 1, 2003, 01:57 pm Refer this article
Print page

Previous colmuns by Mother Tynetta Muhammad
"And He is Allah in the heavens and in the earth. He knows your secret (thoughts) and your open (words), and He knows what you earn. And there comes not to them any message of the messages of their Lord but they turn away from it. So they rejected the truth when it came to them, but soon will come to them the news of that which they mocked." Holy Quran, Surah 6, verses 3-5

During the first few days of November 2002, I arrived in Seoul, Korea, in preparation for my journey to Mongolia. I met with Bishop Yang, the head over the Unification Churches in North America, who had worked out my itinerary in Seoul. I had come specifically to write a story about Rev. Moon and the Unification Church that will appear in the upcoming issue of the Cultural Links News Journal.

Visit to the Sun Moon University in November 2002 hosting faculty from the English Department with the university president in the center. We are standing in the newly constructed reception hall.
He had arranged for me to meet with Mr. and Mrs. Moon at an early morning service and breakfast at their residence. This event took place one day prior to a special Youth Day celebration, which was held at the Auditorium Theater and School Complex of the Universal Ballet Company and Academy of the Little Angels.

During this meeting, I became more acquainted with the spiritual thinking that underlies the activity and success of Rev. Moon and the Unification Church. I had made a request prior to leaving the U.S.A. to write a story about Rev. Moon and the Unification Church. I was granted the opportunity to study some of their operations in Seoul, Korea. Subsequently, I was granted an audience with the founder and his wife. Some family members and representatives from his top leadership were gathered at our meeting.

Rev. Moon expounded on several guiding principles of the churchs vision, structure and the global outreach initiative. Then I observed many similarities between some of their guiding principles and that of the Nation of Islams founder, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Good manners, cordialness and a respectful demeanor were part of our similarities.
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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 09:38 AM
Response to Reply #27
29. Almost forgot the nut -- Capitalism's Invisible Army
From the article:

Opposition to constitutional democracy is a theological premise of The Divine Principle, the basic text of Unificationism. Moon's speeches are riddled with contempt for "American-style democracy," which he denigrates as "a good nursery for the growth of Communism." "We must have an automatic theocracy to rule the world," Moon has declared.

Now who else is, um, was rabid anti-communist?

Big can o' worms, there...
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madrchsod Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-14-04 11:48 PM
Response to Original message
4.  rev moon will
meet the same fate we all have since the moment of conception, we all will die and take nothing to our graves but what people place in our coffins . rev, all the money you have will not get you into heaven, anyway Christ will be there to kick your ass back to hell...anyone who believes and takes money from this guy also has a special place just waiting for them....
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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 12:12 AM
Response to Reply #4
15. Agree. Only problem is Rev Moon's trying to take the world with him.
In the name of "fighting communism," these turds have ruined the ecosystem, looted the planet of its natural wealth, bankrupted the economies of the developed world, enslaved physically and through penury billions around the world, and killed or silenced all who oppose them. Other than that...

Unification Press International?

Rev. Moon Adds United Press International To His Media Empire

By Bill Berkowitz

A little more than eight years ago, Rev. Pat Robertson was closing in on acquiring what would have been the jewel in his media empire. Unfortunately for him, at just about the last minute a bankruptcy judge rejected the bid by the fabulously wealthy religious broadcaster and Christian Coalition founder, and instead ruled that United Press International (UPI), one of the preeminent news wire services, would be sold to a group of Middle Eastern investors.

Fast forward to 2000: the venerable and troubled UPI has been sold yet again. News World Communications, the new owner, is the thriving media arm of another right-wing charismatic figure, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church. Although News World Communications has said that it intends to maintain UPI as an independent news organization, it all hinges on who's interpreting what "independent news organization" means. Media watchers of all political stripes are wondering what to expect from this new Moon circling the globe.

UPI, a 93-year-old agency, has been a financially troubled operation for the better part of the past three decades, with multiple ownership changes during the past 18 years. The serial owners have included Mexican publisher Mario Vazquez Rana and a U.S. partner, Texan Joe Russo, and Infotechnology Inc., which is owned by Earl W. Brian, a California venture capitalist. Most recently a group of Saudi Arabian industrialists presided over the company. When the sale to Moon was announced, veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas, UPI's most revered and honored employee, handed in her resignation rather than pick up her paycheck from Moon.

The Unification Church, founded and built by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, enjoys 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax status despite the fact that it has been a major, if not always apparent, player in U.S. politics for many years. Organizations participating in overt political activities are prohibited from receiving the 501(c)(3) classification.

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ibegurpard Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-14-04 11:49 PM
Response to Original message
5. Does no one else wonder
what Mark Dayton, Danny K. Davis, Harold Ford Jr., and Sanford Bishop were doing at this event?
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madrchsod Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-14-04 11:56 PM
Response to Reply #5
7. money?
it`s all about the money
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seemslikeadream Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-14-04 11:57 PM
Response to Reply #7
9. Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Front Groups of the Moonies
Edited on Sat May-15-04 12:01 AM by seemslikeadream

So where is this Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?
Ever since Hillary Clinton revealed that there was a vast right wing conspiracy the Press has been asking, "Where is it?" They think this is some kind of a joke. It's not a joke. Here's the list of just Moonie controlled organizations. These people are taking over the news media, Christian Organizations, and the Republican Party. Former President George Bush has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote Moon's cause and speak at Moonie events. Here's the Web Site I got this list from.

Yes, you can copy this web page and post it on your web site. I encourage you to do so.

As part of his plan to take over the world, Moon has initated numerous organizations. Although they are often established by members and although church members towards the public often vehemently deny ANY affiliation with the UC, inside the church these organizations are proudly viewed as "Father's projects" ...intended to further the establishment of "God's Kingdom of Heaven on Earth" ...under Mr. Moon's rule as the Messiah and "True Parent of Mankind." To us as members this was another sign that "he must be the Messiah" ...since he is so incredibly successful in "furthering God's providence." Well, if that were a measure for truth - UC members should leave their movement to follow the Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses who are much more successful and use the same argument. Just as you can be sincere but wrong you can be successful but wrong. (Didn't Hitler, Al Capone, Stalin, and others demonstrate that already???)

Moon's Organization
This list is a revision of the front group list created in June 1981 by the Ex-Moon Organization. It contains numerous listings of fronts that may or may not be in existence today. We have marked organizations known to be defunct by the following symbol (#). We have marked those organizations known to be very active by this symbol (*). In the case of business fronts, these have a tendency to change location or just cease doing business. Most of the organizations listed are still active. However, it is possible that some businesses may no longer be affiliated with the Unification Movement, particularly businesses created by people who were recruited into the movement and later left.

American Bicentennial God Bless America Committee #

American Committee for the Human Rights of Japanese Wives of North Korean Repatriates # Members fasted for 7 days in front of the UN during a vote on whether to remove

troops from S. Korea for human rights violations, October, 1974.

American Constitution Committee * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Suite 300 Falls Church, VA

American Council for Free Asia * Washington, D.C.

American Council for World Freedom *

American Freedom Coalition * Headquarters - 800 "K" St., NW, Suite 830, Washington, D.C. 20001, 202-371-030. Offices in all fifty states.

American Freedom Foundation, Inc. * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Suite 314N, Falls Church, VA 22043. The 1993 IRS Form 990 shows the organization had less than $25,000 in gross receipts and elected to file a report without financial data.

American Parents Association *

American Youth for a Just Peace #

Asian Ecumenical Inter-Faith Council * Philippines Causa branch.

Assn. Pro Unidad Latinoamericano, 393 5th Ave., NYC 10016

Captive Nations *

Causa International Minority Alliance: 393 5th Ave., NYC 212-213-5280

Causa International # 401 5th Ave., NYC 10016 212-684-6122

Causa U.S.A. # 481 8th Ave., Rm 718, NYC 10001 212-764-7238

Causa Veterans' Assn., 393 5th Ave., 4th Fl., NYC 10016

Coalition for a Free World *

Committee for Responsible Dialogue

Committee to Defend the U.S. Constitution #

Communist Research Group

Free Asia Foundation * Washington, D.C.

Freedom Leadership Foundation #

Global Economic Action Institute # 535 5th Ave., NYC 10017 & 1010 Vermont Ave., NW, #1002 Washington, D.C. 20005. This office is no longer open.

God and Freedom Rally, 4301 Harewood Rd., NE WDC, 20017

International Federation for the Victory Over Communism *

Korean International Foundation for World Peace *

International Security Council, 393 5th Ave., NYC 10016

Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace * A project of the International Religious Foundation, Inc.

Korean Causa of N.Y., 401 5th Ave., 7th Floor, 10016

Korean-American Political Assn * (KAPA)

Korean Professors World Peace Academy * New York City

Middle East Association # Washington, D.C.

National Prayer and Fast for the Watergate Crisis #

Professors Academy for World Peace *

Professors World Peace Academy * 38 W. 32nd St., NYC 10001 Controls the University of Bridgeport.

Project Unity #

The Summit Club International, Inc., 1333 New Hampshire, NW, Washington, DC, 20036; 202-293-9393 (incorporated 12/18/81 under "Supreme Council of Heads of State & Government, name changed less than 1 month later)

Washington Institute for Values in Public Policy *

Washington Institute Press *

Women's Federation for World Peace * Moon's wife, Hak Ja Han Moon is the President.

World Anti-Communist League * (W.A.C.L.)

World Freedom Movement *

World Freedom Institute *

Atlantic Video, Inc., 150 S. Gordon, Alexandria, VA; founded 1984

Belleville Press, 401 5th Ave., NYC & 91 Terry St. & 480 Washington Ave., Belleville, NJ (201-759-2334 (owned by News World Communications)

CARP Monthly

Causa Report # 4301 Harewood Rd., NE Wash., DC 20017

Epoch Maker Magazine #

Free Press International, Inc., 401 5th Ave., NY 212-532-8300 #

Global Affairs, 905 16th St. NW, #401, Washington, DC 20006

Global Insight

Harlem Weekly, 401 5th Ave., NYC 10016; 212-532-8300

HeartWing * 12715 NE 7th Place, Vancouver, WA 98684, 206-944-7278.

