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greiner3 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Apr-06-11 09:07 AM
Response to Reply #1
42. 'Black Irish;
Even so I have never considered myself associated with any race, other then the human one.

There are no races within the human experience. There was a 'bottleneck' of Homo sapiens (hehehehe he said homo) before 100,000 years ago-yesterday in terms of evolutionary time. This compacted our genome and limited the possibility of any one person or group of humans being that much different than any other human. When the genome is studied there are no combinations of genes that signify how to tell a Caucasian from an African or Asian. To even think otherwise is absurd and shows extreme ignorance when discussing the topic seriously.

Given a human generation is 25 years this gives roughly 4000 generations since all humans were 'one.' A simple bacteria's 'generation' is 20 minutes. Extrapolating this to 4000 generations of bacteria every 2 year. Experiments show there can be meaningful mutations within these colonies of bacteria be the 40,000th generation, one human generation. In humans this might account for a small shift, say in hair color, eye color, an epicantal fold or skin color. Taken over the 4,000th human generation all these small mutations do add up but there is complete and experiments show possibly robust matings the human has no race. We are a complete species that enjoys a single niche within the grand scheme of all species now on the planet.

One note to add-after studying the major religions and their major claims in dogma-I have concluded that some superior being has given us certain knowledge. Our limited understanding and ignorance has deemed the knowledge to be god given and has created stories out of them so that the average man might be able to somewhat understand their meaning. Take the Noah story in the Cristian and Jewish Bible. This tries to explain that a terrible disaster killed all other life forms other than the ones in which were able to live traveling in the ark. Taken on a grander scale could this explain the disaster in which killed off most of humanity and its food sources? How about the story of Babel in the same text? Some force dispersed all of humanity and they traveled to all parts of the globe. Here they mutated somewhat, developed different customs, religions and ways of life. Travel amongst the different cultures over the millennial allowed some gene flow but overall the different segments of far flung humanity kept their own separate identities. That is until very recent when the world shrunk and young people do what they do best, produce babies. I think that within another 4,000 human generations there will be so little differentiation within our genome and phenome that the most bigoted and ignorant cannot say we are not one race.
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