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Reply #223: you think there would be enough for the feds to bust her [View All]

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reggie the dog Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Apr-12-11 10:31 AM
Response to Original message
223. you think there would be enough for the feds to bust her
her already and interrogate her, you know, get an arrest warrant issued.

if she were growing or selling medical marijuana, or pipes to smoke it in, she would likely have had problems already


move along, nothing to see here

how much cheating goes on? are republicans the only ones who cheat? many dead people in chicago are said to have voted for JFK....

we should try to build a bipartisan truth in voting movement amongst the people of this country

how can we go about doing that?

does it exist already? i am very ignorant about solutions but

1. going back to hand counted paper/cardboard ballots.
2 perhaps making a system in which you put one ballot in an envelope from a display of ballots of all candidates names and that is your vote, putting more than one ballot in the envelope voids the vote but
3 votes are counted by multipartisan groups of "democratic_republic" minded (not the political party, just people who belive in their democratic republic.)

do you think these 3 demands could be of use? pretty basic i know but most people in the usa should be more confortable with having people do the counting not some machine.

I know plenty of republican voting people in the usa from my family and friends who think that computer voting is bullshit for various reasons as do the democratic voting people i know.

you have bipartisan issues that could be addressed today in a divided government

1. vote counting reform
2. election reform (funding of ads etc.)
3. real health care reform in the good sense
4. making social security stronger not weaker
5. JOBS???? i know how the tea party people are but many republicans like "energy independece" so lets work with them and have a green revolution in energy sources and put our people to work making it happen
6. drug law reform (about half of america wants pot legal already, serious drug war reform is needed incuding drug testing which only shows if you are high WHILE at work, a shitload of middle and working class people hate drug testing because they would like to smoke a bit of reefer now and again and these people vote republican and democrat)
7 gay marriage reform, over half of the usa wants it leagal and i know republicans and tea party types who have nothing against gay marriage, some will even abuse the system and marry their friends and business partners to save on taxes i think even if they are not gay.
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