Heaven & Earth newsletter

Insight Magazine

International Exchange Press *

Manhattan Magazine

Manhattan Television Center * -- 311 W. 34th St., NY, NY

New Era Books, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-695-7562

New Future Films * 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-947-2780

New Hope News -- members only

News World Communications, 3600 New York Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20006; 202-636-4836 (holding company that publishes all of the different newspapers owned by church -- The Washington Times is printed at this location) also: 38-38 9th St., LI City, NY 11101; 718-786-3200 (church owned building in Queens where all of NYC newspapers are printed; building houses many other church businesses as well)

Noticias Del Mundos * 401 5th Ave., NYC 10016; 212-576-0350

One Way Productions # 10889 Wilshire Blvd., L.A., CA. INCHON -- $46 million film starring Laurence Olivier, Jackie Bisset, Ben Gazzara -- about Douglas MacArthur in Korea.

Paragon House Publishers * 866 2nd Ave., NYC; 212-223-6433 (owned by Paragon Book Reprint Co., which is owned by International Cultural Foundation; also at 481 8th Ave., 212-239-7422

Principle life

Queens Magazine

Renaissance for Resources (project volunteer)

Rising Tide # D.C. -- paper of the Freedom Leadership Foundation

Rose of Sharon Press, Inc. * 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001

Sae Gae Times * 38 W. 32nd St., Rm. 1508, NY 10001; 212-947-4770

Sae Gae Times * 5816 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60659

Segye Times * Korean newspaper, publishes Cosmo Woman

Sekai Nippo * 401 5th Ave., NYC 10016, 212-532-7638

Spring of Life -- nutritional journal (IFABM)

Sunrise -- newsletter

The New York Tribune * No longer published.

The Pacific Student Times * -- 625 Front St., San Francisco, CA

The Washington Times * 3600 New York Ave., NW, WDC 20006

The Weekly Religion

Tong-Il Seigel monthly - members only

Ultimas Noticias *

Unification News, 4 W. 43rd St., NYC 10036; 212-869-8847

Unification Thought Quarterly

Unified World # (New World Forum)

Universal Voice # (International Re-education Foundation)

Visual Arts Society * c/o Joe Willett, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001

Washington Golf Monthly * Published by News World Communications, Inc.

Washington Television Center * 650 Mass. Ave., NW WDC.

Washington Times Foundation * Washington, D.C.

Way of the World - monthly

World & I Magazine, 450 5th St., NW Washington, DC 20001

World Media Association * 2550 M St., NW #405, WDC 20037

World Media Conference * Sponsored by World Media Association

World University Times * (CARP newsletter) 481 8th Ave., NYC

These are often used to recruit as well

Advisory Council to the Unification Movement (ACUMI) - joint project of International Cultural Foundation and International Religious Foundation, holds seminars for scholars involved in ICF & IRF to learn about Moon's teachings; Dr. Frederick Sontag, Chairman.

African Institute for the Study of Humanistic Values *

American Blessed Family Assoc. (for members only)

American Community Union * -- 160 W.72nd St., NY

American Space Culture Foundation * Washington, D.C.

Artists Association for World Peace * New York City, Organization founded at the direction of True Parents on Parents Day 1995. Initial headquarters are at the office of the New

York City Synphony.

Artists Association International, Kevin Pickard, Exec. V-P

Big Apple Harvest # (NY)

Boston Area Council for Church and Social Action, Inc.

Canaan Foundation, Inc. 481 8th Ave., NY 10001; 212-279-6255. Non-profit organization which funds the International Cultural Foundation.

Capital Gardens Childrens' Center # 4301 Harewood Rd., NE, WDC

Center for Educational Media * P.O. Box 37, Emerson, NJ 07630. Richard Panzer is the president. This organization works with Free Teens and the World Medical Health Foundation to promote an abstinence based sex education program to school districts. They work closely with conservative Christian organizations that have similar agendas.

Center for Ethical Management & Planning * Berkeley, CA

Council on the Unified Research of Science *

Creative Community Project, Inc. * 1153 Bush St., San Francisco

D.C. Striders Track Club.

Family Federation for World Peace *

Family Federation for Unification and World Peace *

Free Teens * NJ, Project of the World Medical Health Foundation promoting an abstinence based high school curriculum.

Freedom Foundation of NJ, Inc. * 395 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange, NJ 07052 201-325-0634. This address is the American Freedom Coalition office staffed by UC members. Organization promotes drugs and AIDS materials to schools.

Global Education Research and Development Fund, Inc. * Barrytown

Good Neighbors, Inc. * 2600 Baynard Blvd., Wilmington, DE

Hahnemann Medical Center * a/k/a World Medical Health Foundation

Harlem Council for the Church and Community Change *

Heung Jin Moon Memorial Foundation, Inc. * Washington, D.C.

Homeopathic Counsel for Research * New York City HSA Bulletin Board (computer bulletin board) 415-968-7481 *

International Chinese Assn., 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-714-401; Board of Directors: Edwin K Eng, Lova Eng Wilson, John Kung, Attorney: W. Farley Jones (all are members of UC)

International Conference of World Peace *

International Conference Center * Seoul, Korea

International Conference for the Unity of the Sciences * (ICUS) 481 8th Ave., Rm 747, NYC 10001; 212-947-1756 (funded by International Cultural Foundation)

International Conference of Professors and Scholars *

International Conference on Law & Individual Freedom *

International Cultural Foundation * (I.C.F.) 1667 K St., NW, Washington, DC 20006; 202-293-9393; also 4 W. 43rd St., NYC 10036; 212-947-1756 (funds many church projects, especially International Conference on Unity of Sciences; sole shareholder of Paragon House Publishers) Neil Albert Salonen, President (former President of the Unification Church of America, 1971-80)

International Education Foundation

International Folk Ballet

International Healing Foundation * P.O. Box 901, Bowie, MD 20718-0901 Phone 301-341-1258. Group promotes the belief homosexuality can be cured through prayer.

International Highway Construction Corporation *

International Highway Research Center *

International Middle East Alliance *

International Peace Foundation * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043.

International Relief Friendship Foundation, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-563-3296 (funds overseas projects in Philippines & South America) Dr. Thomas Walsh, Director.

International Relief Foundation * 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-714-1033 (funds missionaries: Philippines & South America)

International Religious Federation for World Peace *

Japanese Cultural Foundation *

Korean Cultural & Freedom Foundation * (KCFF) Washington, DC

Little Angels Korean Folk Ballet *

Madison Institute * Dr. John Cooper, Director

Marriage and Family Institute of America * Founded in 1994 by David S.C. Kim.

Minority Alliance International *

Multicultural Media Association, Inc. #

National Parents Day Foundation * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Suite 314N, Falls Church, VA 22043, 703-790-8700. The organization is run out of the offices of the American Freedom Coalition.

New Age Players -- theatrical company -- * NY

New Age Orchestra -- San Francisco

New Family Foundation, Inc. * Maryland

New Hope Farms-Deer Park, NY (on Delaware River at juncture of NY, NJ & PA; multi-million dollar equestrian center. Purpose: training site for Olympians; a modern pentathlon event center; a breeding & equestrian research facility; competition center for polo, rodeo & horse racing. Possible recruitment as well.

New Hope Singers International

New Society Social Services

New Society Social Services #

New World Players

New World Forum * -- 300 E. 56th St., NY

New World Festival

New York City Symphony, 311 W. 34th St., NYC 10001; 212-971-9150 (funded almost entirely by International Cultural Foundation), David Eaton, UC member is the conductor.

Pacific Cultural Foundation

Prince of Peace School (Principe de la Paz) * Funded by IRFF

Professors World Peace Academy, 481 8th Ave., NYC 212-947-1756

Project Volunteer *

Radio Free Asia (ROFA) #

Religious Youth Service * Project of the International religious Foundation, Inc.

Research Institute on World Affairs, Inc. 38 W. 32nd St. Rm 1508, NYC 10001; 212-947-4770, Directors: Chung Hwan Kwak, Il Pyung Kim & Hugh Spurgin, shares offices w/Sae Gae Times and Soul of Russia Group, 10 Dock Rd., Barrytown, NY 12507 914-758-6881 (awareness group by Erin Bouma)

Society for the Scientific Study of Religion

Society for Common Insights

Society for Common Insights, Inc.

Striders International, Inc., 17501 Sabrina Terrace, Rockville, MD 20855

Unification Educational Foundation * Hyattsville, MD.

United to Serve America (USA) * 3600 New York Ave. NE 3rd Fl. Washington, D.C. 20002, 202-636-8910, 202-636-8909 FAX. Started as a cooperative project of the American Freedom Foundation and the American Freedom Coalition. This address is that of the Washington Times.

Universal Ballet Academy * Washington, DC

Washington Church for Social Action *

Washington Institute for Values in Public Policy, 1333 New Hampshire Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20036

World Alliance for Civil Rights *

World Family Movement

World Medical Health Foundation, 1 Penn Plaza, #100, NYC 10019

World Ocean Foundation

World Relief Friendship Foundation * 481 8th Ave., NYC

Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Freedom *

American Conference on Religious Movements * UC funded cult apologist organization.

Corporate address: The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.

Assembly of Worlds Religions * 481 8th Ave., NYC 212-695-0446 A project of the International Religious Foundations, Inc.

Causa Ministerial Alliance, 1153 Bush St., San Francisco, CA

Causa Ministerial Alliance, 1120 Ave. of the Americas, NYC 10026

Chinese Evangelical Assn., 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-714-9401

Council for the World's Religions * 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001 This is a project of the

International Religious Foundation, Inc.

Ecumenical Foundation for Community Development * -- NY

First Amendment Research Institute * Washington, D.C.

Global Congress of the World's Religions *

Inter Religious Federation for World Peace *

Interdenominational Conference of Clergy, 481 8th Ave., NYC,

International Conference Center * Seoul, Korea

Interfaith Endeavor *

International Coalition Against Racial and Religious Intolerance*

International Christian Unity, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001

International One World Crusade * (I.O.W.C.)

International Christian Professors Assn. *

International Religious Foundation, Inc. * 481 8th Ave., NY, NY

Jewish Friendship League #

Judaism: In Service to the World *

Korean Evangelical Association * 4301 Harewood Rd. NE, WDC 20017

National Council for the Church and Social Action (NCCSA) *

New ERA -- New Ecumenical Research Association * An activity of the International

Religious Foundation, Inc.

