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Reply #40: I agree with most of the statement after the EDIT [View All]

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TalkingDog Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Apr-25-11 02:10 PM
Response to Reply #29
40. I agree with most of the statement after the EDIT
But not wanting to learn and not having a mind that processes information in a particular fashion (in this case, the ability to recall proper nouns quickly) are two completely different things.

There are many types of intelligence. And many different ways that people process information.
The basic 3: Visual, Aural, Kinesthetic

I happen to excel at Visual and Kinesthetic: Which means I do really well when tested for pattern recognition and spatial recognition but ask me to name the country that borders France to the North... I'd be able to see the map of France in my head and draw the shape of the country in question, but name it? It would take me a while to find that FACTOID in my memory.

My argument wasn't with the the desirability and necessity of understanding basic concepts. For example: Some of the most basic tenets of Islam... which I could readily give, but without the authors seeming requirement of using the exact wording. My issue had more to do with the reading of the statement which, to me, suggested rote memorization was equivalent to intelligence.

The arguments made prior to the EDIT are valid only within a given context: that the person who is ignorant of the facts needs to know them to be able to formulate an opinion the "issues of the day".

If what you are positing is valid, answer me this: The prisoners who are kept at Gitmo are, for the most part, Muslims (in other words, I can't guarantee they all are, but it has been reported to be he case). Do I need to know the name of the country where Guantanamo Bay Prison is located or the basic tenets of Islam to know that the prisoners' basic human rights have been violated for over 10 years? Would those FACTOIDS somehow make the reasoning behind their wrongful imprisonment more clear to me? Would knowing their current location and the religious/cultural context they were raised in give me insight into our governments persistent refusal to follow it's own Constitutional imperatives and our President's assurances that the site would be closed down?

Because from my reading of your post, it seems that is what you are suggesting.

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