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Reply #129: Not Hyperbolic Nonsense [View All]

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havbrush Donating Member (60 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Mar-23-11 01:52 PM
Response to Reply #16
129. Not Hyperbolic Nonsense
Poor Vinnie from Indy still hasn't seen through the grade school, middle school and high school propaganda that's preached in America about how we are beacons of liberty and justice and stand for peace and democracy for all. It's really never been true (ask black Americans how they feel about their enslaved ancestors' liberty and justice). Or ask native Americans how they feel about peace, justice and treaty-breaking the bluecoats forcibly bought to them along with their reservation life. And then there are all these countries that we've been involved in war in over the last half century or so: Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Lebanon, Grenada, Iraq, Panama, Colombia, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan again, and Iraq again. And that doesn't include our early military adventures like deposing the monarchy and taking over Hawaii in the late 1890s to back Samuel Dole's powerplay for expanding his pineapple plantations, and then the Teddy Roosevelt/Rough Rider excursion into Cuba (the battleship Maine was conveniently blown up in Havana's habor), which then led to the Spanish-American war which led to troops in the Philipines. We've also intervened in Haiti four times I believe, starting in the early decades of the 20th century on up to deposing Aristede most recently. Try reading "Overthrow" by Kinzer if you're still not convinced of out war mongering history. At some point you have to throw off the blinders, see through the propaganda and begin to understand that it's not about liberty or democracy, it's always about the money. Corporations in many industries that produce war materiels learned a long time ago that their profits can go up ten, twenty, even a thousand-fold when they produce things for war Look at Halliburton and their well known price-gouging. General Smedley Butler from as early as the 1930s, after finally getting wise, wrote about it in his book, "War is a Racket." Butler lays it out that even businesses as innocuous as shoe manufacturers, if they get government contracts for boots, can triple or quadruple their profits. And since we are a corporate-run country (we may as well face that fact now since it's so obvious with the Koch brothers having governors in their pockets and the middle class being decimated with job outsourcing by these very corporations), we are always going to be at war because that's where even money is. The spreading of democracy crap is just that, we've backed too many dictators (Saudi Arabia comes to mind) to espouse that convincingly with a straight face.
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