Queens Christian Development Corporation # Queens, NY

Song Hwa Theological Seminary * Korea

Sun Myung Moon Christian Crusade

Sun Myung Moon Institute (SMMI) 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001

The Committee to Defend the First Amendment *

The Holy Spirit Assn for the Unification of World Christianity *

The Unification Church *

The Unified Family

Unification Church of America * Rev. James Baughman, President

Unification Church of Harlem * 116th St., NY, NY.

Unification Church Blessed Family Dept., 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001

Unification Theological Seminary, 10 Dock Rd., Barrytown, NY

United Faith, Inc. * Portland, OR

World Scripture Project (project of IRF) *

World Youth for God, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-695-0446

Youth Seminar on World Religions *

3L Association * Stands for Love, Life and Lineage, an activity of CARP.

Aetna Springs Golf Course * 1600 Aetna Springs Rd., Pope Valley, CA 94756, This is owned

by New Educational Development Systems, Inc.

C.A.R.P. * (Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles)

Camp Sun Up *

Camp Pizza # Pennsylvania

Camp K * Santa Rosa, CA

Camp Shimjung - 1992 held at Aetna Springs Resort in Northern California.

Camp Sunrise, 10 Dock Rd., Barrytown, NY 12507, 914-758-6881

Camp Mozumdar * California

Creative Community Project (C.C.P.) #

Day of Hope Festival/Tours #

Down Home Inn # 305 W. 34th St., NY

Eden Awareness Training Center

Frontier '78, '80 #

H.A.R.P. # High School Assn. for the Research of Principles

Home Church * (members go to houses to recruit)

Hope Academy * Oakland, CA

HSA-UWC, Inc. - 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-695-4122

International Black Student Alliance * CARP Project

International Family Association *

International Foundation for the Advancement of Biological Medicine, Inc. *

International Friendship Banquet *

International Ideal City Project

International Leadership Seminars * A CARP project.

International Medical Leadership Seminar

International Prisoner Re-education Foundation #

International Pioneer Academy

International Re-education Foundation #

Jin A Child Care Center * Clifton, NJ

New Hope Academy * Landover Hills, MD

New Hope Farms (see cultural listing) equestrian center, NY

New Education Development Systems, Inc. (N.E.D.S.)

Ocean Church * 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-736-3925

Ocean Church Seminar *

Project Volunteer *

Reiki Master Teacher, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-239-0128

Students for an Ethical Society #

The Divine Principle Home Study Course *

The Sunshine School * Berkeley, CA

Top Garden School * Irvington, AL

True Parents Children School of the Arts * New Jersey

UNI-CAP * (community action program)

Unification Thought Institute * 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001

Unification Church Camp, Route 128, Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

Unification Thought Institute * 481 8th Ave., F26, NY, NY 10001

Wonwha-do Association, 305 W. 107th St., NYC 10029 212-864-2880

World of Hope Festival #

World Medical Health Foundation * 50 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016

World Family Movement

World Mission Center -- New Yorker Hotel -- * N.Y.

Youth for an Ethical Society (YES), 305 107th St., NYC 10029

Blue Tuna Band

Go World Brass Band

Prime Force Band

Providence - 481 8th Ave. Box J-40, NYC 10001

Re-education Band -- Berkeley, CA


Voices of Freedom -- Washington, DC

The following businesses are listed according to States for your convenience. Keep in mind, however, that we may not be aware of all locations in which these businesses have branches. Therefore, it is advisable to check the entire listing. Each company listed is considered a Closely Associated Entity of the Unification Movement. These are companies owned, operated or controlled by the UC. In many cases they are businesses started by UC members. Some members start their own businesses many others are the figure head owners to hide links to the UC.

Alabama Tokyo Express, Inc. * Montgomery - Company owns Sakurabana Japanese


Lea Productions * P.O. Box 369, Irvington, AL 36544, 205-602-0655

U.S. Marine Inc. * Bayou La Batre. Wholly owned by U.S. Marine Corp. It is a holding

company for Master Marine, Inc. which builds boats.

Alaska Akaihana Corp. * Owns Akaihana Restaurant at 930 W. 5th Ave. Anchorage

Angel Garden, Inc. *

International Marine Protein, Inc. #

International Seafoods of Alaska, Inc * -- Kodiak, a subsidiary of International Oceanic

Enterprises, Falls Church, VA.

Ocean Peace, Inc. * Owns the vessel Ocean Peace. Company is owned by U.S. Marine Corp, IL Heung Co., Ltd. And Happy World, Inc.


Mr. Sushi Corporation * Owns Mr. Sushi restaurant at 8041 N. Black Canyon, Phoenix

Seven Stars Corp * Owns Mt. Fuji Japanese Restaurant Little Rock.

The Flower Man * Owned by church member Bruce Biggins

Abbey Carpet Cleaners

ABC Maintenance Co. - Marin County

Akaihana Restaurant Corporation * 1815 Williams St. San Leandro, CA 94577. Owns

Livermore Seafood 2124 Railroad Ave., Livermore, CA 94550

Aladdins Coffees, Teas & Kindreds/Warehouse -- Oakland

American Chinchillas * DBA for One Mind Farm, Inc.

American Freedom Coalition of CA, Inc. *

Asset Design Network, Inc. *

California Service Company - 4022 Santa Barbara, L.A.

Champion Carpet & Wood Services * 2389 Verna Ct. San Leandro, CA 94577, 510-352-5200. This company is owned by International Exchange, Inc.

Christian Bernard Stores Corp. * San Mateo, Costa Mesa, & Concord.

Creative Designs/Gallery * -- San Francisco

Creative Woods * 2929 Avalon Ave., Berkeley. Company owned by Chaim L. Durst the son

of former Unification Church of America President Mose Durst.

Crystal World, Inc. * Brea - West Coast office.

Decor Marketing * Found in many California malls. Company is owned by Orignial World Products Corp.

Family Federation for World Peace, Inc. *

Flower World Farms * 4200 South Alameda, Vernon.

Fine Motor Cars, 9821 Bigge Ave., Oakland 94603 - 415-632-6200

Ginseng of California, Inc., 880 81st Ave., Oakland 415-635-2811

Golden Gate Publishing Co.

Golden Gate Seafood Inc. - 1815 Williams, San Leandro

Golden West Printing Co. #

Good Carpet Care

Hana Chain, Inc. * Company owns Hana Seafood Restaurant - Fish Market & Sushi Bar 4535 Mission Blvd., San Diego, CA 92109

Hanjo Corp #

Happy World America, Inc. * 4200 South Alameda, Vernon.

Happy World Products, 17813 S. Main St. #115, Gardena, CA 90248; 213-327-6243

Healthyket, Inc. #

HHTK Corp #

International Travelers Limousine & Tour Co., Inc. #

International Judo, Karate and Aikado School -- Oakland

International Exchange Enterprises, Inc. *

International Exchange Leasing, 9821 Bigge Ave., Oakland 94603,

International Exchange Maintenance

International Exchange, Inc. * 9821 Bigge Ave., Oakland 94603. Also 880 81st Ave.,

Oakland, 415-632-6200

International Exchange Press, 425 Brannon St., San Francisco, 94107; 415-989-6717

International Exchange Union -- San Francisco

Mayflower Finance Corp. *

National Newspaper Corporation * 1301 Second St., Los Angeles, DBA used by News World Communications, Inc. in California.

Notica Del Mundo * DBA for News World Communications, Inc.

Ocean Challenge of Southern CA, Inc. *

Ocean Church * 419 Cape Cod Dr., San Leandro, CA 94578

One Mind Farm, Inc. * 14751 Hwy 128, Boonville, CA 95415

One Mind Enterprises -- Mibrae

Original World Products * City of Industry.

Pacific Sunrise Products *

Pacific Restaurant Corporation * 1815 Williams St., San Leandro, CA 94577. Company owns

Hasegawa Restaurant 108 Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma, CA 94952 and Kiiroihana Restaurant 655 Union St., San Francisco, CA 44133.

Pan Pacific-Asia Enterprises, Inc.

Pioneer Seafood America, Inc.

Problem Solvers International, Inc.

Saeilo Machinery, Inc. * Santa Fe Springs

Saeilo Machinery, Inc. * San Francisco

San Diego Happy Foods, Inc. * Owns Sakura - Bano restaurant at 1031 First St., #101, Encinitas, CA 92024

Sawayaka, Inc. * Company owns Enshino Restaurant 17047 Ventura Blvd. Encino

Seno Travel Services -- 150 Powell St., San Francisco

Seil Travel America West, Inc. *

Shien International, Inc * 16769 Bernardo Center #K-11, San Diego, CA 92128. Company owns Shien of Osaka Japanese Restaurant at this location.

Shokuhin Development West, Inc. # Merged with New York Shokuhin Development, Inc.

Sun San Lee International, Inc.

Sunko Construction Corp. #

Sunlight Restaurant Corporation * Owns Ichiban Restaurant 22560 Foothill Blvd., Hayward, CA 94541

The Rose Shop -- Leamington Hotel, Oakland

U & I Express # 4200 South Alameda, Vernon.

Uni World Tensuke, Inc. * Los Angeles, retail seafood outlet.

Unified Martial Arts -- South Pasadena

Unitec Enterprises * A division of Saeilo Machinery of CA, Inc.

United Seas Master Marine * DBA for Master Marine, Inc.

Universal Marine Industries, Inc. * 1815 Williams St. San Leandro, CA 94577

Universal Restaurant Corporation * 20625 Alves Dr., Cupertino, CA 95014. Company owns

Metropolis Bar & Restaurant 666 North La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90069 and Ikenohana Restaurant at the above corporate address.

Yamato Foods, Inc. * 1815 Williams, San Leandro 94577; 415-352-8140. Merged with Golden Gate Seafood, Inc.


Sushi Heights, Inc. * Owns Sushi Heights Denver.


Kohana Restaurant, Inc. * Owns Hama Japanese Restaurant Hamden.

Marine Landing Corp. # Subsidiary of Unification Church International.


