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Reply #111: What is taking place is as old as Democracy. [View All]

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olegramps Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Mar-27-11 10:23 AM
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111. What is taking place is as old as Democracy.
Some 2300 years ago Aristotle in his work "Politics" observed that a Democracy's greatest threat was their evolution into an Oligarchy as wealth is concentrated into the hands of fewer and fewer citizens. As he observed a Democracy can only exist in a society with a large Middle Class of relatively prosperous citizens.

One simple fact can attest to this being exactly what has become of our Republic in that 400 of the wealthiest families have more wealth than the bottom 50% of Americans. The total assists of some 175,000,000 Americans, their homes, cars, savings and investments, is matched by only 400 the most wealthy families. The bottom 50% only have 2.5% of the total wealth in comparison to the top 10% who have over 70% of the wealth. These facts are according to studies based on 2007 data and economists estimate that it has dramatically worsen in the last three years as million of working class citizens have lost their most important asset, their homes. Nor are the working class folks going realize any improvement as the Stock Market recovers since the bottom 50% only have 0.5% of the investments in stocks, bonds and mutuals while the top 10% own over 90% of these basic investments. In fact millions of working class citizens have been forced to divest their saving and investments just to survive further concentrating the wealth.

When I see Republican working class people staunchly defending the Republican Party whose leadership is intent on their economic destruction and virtual slavery I can only shake my head in disbelief. They are their own worst enemy. I can only suppose that our society will have to go through a traumatic cycle in which the working class finally come to their senses when they have been been reduced to absolute poverty and the once again demand a fair share of the wealth that they produce.

Why is it that Democrats haven't made this a key issue? Perhaps I could suggest that very few elected Democrats actually share the misery that the working class is suffering. The working class doesn't have any forceful champions for their cause and the few voices that they do have have been drowned out by the radical right-wing propagandists who spew the corporate line.
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