Eastgate Development Corp. * Truck leasing company owned by International Relief

Friendship Foundation.

Tokyo Delaware Enterprises, Inc. * Company trading as Mikasa Japanese Restaurant 3602 Kirkwood Highway, Wilmington, DE 19808


A & S Flower Exchange, Inc. * 2882 NW 72nd St., Miami, Inactive Florida corporation.

Christian Bernard Stores * Major Malls

Del Mundo Holding Co. *

Delta Imported Flowers * 2882 NW 72nd St., Miami Merged with A & S Flower Exchange.

Eden Floral Farm, Inc. * 2882 NW 72nd St., Miami

Infinity Realty, Inc. * 8180 NW 36th St., Suite 101, Miami

Issei Housing, Inc. * 7337 NW 37th Ave.

J.P. Flowers Company # Named changed to Eden Floral Farm, Inc. On 05/10/84.

Jacksonville Seafood, Inc. #

Sun Flower Restaurants, Inc. #

Sunshine Flowers * This is a CARP business at 7371 NW 35th St. Miami, 33122

Tensuke of Hawaii, Inc. # Jacksonville

The Sunshine Foods of Tampa, Inc. * Company owns Kaoribana Japanese Restaurant

13180 N. Dale Mabry, Tampa.

Tropical Spring -- import/export

United Sea Enterprises * Miami

Women's Federation for World Peace, Inc. *


International Auto Processing, Inc. * Brunswick, company off loads cars from ships at this port facility. Owned by Panda Motors Corp.

IOE Atlanta * International Oceanic Enterprises, 2381 John Glenn Dr., Atlanta 404-455-9504

Miracle Home Style Laundry, Inc. * Atlanta

Saeilo Machinery USA, Inc. * Atlanta

Taiyo, Inc. -- Atlanta

The Atlanta Council for Community Change * -- Atlanta

Tokyo Express, Inc. * Owns August Moon Japanese Restaurant Doraville.


Dynamic Kona, Inc. * 2696 Waiwai Loop, Honolulu. Company describes business on Annual

Report as "to organize and conduct recreational tours".

One Happy World, Inc. * 2696 Waiwai Loop, Honolulu, HI 96819 Annual report filed by company list business type as investment farm.

Sunny Seafood, Inc. * 1960 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 115, Honolulu, Retail seafood outlet.

Tensuke Of Hawaii, Inc. * 1937 Republican St. Honolulu, HI. Company sells seafood.

World Fisheries of Hawaii, Inc. * 2696 Waiwai Loop, Honolulu. Initial paid in capital of

$100,000 provided by Happy World, Inc. of Japan.


Sekai No Shiwase Idaho, Inc. * Owns Tsuru Japanese Restaurant, Boise.


AA High Tech * Division of Saeilo Machinery (IL), Inc.

Akaihana Japanese Restaurant * Wilmette

Chicago Seafoods International # Trade name used in the past by Rainbow Fish House

Christian Bernard Jewelry * Chicago, Schaumburg, Bloomingdale.

Ganada, Inc. * 2577 United Lane, Elk Grove Village 60007

Go World Travel * 5816 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago 312-275-1500

Horizon Galleries * DBA for News World Communications, Inc.

Korean Television Broadcasting Corp. * Chicago

Koshin, Inc. -- 2577 United Lane, Elk Grove Village 60007

Lifespring Health Foods & Juices * -- 3/78 N. Clark St., Chicago

New World Products -- Butterflies

Paragon N/C Machining * Division of Saeilo Machinery (IL), Inc.

Patricia's Gift Shop -- Harlem & Irving Mall, Chicago

Rainbow Fish House, Inc. * Franklin Park

Saeilo Machinery (IL), Inc. * Elk Grove Village

Saeilo Motors * Wood Dale

Sea Ranch, Inc. * 3217 Lake Ave., Wilmette. This is a seafood store.

Sea Ranch Grocery Store * 3223 Lake Ave., Wilmette.

Shiroi Hana, Inc. * DBA for Nohana Japanese Restaurant

Shiroi Hana, Inc. * DBA for Shiroi Hana Japanese Restaurant

Sun Machining Corp. * Subsidiary of Saeilo Machinery (IL), Inc.

True Nature Health Foods * Subsidiary of Il Hwa American Corp.


Original World Products * 2113 Southlake Mall, Gary.

Sakura Mart * Indianapolis

S.S. Indiana, Inc. * Owns Sakura Japanese Restaurant Indianapolis.


Tokyo Kentucky Enterprises, Inc.


Gulf Fresh Tuna, Inc. *

Tairyo, Inc. * New Orleans, company owns vessel The Rising Sun.

Venice Wholesale Seafood * Venice


Hometown Flowers, Inc. * Lisbon, ME owned by UC member Jim Caron

Ocean Fresh Seafood, Inc. Owns Shiki Japanese Restaurant in Portland. This is no longer open.


American Bonsai * Annapolis Mall

Christian Bernard Jewelers -- N. Bethesda

Computertots of PG County & DC * Brentwood, Owned by member Ann Brown.

Dili Deli # Laurel Center

Edington-Rand, Inc. * Riverdale

Excel Carpet Care, Inc. * Bowie

Exclusively Roses * Gaithersburg 301-948-1806

Help Key, Inc. * Bowie

Kaori Hana # Japanese restaurant in Chevy Chase closed 1991.

New Wave Seafood, Inc. * Beltsville

Principled Financial Services #

Sun Seafood * Beltsville

Third Millennium Software *


Amagi, Inc. *

Boston Tea Company #

Boston Principle Company #

Charlie's Fish Trucks, Inc. #

Ginseng Up Corp. * 16 Plum St., Worcester

Gloucester Lobster Co * 95 E. Main, Gloucester

International Lobster *

International Seafood Company of Gloucester, Inc. * Gloucester

International Seafood Company of Massachusetts, Inc.

Ki-Mat Paint Company * Newton

Morning Garden Villa -- Western Ave., Gloucester

New One Restaurant, Inc. * 121 East Main St. Gloucester, MA 01930

Rocky Neck Seafood Corp. * 148 Hampden St. Roxbury, MA 02119

Saeilo Machinery MA, Inc. * Worcester

Sakurabana, Inc. * 57 Broad St. Boston, MA 02109

Sea Clear -- 95 E. Main St., Gloucester

The Lobster Pool Restaurant # Gloucester

U.S. Ocean Supply Co., Inc. * 121 East Main St., Gloucester, MA 01930. This is the US subsidiary of the Japanese company Toitsu-Sangyo Co.

World Tuna Tournament, Inc -- Gloucester, MA


A Fragrant Flower * DBA for Hana International, Inc.

Detroit Seafood & Supply * 45 E. 14 Mile Rd., Clawson

Hana International, Inc. * Sold Kaori Bana Japanese Restaurant

Happiness International * Subsidiary of Hana International, Inc.

Il Hwa Ginseng Center -- 153 Arden Park, Detroit

Noble Fish -- 45 E. 14 Mile Rd., Clawson

Panda Motors Corp. - 295 Kirts Blvd. #110, Troy

Sky Valley Ranch -- Kalkaska

Sunny Food for Thought -- 660 Woodward/18971 Livernois, Detroit

Sunny Floral

Woo Chon Oriental Restaurant * DBA for Hana International, Inc.


Daikoku Restaurant, Inc. * Owns Sakura Restaurant Rochester.

Ginseng Tea Distributors of Il Hwa -- 3178 N. Clark, Minneapolis


Master Marine, Inc. * Moss Point, Company is wholly-owned by U.S. Marine, Inc. which is wholly-owned by U.S. Marine Corporation. The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity owns 83% of the voting stock of U.S. Marine Corporation. The remaining stock is owned by One Up Enterprises, Inc. which wholly owns International Oceanic Enterprises, Inc. the parent company of International Oceanic Enterprises, Inc. of Alabama and International Oceanic Enterprises Inc. of Alaska. One Up Enterprises, Inc. is wholly-owned by Unification Church International.

Ocean Enterprises, Inc. * Owns Little Tokyo Restaurant Jackson.


Kaori Corp. * Owns Shogun Restaurant Billings.


Ichiban, Inc. * Owns Sushi Ichiban Restaurant * Omaha.


Christian Bernard Jewelers -- Las Vegas

New Hampshire:

Sakura, Inc. * Owns Sakura Japanese Restaurant Portsmouth.

Tengu, Inc. * Owns Tengu Japanese Restaurant Nashua. This restaurant appears to be out of business.

New Jersey:

Balise Business Services * Moonachie

Christian Bernard Jewelers - Atlantic City

Christian Bernard Stores Corp. *

Crystal World, 3 Caesar Pl., Moonachie, NJ 07074 201-460-8855

Decor Marketing, 3 Caesar Pl, Moonachie, NJ 07074 201-933-2020

Flower World Wholesale * 3234 Papetti Plaza, Elizabeth 908-351-3166

H.W.A. Marine, Inc. * Elizabeth

Happy World America, Inc * 3234 Papetti Plaza, Elizabeth

Happy World Products, 3 Caesar Pl., Moonachie, NJ 07074

Healthy Lifestyles * Trade name used by Il Hwa

International Oceanic Enterprises * Elizabeth 201-661-0778

Lee Shapiro Memorial Foundation *

Liberty Seafood Restaurant * Liberty Harbor Marina, Jersey City

M & M Tackle Shop * Liberty Harbor Marina, Jersey City

M & W Services * Liberty Harbor Marina, Jersey City

Master Maine NJ, Inc. * Liberty Harbor Marina, Jersey City 201-451-0010

New Marine Company, L.P. * 3234 Papetti Plaza, Elizabeth

New Marine Urban Renewal Development Corp * 3234 Papetti Plaza, Elizabeth, NJ 07207. Company owns this address which houses many UC companies.

New York Fish House, Inc. * 3234 Papetti Plaza, Elizabeth, NJ 07207 908-351-1400. Company is seafood wholesaler with $15,750,000 in sales.

Original World Products, Inc. * 3 Caesar Pl., Moonachie 07074

Sakurabana Japanese Restaurant * Ridgewood, NJ.

Senkai Live Fish * Liberty Harbor Marina, Jersey City

Wacom, Inc * W. Park 80 West Plaza II 200, Saddle River, NJ 07662 201-265-4226. This is a subsidiary of the Japanese company Wacom Ltd. Wacom is owned by Happy World, Inc.

World Ocean, Inc. * 100 Luis Munoz Marin Blvd., Jersey City 201-435-3808

New Mexico:

Golden Mexico, Inc. * Owns Sakura Japanese Restaurant Santa Fe.

New York:

AA High Tech * Subsidiary of Saeilo Machinery, Inc.

Abel Business Services, Inc. * 18 E. 41st, Suite 950

Accord, Inc., 481 8th Ave., 10001 (212) 714-1099

Admiral Marine Electronics Corp. * 38-38 9th St. L.I.C., NY 11101

American Screen and Music -- NY, NY.

Atlantic Communications, Inc. * Uses same address as Terralink

B.F. Devco, Inc. # Was a subsidiary of Continental Development Corp.

Beverage Corp of NY * Brooklyn, distributes Ginseng Up.

BFA Services, Inc * 1120 Ave, of the Americas, Suite 4132

Blue Jay Enterprises - 401 5th Ave., NYC

Blue Sky Tours #

Business Rearch Corp. * 481 8th Ave., NY, NY.

Canaan Health Foods # 1145 Ave. of Americas, NYC

Canaan Travel Services, Inc. * 393 5th Ave. Listed as a subsidiary of the Canaan Foundation, Inc. on 1991 non-profit tax return.

Champion Services, Inc. * 103 N. 13th St., Brooklyn, NY 11211

Christian Bernard Jewelry Stores

Christina Bahn, Inc. - wholesale furrier - 401 5th Ave.

Condevco, Inc. # Was subsidiary of Continental Development Corp.

Continental Development Corp. * Real estate holding company.

Creative Designs, Inc. * 34 State St. Ossining, NY 10562

Creative Originals - 120 S. Broadway, Red Hook, NY 12571

Creative Woods * Same address as Creative Designs

Crossings * 4 W. 43rd. St., New gourmet coffee shop.

Crystal World, 38-38 9th Ave., L. I. City, NY 11101 718-786-0259

Daikoku Restaurant, Inc. * Owns Kiiroi Hana Japanese Restaurant

East Sun Building, 38-38 9th St., L.I. City, NY 11101

Fir and Pine Corp * Company trades as Ninja Japanese Restaurant on Second Ave.

First Generation Costume Jewelers, Inc. *

Four Seasons Photo, Inc. * 2 East 37th St., NY, NY 10016.

Freedom Tours, 53rd Ave. & 11th St., Queens, NY 718-784-5550

Fruitzer Co., 401 B 5th Ave., NYC 212-889-6095 Company owned by Ginseng Up Corp.

Fuhriman Beat, 481 8 Ave., NYC 10001; 212-564-0599

Future Merchandising Systems, Inc. * White Plains

Future Productions, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001 212-564-0130

G. M. Bridge Corp. * 237 Mamaroneck Ave. White Plains, NY 10605. This is a holding company with approximately $15,000,000 in assets.

Ganada, Inc., 38-38 9th St., LI City 11101 718-706-0750

Ginseng Glass Garden - 510 Ave. of the Americas, NYC

Ginseng Up, Corp., 401B 5th Ave., NYC 10017 212-683-1930

Glass Garden Manufacturing, Inc. * 60 Greenpoint Ave., Brooklyn

Global Communications * P.O. Box 70, Irvington, NY

Global Concerns, Ltd., 401 5th Ave., NYC 10016 (DBA Tongil)

Go Tours, Inc., 38-38 9th St., LI City 11101 718-729-6594

Go Transportation, Inc., 38-38 9th St., LI City, 11101 718-729-6594. This is the parent company for Freedom Tours and Go Tours.

Go World Travel * 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001 212-067-8080 Changed name to Canaan Travel Services, Inc. on 7/24/89. The new address is 393 5th Ave. This building is owned by UC company Continental Development Corp.

Going Up Press, 401 5th Ave., NYC 10016; 212-683-4452

Gold Moon Enterprises, Inc. * 481 8th Ave. NY, NY.

Good Connections, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-279-1126

Good Food Cafe, 401B 5th Ave., NYC 10016; 212-686-3546 Company owned by Il Hwa American Corp.

Hager, Bacus & Biermans * 4 W 43rd St., NYC 10036 212-869-5706. UC members who are attorneys and handle church legal work.

Han Corp. * Owns New Hope Farms Port Jervis, NY. Company has purchased a 3,000 acre horse farm in Carrizo Springs, TX. The farm is now called New Hope Farms.

Happy Roads

Happy World USA, 38-38 9th St., LI City 11101; 718-786-0187

Homeopathic Natural Supply of NY, 2 E. 37th St., NYC 10036

Hope Industries Inc. - 316 5th Ave./325 W. 108th St., NYC

HSA Communications, Inc., 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-736-2663

HSA Publications, 4 W. 43rd St., NYC 10036; 212-997-0050

Hudson River Inlay * Trade name used by Creative Designs, Inc. to market fine wood pictures. Mostly sold through kiosks in malls.

I Travel, Inc. * 350 5th Ave., Suite 4901, 212-736-6030 Changed name to Seil America

Travel, Inc.

Icusa, Inc., 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-239-1095

Il Hwa American Corp. - 401 B 5th Ave. NYC 212-696-0130

Il Hwa Korean Ginseng Center * a/k/a Good Food Cafe

Il Hwa Pharmaceutical Co. *

Il Sung Construction Co., 38-38 9th St., LI City, 11101

INA Consulting, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-714-1111

International One World, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-947-1183

International Oceanic Enterprises, Inc. *

IOE Group Consulting * 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001

Issei Construction Co. * New name for Sunko Construction

Japanese Typesetting Hikari, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001

Jin Wha Printing Co., Inc. * 350 5th Ave. Suite 6106, NY, NY 10118. Merged with Hikari

Japanese Typesetting, Inc. on 6/3/87.

Kenkoh American Company * Subsidiary of Il Hwa American Corp.

Kohana Restaurant, Inc. * Owns Maruihana Japanese Restaurant 143-45 Fulton St. Manhattan.

Kokori International, Inc.,481 8th Ave., NYC 10001

Korean Evangelical Association (another name for UC)

Koya Mart #

Manhattan Center Studios, Inc. 311 W. 34th St., NYC 10001 This company is a

subsidiary of Unification Church International.

Master Marine, Inc. 38-38 9th St., LI City 11101; 718-784-3684

Masterland Construction Co., Inc. * 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001 Subsidiary of Tong IL Enterprises.

Microsignals, Inc. * 38-42 9th St. L.I.C., NY 11101

Midtown Sports Club * 481 8th Ave. NY, NY 10001

Morningside Fish Market - 1282 Amsterdam Ave., NYC

New Future Photo * 481 8th Ave. NY, NY

New Yorker Hotel * 481 8th Ave., NY, NY 10001. Aka World Mission Center.

New York Ocean, Inc * Owns Sonobana Restaurant 481 8th Ave.

News World Communications Inc. 401 5th Ave., NYC 10016

Oceanic Seafood Enterprises *

One Heart Trading Company * 481 8th Ave. NY, NY.

One Lite Electric #

One Up Enterprises * 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001

Original Health, Inc. -- 481 8th Ave., NY, NY.

Original World Products * - 401 5th Ave., NYC

Oro Designs, Inc. * Owns Christian Bernard Store in Herald Square

Paradigm Inc.

Paragon Book Reprint Corp. * Owns Paragon House Publishers. Company is owned by International Cultural Foundation.

Prime Energy Products, 401B 5th Ave., NYC 10016; 212-683-1930

Provident Developers, Inc. * Subsidiary of Go Transportation.

Rainbow Enterprises, Inc. #

Reiki Master Teacher, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-239-0128

Ryugu America, Inc. * Owns Akaihana Restaurant 2164 Broadway, NY, NY.

Saeilo Machinery USA, Inc. * 38-38 9th St., LIC 718-786-2927

Saeilo Machinery USA, Inc. * 587 Route 303, Blauvelt, NY

Saeilo Motors * 69-15 50th St., Woodside, NY 11377; 718-651-8100

Saeilo Refrigeration * 38-38 9th St., LIC, NY 11101; 718-937-9840 Assumed name used by Saeilo Machinery, Inc.

Saeilo USA, Inc. * 630 Route 303, Blauvelt, NY 914-353-7770

Season to Season Florist * DBA for Future Merchandising Systems.

Sei Shin, Inc. #

Shoei America, Inc.

Shokuhin Development Inc., 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-564-7745 The current address of this company is unknown. Company is owned by Sekai no Shiawase East, Inc. Shokuhin owns 50% of Happy World America, Inc.

Sunko Construction Co. * 38-38 9th St., LI City, 11101

Sunlight Graphics, 401 5th Ave., NYC 10016; 212-683-4452

Tec Electric Corporation * Yonkers

Teikoku Seafood, Inc. * 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-714-1441 President is Toshihiko Matsumura. He is also president of Uniworld Seafood Enterprises, Inc.

Terada American, Inc.

Terralink, Inc. * P.O. Box 1397 New York, NY 10018

The Glass Garden, Inc. * 60 Greenpoint Ave., Brooklyn 11222

The Natural Choice, 481 8th Ave., NYC 212-564-6039

Tong Il Enterprises - 342 Front St., NYC Wholesale warehouse

Tongil Trading America Co., Inc., 401 5th Ave., NYC 10016

Tree of Life Restaurant - 521 3rd Ave./101 W. 125th St.

Trinity Corp. * 481 8th Ave., Suite 647, NYC 10001. Uses the trade name of Small Essentials.

Tropical Spring of NY * 401 B 5th Ave., NY, NY 10016

Uni Vision, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-563-1320

Unification Church International * 4 W. 43rd St., NYC. This is a tax paying holding company

based in Falls Church, VA.

Unification Church World, 481 8th Ave., NYC 212-279-6766

United Materials Industries Inc., 46-09 54th Rd., Maspeth, NY

Unite d Vision Group, Inc. * Ad in Unification News lis ted Hudson River Inlay and Dimensions as part of the company. The ad mentions being part of the excitement of an Inc. 500 Company. This is most likely a reference to a Han Corp. listing as the ninth fastest growing company in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine. This may indicate a possible parent/subsidiary relationship between the two companies.

United Vision Sales, Inc. * Ad in March 1994 Unification News indicated the company was formed by a merger of Creative Designs and Original World Products.

Universal Artist Management, Inc. 401 5th Ave., 10018

Uniworld Sea Enterprises Inc. # No longer open.

Vertizon, Inc., 481 8th Ave., 10001; 212-714-1090

World Audio Visual Enterprises * WAVE 401 5th Ave., NY, NY.

World Mission Center, 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001; 212-947-1115.

World Ocean, Inc. * 481 8th Ave., NYC 10001 212-967-8365.

World Research Institute for Science and Technology, Inc. * 38-38 9th St., LIC, NY 11101,

Phone 718-937-7955. This company is a subsidiary of Unification Church



Kabuki Japanese Restaurant * Las Vegas.

North Carolina:

Sekaino Shiawase of N.C., Inc. * Owns Little Tokyo restaurant in Cary

Beautiful Flowers Co. * Charlotte


Back to Earth

Champs Elysees * Cleveland, Owned by Christian Bernard Sores

Hsu & Co. - Columbus

Il Hwa Ginseng Co. - Cleveland

Organic Grocery

Panda Motors Corp. - 4400 Dixie Hwy., Hamilton

Saeilo Machinery USA, Inc. * Cincinnati

Shinano, Inc. * Owns Akaihana Japanese Restaurant * Richmond Heights.

Whole Earth & Unity Inc. - Cleveland


Blessed Family Association, Oregon * 2802 NE 21st Ave., Portland

Ikenohana Corp. * Owns Ikenohana Japanese Restaurant Beverton.

The Computer Exchange * DBA for Gregory S. Bowman

Women's Federation for World Peace, Inc. * Same address as Blessed Family Association.


Christian Bernard Jewelers - King of Prussia/Willow Grove

Il Hwa Ginseng Center - King of Prussia Mall, Philadelphia

Tokyo Enterprises, Inc. * Owns Shiroi Hana Japanese Restaurant

Trans Ocean, Inc. * Seafood company in Philadelphia.

United World Enterprises - Havertown

Rhode Island:

Japanese Restaurant Perry, Inc. * Owns Haruki Japanese Restaurant Cranston.

South Carolina:

Sakura Japanese Restaurant * Columbia


Tennessee Tokyo Express, Inc. * Owns Benkay Japanese Restaurant Nashville.


Decor Specialty, Inc. -- Richardson

Dehen, Inc. * Owns Ginza Japanese Restaurant in Houston.

Far East Corp.

Far East Seafood, Inc. * Houston

Han Corp. * Owns Crawford Farms, now called New Hope Farms, Carrizo Springs.

Hana Sho Japanese Restaurant * Dallas

Happy Oriental Food, Inc. #

Horizon Galleries * 800 Belt Dr., NW, #200E, Houston.

Horizon Galleries * Both Horizon Galleries are owned by News World Communications

Oriental Enterprise, Inc. * Owns Hana Sho restaurant.

Saeilo Machinery USA, Inc. * Dallas

Saeilo Motors TX, Inc. * Houston

Sakura Japanese Restaurant * Houston

Shinano Club * Dallas

Star of the Orient, Inc. * Houston

World Trends, Inc. #


Sakura Restaurant Corp. * Owns Sakura Sushi Holiday.


Sakura of Japan, Inc. * Owns Sakura Japanese Restaurant Burlington.


A-Master Marine #

American Star Recording Studio #

Atlantic Video, Inc. * 150 S. Gordon, Alexandria

Center for Spiritual Enlightenment *

Christian Bernard Jewelry Stores * Virginia Beach, Fair Oaks Mall and Tysons Mall

Concept Communications * Owns 28% of cable TV network The Nostalgia Network.

Crown Communications Corp. * Owns Concept Communications Corp.

Crown Capital Corp. * Owns Crown Communications.

Deb's Deli Diner * Owned by church member Nathan Loew.

Doctor U.S. Pahk Heart Foundation *

Exclusively Roses * Tysons Corner 703-734-3053

Father's Fish - Richmond

FutureRealm Productions * Richmond, Owned by Peter Brown

Gene's Grocery & Deli * Owned by Grace and Park Corp.

Global Image Associates # McLean Public relations firm no longer in business.

Global Video Productions * 6400-N Seven Corners Place, Falls Church, VA 22042 Phone 703-237-7733 FAX 703-533-2946.

Grace & Park Corp. * Owns Property in the Washington, D.C. area.

Hana Enterprises, Inc. * Owns Yamano Hana Japanese Restaurant

Hana Enterprises, Inc. * Owns Niwano Hana Japanese Restaurant

Harvard-Columbia Video, Inc. *

International Seafood Co. - West End, Southampton Ave., Norfolk

International Video Services, Inc. #

International Oceanic Enterprise, Inc. * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043

Kenmar Enterprises *

Kingsway L.P. * McLean, Owned by Bo Hi Pak and his family.

Modern Mailing Service #

New Wave Seafood, Inc. * Retail seafood outlet in Baileys Crossroads.

Northern Virginia Properties, Inc. * 6723 Whittier Ave. McLean

Northern Virginia Homes, Inc. * 8260 Greensboro Dr., McLean

One Up Enterprises, Inc. * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church 703-448-7333

Panda Motors Corp. * Project to build cars in China now on hold. Panda Group Ltd.

Park Realty Corp. * McLean, Jonathan Park, son of Bo Hi Pak, is president. This company is the sole general partner of Kingsway Limited Partnership.

P.G. Arbor & Company * Trade name for Hudson River Inlay. Sold wooden inlay pictures at Tysons Corner Center Mall over 1995 Christmas season.

PMC Partnership # McLean

Route 7 Realty, Inc. * Real estate holding company. Owns large office building at 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church.

Shiroi Hana, Inc. * Owns Shiroi Hana Richmond.

Stein & Associates * McLean

Tele-Color Studio * Changed name to Atlantic Video, Inc.

True Value Builders #

Unification Church International * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043. Main Holding company for Unification Movement closely associated entities.

U.S. Foods, Inc. * Merged with U.S. Property Development Corp

U.S. Marine Corporation * 7777 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043. UC owns 83% of voting stock remaining 17% owned by One Up Enterprises at this same address.

U.S. Property Development Corp. * 150 S. Gordon St. Alexandria,

Virginia Business Enterprises, Inc. * Holding company.

Virginia Japanese Restaurant, Inc. * Owns Hana Zushi Richmond.

VP Enterprises #

World Daily News Co., Ltd. #


Coastal Properties Management, Inc. * 2440 W. Commodore Way, Seattle, WA 98199.

Go 'N Joy Convenience Stores * Company closed its stores after publicity over liquor license investigations. Company activities carried on by New Pacific Development Corp.

Hisago Japanese Restaurant * Seattle

HWA Giant Clam, Inc. * DBA for Ocean Hope, Inc.

HWA Smokehouse, Inc. # Owned by Happy World America. Changed name to Ocean Hope, Inc. on 4/4/89 and administratively dissolved by WA Secretary of State on 3/25/91.

International Marine Farms # No current office in WA.

International Seafoods of Alaska, Inc. * - Seattle

L.T. Finance Corp. * Merged with Happy World U.S.A., Inc. On 07/19/89.

Monumental Development Corp. #

New Pacific Development Corp. * 2220 Marine View Dr. #100 Des Moines, WA 98198. Real estate holding company that owns trailer parks.

Northwest Seafood Co., Inc.

Saeilo Machinery WA, Inc. * Renton, may no longer be in business.

Sanshin Restaurant Corp. * Owns Kohan Japanese Restaurant

Shiroi Hana, Inc. * Seattle

Shining Ocean, Inc. * Seattle

Sunrise Seattle Corporation, Ltd. * Seattle

Sunrise Trading * Seattle

Sunrise Seafood Company * Seattle

Wacom Technology Corporation * 501 S.E. Columbia Shores Blvd., #300, Vancouver, WA 98661. Subsidiary of Japanese company Wacom, Ltd. Wacom, Ltd is a subsidiary of Japanese company Happy World, Inc.

Washington, D.C.:

650 Massachusetts Ave. Associates, L.P. #

Atlantic Video, Inc. * 650 Mass. Ave., NW

Barker International Associates, Inc. *

Baruch T.V. Group *

Christian Bernard Jewelers * Georgetown Park Mall

Deli-Sun (delicatessen) #

Ginseng Trading Corp. #

Good Health Natural Foods * Health food store owned by Il Hwa American Corp.

Happy Mind, Inc. * Happy Mind Home Shoppers Club. Home shopping service owned by Unification Church International.

Joe Badra, Inc. *

L.H. Baer, Ltd., Inc. * Washington, D.C.

Middle East Associates #

Monumental Construction & Moulding Co., 1512 14th St. NW 20024

Newslink, Inc. # Company is a subsidiary of Concept Communications Corp. It has over one million dollars of liens against it in the District of Columbia. This is a Delaware corporation. The state of Delaware has revoked the company's charter.

Nostalgia Network, Inc. * Cable network showing old movies. Controlled through stock ownership by Concept Communications, Inc and series of funding entities associated with the Unification Movement.

PVI, Inc. * Formerly Pyramid Video, Inc.

RFR International #

Unification Church a/k/a Korean Evangelical Association

Washington Times Corp. * Owns newspaper

Washington Independent News *

Washington Television Center L.P. * Owns the office building at 650 Massachusetts Ave., NW. This building has been assessed at $55,100,000. The largest tenant in the building is the Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms Agency.

WTC Realty, Inc. * General partner of Washington Television Center L.P.

West Virginia:

Hana, Inc. * Owns Little Tokyo restaurant in Charleston. Sources report restaurant closed as of 5/8/92.


Kyoto, Inc. * Owns Ginza Japanese Restaurant Madison. Company is owned by Shokuhin Development, Inc.


Sakura Wyoming, Inc. * Owned Sakura Japanese Restaurant Cheyenne. May no longer be open.


Back to Eden Organic Grocery

Bless Land Company

Elmayan Press #

Fast Brothers

Flying Colors * Washington, D.C. metro area.

Ganada #

Happiness Seafoods, Inc.

Happy Group * Informal name used by UC members when referring to restaurants and seafood

companies under the control of Happy World America, Inc.

Jusancha Ginseng Tea

Kosei Construction Co.

Microparticles, Ltd.

R.K.D. Distribution Co. Health Food

Rocky Mountain Elf Works #

Stradco Iron Company

Veterans Committee for French-American Brotherhood

Whole Earth and Unity, Inc.


Canadian Unity Freedom Foundation * (CUFF)

Hanida Ginseng Cosmetics - Toronto

Our Canada - monthly newspaper


Saeilo Machinery GmbH *

Caymen Islands:

Kami Ltd.


Panda Motors China Corporation * Unknown if company is still active. Press reports indicate

project to build cars is on hold due to lack of funding.


GWBB Audiovision Co.

New Tomorrow Ltd.

Saeilo Machinery (UK), Ltd. * London

Unified Family Enterprises, Ltd. *


Alpha & Omega, Inc.

Christian Bernard * Uses the trade name Auro Style


Heyligenstaedt Verwallungs GmbH.

Heyligenstaedt GmbH. & Co. KG

Heyligenstaedt & Comp. Werkzeugmaschinenfarbrik GmbH.

HWH Werkzeugmaschinen Holding GmbH.

HWH Group

IIC Inter Industries Holding Corp. Ltd.

Sae Il Internationales Kunstgewerbe

Saeilo Machinery GmbH.

Tong Il GmbH

UTI Industries Holdings GmbH.

Wanderer Maschinen Gesellschaft GmbH.

Wanderer Maschinen Grundbesitzgesellschaft GmbH

Werner & Winkler

Hong Kong:

Christian Bernard * Factory Location

Il Shin (HK) Co.

Il Hwa Hong Kong Ltd. *

Juma Ltd.

Panda Motors Hong Kong Ltd.

Password Ltd.

Ritterfield, Ltd.

Saeilo International Ltd. *


Saeilo Machinery Italy, SRL * Bergamo

Ivory Coast:

Restaurant of Fine Food * Bouake


Acole Clea


Aiken Shokai






Aitendo (Tenkeido)

Alaska Kaikan


Angusu Seiki Hanbai



Arc Company (Sekai no Shiawase




Banyu Shokai

Beato Ongaku JimushoBijutu Sekai




Bonaru Shokai



Chiba Shokai

Christian Bernard

Cosmo Corporation Fuji Bijutu Cosmo


Cosmo Try

CSR Japan


Daishin Shoji

Daishin Shokai



Daiyu Shokai




Echigo Shoji (Nigata Juhoten)

Echo (Teikokudo)








Evalo Shoji


First Sha

Fronteer Shokai





Fukura Shoji



Global Family Association

Gloria Shoji (Bonaru Shokai)

Gree Box

Green Health

Green Land

Green Shokai





Happy Construction

Happy Foods, Inc.

Happy Foods Toyama

Happy Foods Nagoya

Happy Housing

Happy Tamaru

Happy Unyu Soko

Happy World, Inc. * Japan/US







Hokuto Shoji

Hongo Shoji



Hoshundo (Yoshiko Shoji)


Hyogo Aishindo (Kobe Shoji)

Hyogo Kaiundo

Ichiwa Japan (Ichiwa) Cal

IkkoIkko (Raiho)

Ikko Shoji

International Business Finance (Cosmo


Iryohojinshadan Nisshinkai

Issei General Construction Co., Chiba

Issei (Sekai no Shiawase Nagoya)


Isshin Hospital *

Isshin Japan


Issin Shoji

Issin Shokai


Japan Family Credit

Japan Light Shokai

Japan-Korea Tunnel Research Institute *

Jewely El



Kaisei Shoji


Kamekichi (Issin Shokai)

Kanan Shoji




Keifuku Shoji (Daishin Shokai)


Keiundo (Shineido)




Kinki McCol

Kobe Jiken


Kogen Sha


Kokusai Hosho

Konan Shokai


Kosei Jidosha

Kosei Kensetu

Koshin Shokai (Japan Light)

Kotoku Shokai

Kou Bussan (Sekai no Shiawase Tohoku)


Kowa Shokai



Kyokuto Kaihatu

Kyoto Prince Hotel



Life Business



Maruichi Shoji

Maruko (Sekai no Shiawase Kanto)



Maruyo (Maruyo Shokai)

Matumae Shokai


Meien Shokai

Meiko Shokai (Turukamedo)

Meisei Shokai



Mituhashi Shoji


Miyako Shoji



Nagano Koki Hanbai

Naniwa Koki Hanbai

New Age

New CosmoNew World

New World Shokai

Nihan Haichiyaku

Nihan Nenju

Nihan Panax Shoji

Nihan Panax

Nihon Hoshundo

Nihon Jem



Nippohan Hiroshima

Nippohan Kanto

Nippohan Tokyo

Nishi Nihon Koki Hanbai

Nitto Tusho

Ocean Foods


Ohara Shokai

Okaichi Shokai

Okayama Mizuho Shokai

Okinawa Happy Shokai

Omi Shokai

Oriental Shoji


Pacific Sangyo (Sekai no Shiawase






Rich (Issindo)


Saeilo Japan, Inc. * Chiba

Saeilo Machinery Japan, Inc. *

Saeilo Motors Osaka, Inc. *

Saeilo Motors, Inc. * Kanagawa

Sakae Shokai (World Life)






Sanhaimu (Fukumeido)



Sansei Shokai


Sanwa Shokai

Sanyo Rupon

Sanyo Shokai

Sato Juhoten

Seichi Kanko


Seiritu Shoji (Sekai no Shiawase Osaka)

Seiro Japan

Seiro Kogya

Seiro Machinery Japan

Seiro Motors Kanto

Seiro Motors Tohohu

Seiro Motors Osaka

Seiro Motors Shokai

Seiro Motors Hiroshima

Seiro Motors (Kosei Jidosha)

Seiro Motors Tokyo

Seishin Sha




Seka:Nippo Shia

Sekai Kirisutokyu Toitu Shinrei Kyokai

Sekai Nippo * (Newspaper)

Sekai Toitu Kyokai


Seko Shokai (Eifukudo)


Shekyo Rengo * (political front group)Shiawase Shokai


Shinano Shoji

Shinbutuguten Miyagi




Shinko Shokai (Sunrise Farm)

Shinwa Sha

Shinwa Shoji








Sun Eight

Sun Health

Sun Hope Sha

Sun Okaichi

Sun World Kumamoto

Sunny Life

Sunrise Farm


Taiheido (Daiyu Shokai)

Taiko Shoji

Taiyo Shokai



Tell Me


Tenchu Kosan





Tenpei (Kishu Shoji)



Tenrai Shoji

Tenrei Shoji




Toa Shoji (Sekai no Shiawase Kyushi)

Tohoku McCol Hanbai

Toitsu-Sangyo Co. *

Toitu Sangyo


Toyo Shokai


Toyoko Insho


Umi no Hotel Nakadaya

Unification Thought Institute of Japan

Universal Kikaku

Universal Tokyo (Sekai no Shiawase)

Universal Tusho

Wacom Co., Ltd. * Subsidiary of Happy World, Inc.



World Bijutu

World Create (Taiseido)

World Foods Company

World Shoji

Yagumo Shoji




Yoshiko Shokai

Yoyogi no Reijyo (Toyo Bunka



Zenai (Nippohan Aichi)



Association for Education and Development


Cheonpa Theater *

Cho Jong Mineral Water *

Community School *

Dong Wha Titanium Industrial Co. # Merged with Hankook Titanium Industrial Co.,

Ltd. in 1979.

Dowon Production Design Bureau *

Hankook Titanium Industrial Co., Ltd. *

Il Heung Co., Ltd *

Il Hwa Chumma *

Il Hwa Co., Ltd. *

Il Hwa Pharmaceutical Co. * (Ginseng Tea)

Il Sung Construction Co. * Seoul

Il Shin Stone Co., Ltd. * (markets vases in US/Japan)

Little Angels Performing Center * Seoul

McCol Industrial Complex - site of blessings of 6500 couples.

McCol Beverage Factory * McCol industrial complex

One Mind Publishing House *

One World Communication Co. Ltd. * Seoul

Saeil Co. Ltd. * Seoul

Saeil Heavy Industry Co. * Same company as Saeil Co., Ltd.

Se Jin *

Sea Young International * Part of the Tong Il Business Group

Seil Tour Systems * Seoul

Sondo Industrial Co., Ltd. * Subsidiary of Hankook Titanium Industrial Co., Ltd.

Sonhwa University * Chonan

Sun Hwa Institute for Korean Studies *

Sundo Ware Manufacturing *

Sung Shin Investment *

Tae Pyung Yang Co.

Tae Han Rutile Co. *

Tong Il Business Group * Parent company for most Korean companies.

Tong Il Company, Ltd. *

Tong Il Industries Co., Ltd. # (makes military weapon parts) Company merged with Saeil

Heavy Industry Co. in 1984.

Tong Il Corporation *

Tong Il Religion Support Foundation * Owns stock in UC companies.

Tong Hwa Titanium Co. *

Tong Yang Machinery Corp. # Merged with Tong Il Co., Ltd. in 1984

Wacom Korea Co., Ltd. * Subsidiary of the Japanese firm Wacom Co., Ltd.


A. Haring Handelsonderneming * A. Haring Trading

Beleggingsmaatschappji Dijkzicht # Investment Corp.

E & A Consultants * Etten Leur

European Artists Assn., Coojoord 273, Amsterdam NL-1103CR

Happy World Netherlands * a.k.a. H.W.N. Trading

Il Hwa Korean Import *

Im-en Export Exler *

MLM International * Etten Leur

Sae-il Netherlands * The Crystal World

Saeilo Machinery Holland *

Schenk-Verhoeven Beheer * Schenk-Verhoeven Management

Studio M * a.k.a. Yestra Graphic Design

Sunburst *

Tongil Netherlands *

United Trade Industries (Holding) B.V. * Amsterdam

Zarqa *
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hatrack Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 12:06 AM
Response to Reply #9
13. One thing is very clear - being God is PROFITABLE!!!
Could anyone, ANYONE, explain what this fascist fuck was doing IN CONGRESS with MEMBERS of Congress in attendance?

Absolutely sickening.
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Renew Deal Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri May-14-04 11:59 PM
Response to Reply #5
10. I wonder
WTF is Harold Ford up to?
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hatrack Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 12:01 AM
Response to Reply #5
11. On this matter, I have but one question
Where was Santorum? This sounds right up his alley!
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seemslikeadream Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 12:11 AM
Response to Reply #11
14. Oh he's here
Edited on Sat May-15-04 12:12 AM by seemslikeadream
The summit was organized by a number of leading GOP congressional figures including Bush's faith-based point-men, now former Rep. J.C. Watts (R-OK) and Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA). And, "efforts to promote it at the grassroots level were turned over to a Moon organization," which Boston writes, gave them "an official relationship with the Republican leadership" and this "enhanced status enabled him to do grassroots political organizing -- and religious recruitment -- with the apparent blessing of Bush and his GOP allies in Congress."

Atrios linked to a chart, this morning, comparing George Soros with Rev. Moon. Both have deep pockets and are politically active. Soros for the Democrats and Moon for the Republicans. The chart lists Moon as a Republican. He has more wealth than Soros, owns United Press International (UPI), The Washington Times and Insight Magazine, among many other business ventures. He was/is a huge supporter, financially and editorially, of both Bush presidencies, contributes to (or otherwise supports) Jerry Falwell and other evangelicals, won affection from the GOP by tirelessly promoting President Bushs Faith-Based Initiative with hopes of securing funding for abstinence teaching, and supports an exhausting list of front organizationsthe American Family Coalition among them. One of Moons operatives, David Caprara, also runs The Empowerment Network, a public policy organization that promotes faith-based and family solutions to societal problems. Two U.S. senators, Santorum and Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.), serve as caucus chairmen of the organization. Moons roster of guest speakers at his various events include Gerald Ford, Dan Quayle, Orrin Hatch, Rick Santorum, William Bennett, Jean Kirkpatrick, Alexander Haig, Ralph Reed, George H.W. Bush, and Jerry Falwell.
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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 12:24 AM
Response to Reply #5
17. Bellying up to the cash bar?
Didn't they just find gold, oil or diamonds in Liberia? UPI hasn't reported it...

WFWP Delegation Meets Bryant

The Analyst (Monrovia)
May 11, 2004. Posted to the web May 11, 2004.

Monrovia -- A high power delegation of the Women's Federation for World Peace has arrived in Liberia on an assessment mission, a Family Federation for World Peace and Unification-Liberia (FFWPUL-L) said in a release signed May 6 by its president Rev. Augustine S. Arkoi.

The delegation, headed by Madame Ayumi Hasegawa on Wednesday, met with the Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL), Charles Gyude Bryant.

Speaking at the meeting with the Liberian leader at the Executive Mansion on Capitol Hill Monrovia, the delegation delivered a special message of peace and stability for the government and people of Liberia, on behalf of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Founder of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.

The head of the delegation, Madame Ayumi Hasegawa told the Liberian leader that Dr. Moon is very concerned about the restoration of peace to Liberia and the reconstruction of the country.

"It was in this connection that Rev. Moon and his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon on June 24, 1994 assigned ten peace and capacity building experts to Liberia to work in partnership with Liberian peace building groups in the various communities of Liberia," she said.

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2cents Donating Member (522 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 12:22 AM
Response to Original message
16. How can anyone... for a pol that sucks up to this overt lunatic?

Moon made his money from brainwashing and enslaving our fellow citizens. He is antithetical to everything decent and humane.
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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 12:36 AM
Response to Reply #16
19. Yeh. And he wants it to get worse.
The GOP's man on the Moon

Unification Church leader and self-proclaimed Messiah builds legacy with support from the Bush administration

For more than two decades he has been a powerful and influential political figure, despite being more than a bit out of step with mainstream America. Now, perhaps thinking of his own mortality, he has become more visible, staging and sponsoring numerous events and conferences. A revivified Rev. Sun Myung Moon is planting the seeds of his political legacy -- and he's getting help from his friends in the Bush Administration.

On December 19, 2002, while many Americans were caught up in Trent Lott's troubles or trying to figure out what to get their mother-in-law for Christmas, the Corporation for National and Community Service announced the appointment of three managers to oversee AmeriCorps.


On January 19, 2001, one day before George W. Bush was sworn in as President, the Rev. Moon sponsored a prayer luncheon that brought together some 1,700 religious, civic, and political leaders. In the crowd was a bevy of Christian Right luminaries including the Rev. Jerry Falwell; former National Evangelical Association President Don Argue; Trinity Broadcasting Network's Paul Crouch; and the Southern Baptist Convention's (SBC) president, executive committee president, and CEO, as well as Richard Land, the president of SBC's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

John Ashcroft, who had not yet been confirmed as Attorney General, dropped by and "brought down the house... with a tale of amazing grace," reported a front-page story in The Washington Times. The Rev. Moon addressed the crowd and handed out free copies of one of his books and other Unification church materials.

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2cents Donating Member (522 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 01:45 AM
Response to Reply #19
21. Over 25 yrs. ago...
..I knew a family that was destroyed because of this worthless piece of s**t (culminating in the suicide of the "convert's" younger sibling).

About 20yrs. ago (or so), an investigative reporter from the NY Post (pre-Murdoch)infiltrated the organization.

Posing as a prospective convert, he wanted to witness and experience Moon's brainwashing techniques. He planned on staying for two weeks. He believed his objectivity and strength of will would see him through.

After only one week of food and sleep deprivation, combined with constant lecturing (day and night), he found himself slipping and being drawn in. Fearing what would happen if he stayed any longer, he escaped.

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 09:14 AM
Response to Reply #21
26. Oh no! I am truly sorry about your loss, 2cents.
Each human life is priceless, representing an individual universe of infinite possibilities. And the loss of any one means that our common, shared universe is not the same -- it is a smaller, emptier place. I hope that those in the family you know have found peace.

Regarding the reporter who posed as a devotee: The guy sounds like a classic case of cult brainwashing. After their brains are emptied and reprogrammed with groupthing, these poor people will do practically anything for the leader. Think Heaven's Gate. The leader Marshall H. Applewhite had headed UFO-based cults for decades, working as "Bo" with his wife or partner playing "Peep." Psychopaths like him run the roost in Washington, it seems.
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smirkymonkey Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 12:25 AM
Response to Original message
18. This is so fucked up
it's actually laughable. The inmates are running the asylum, as always.
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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 12:55 AM
Response to Reply #18
20. It's not an asylum. It's a prison.
The criminals took over November 22, 1963.

The cats who were the guards now are locked down or disappeared.

The Wink*

*From Steamshovel Press #12: An example of the weird mix of brilliant technical detail and lousy assassination history comes early in the book (Pictures of the Pain by Richard Trask) when Trask interviews White House photographer Cecil Stroughton about the swearing-in of LBJ. Trask virtually pinpoints the exact frame in which Stroughton switches from his Alpha to his Hasselblad camera. The images are beautifully reproduced from the contact prints, save one that Trask explains as being reproduced from a copy negative. This is the "wink" photograph, a shot of LBJ receiving a wink from Congressman Albert Thomas after the swearing-in, with all the onerous implications it has in David Lifton's Best Evidence, where the photo appeared in 1980. Trask supplies no reason why this particular negative original is missing, no indication that he asked Stoughton about it, no suggestion that he is even aware of its controversy, despite references to Lifton in the same chapter.
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LittleApple81 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 07:08 AM
Response to Original message
22. I have never understood how Moon has gotten to where he is now.
Does he have tax exempt status for being a church? Who are all these nuts that joined that church and gave it so much money? He apparently can buy the entire world...But how can anybody with half a brain believe all that crap?....uhmmmm People also believe that God talks to Bush... never mind.
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Karenina Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 08:15 AM
Response to Reply #22
23. KICK!!!
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dusty64 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 08:20 AM
Response to Original message
24. So all these fake fundy bastards
are worshipping "rev" moon, talk about idolizing false gods. These fucks are beyond insane and need to be locked in rubber rooms, truth has gone way past fiction.
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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 08:53 AM
Response to Reply #24
25. It gets worse: Rev. Moon, the Bushes & Donald Rumsfeld
Rev. Moon, the Bushes & Donald Rumsfeld

By Robert Parry
January 3, 2001

George W. Bushs choice of Donald Rumsfeld to be U.S. defense secretary could put an unintended spotlight on the role of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon a Bush family benefactor in funneling millions of dollars to communist North Korea in the 1990s as it was developing a missile and nuclear weapons program.

In 1998, Rumsfeld headed a special commission, appointed by the Republican-controlled Congress, that warned that North Korea had made substantial progress during the decade in building missiles that could pose a potential nuclear threat to Japan and parts of the United States.

"The extraordinary level of resources North Korea and Iran are now devoting to developing their own ballistic missile capabilities poses a substantial and immediate danger to the U.S., its vital interests and its allies," said the report by Rumsfeld's Commission to Assess the Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States.

"North Korea maintains an active WMD program, including a nuclear weapon program. It is known that North Korea diverted material in the late 1980s for at least one or possibly two weapons," the report said.

Rumsfelds alarming assessment of North Koreas war-making capabilities now is being cited by Republicans as a justification for investing billions of taxpayer dollars in an anti-missile defense system favored by Bush and Rumsfeld.


Robert Parry's the reporter who broke Iran-Contra. For his trouble, WashingtonPost-Newsweek canned him. Nowadays his website is outstanding and he's done a LOT of real jounalistic work on the BFEE "Reverend." Here's a link to his Moon stuff:

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UTUSN Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 10:12 AM
Response to Reply #25
31. Our "Rising Star" Harold FORD Is at Every MOON Function
He needs to be de-programmed.
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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-15-04 11:36 AM
Response to Reply #31
32. Or de-commissioned from the Democratic Party.
We need to wean people from the idea that money is the mother's milk of politics. While we're at it, we need to wean American politics from the BFEE moneybags Moon.
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