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Reply #11: Chernobyl and the Collapse of Soviet Society [View All]

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Mar-21-11 01:44 PM
Response to Reply #10
11. Chernobyl and the Collapse of Soviet Society
Thanks, girl gone mad! Remember Andrei Sakharov? I think he did more to bring down the USSR than anyone, even Gorby.

Chernobyl and the Collapse of Soviet Society

By Jay M. Gould
March 15, 1993

Chernobyl: Insight from the Inside, by Vladimir M. Chernousenko,Springer Verlag, Berlin New York, 1991
Memoirs, by Andrei Sakharov,Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1990
The Petkau Effect: Nuclear Radiation, People and Trees, by Ralph Graeub, Four Wall Eight Windows, New York, 1992

A heartbreaking report on the hidden dimensions of the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 was published in Germany in 1991, written by the Ukrainian nuclear physicist chosen to "liquidate the consequences" of the accident. The book may never be published in the Ukraine or Russia and the author, Vladimir Chernousenko, now dying of radiation poisoning along with thousands of others involved in the emergency cleanup, has been dismissed from his post in the Ukrainian Academy of Science for telling the truth.

Along with comparable revelations in Sakharov's recently published Memoirs, the treatment of Chernousenko suggests that the former Soviet Union, by casting out its greatest scientists, suffered from the same terminal disease that ultimately destroyed the Hitler regime.

Both Sakharov and Chernousenko were punished for revealing a secret kept from the public from the earliest years of the Nuclear Age, having to do with the lethal effects on the immune system of ingesting manmade nuclear fission products.Richard Rhodes, in his classic history of the making of the atom bomb <1>, relates that as far back as 1943 Enrico Fermi approached Robert Oppenheimer with the suggestion that if they could not develop the bomb in time, the same purpose would be served by dumping strontium-90 which he was generating at his pilot reactor at the University of Chicago over the German land-mass. Oppenheimer then discussed the proposal with Edward Teller who agreed that their animal studies would indicate that radioactive strontium would enter into the food chain and be deposited "dangerously and irretrievably in bone" and kill perhaps 500,000 persons. The plan was discarded because they could not be sure the desired deaths would occur quickly enough. After the bomb was developed, the military did not want an atomic explosion associated with the possibility of biological damage so the animal studies remained classified until 1969.

The publication in English of Andrei Sakharov's Memoirs informs us that he too came to the conclusion that the nuclear bomb was primarily a biological weapon, although this fact has been studiously passed over by all the highly laudatory reviews it has received. As the developer of the Soviet hydrogen bomb, Sakharov was the most eminent and authoritative nuclear scientist to reveal these secrets, which lie at the very heart of the origins of the Cold War.

In Chapter 14 Sakharov writes that after the success of his 1955 Soviet H-Bomb test, he "worried more and more about the biological effects of nuclear tests. . . . The long-term biological consequences (particularly atmospheric testing, in which radioactive fallout is dispersed throughout the hemisphere) can be predicted and the total number of casualties calculated with some accuracy."

Considering only such fission products as radioactive carbon, strontium and cesium, he calculated that genetic damage, plus the immediate and delayed damage to immune systems would accelerate the deaths of between 500,000 to one million persons for every 50 megatons of nuclear explosive power. An important consideration was what he termed "nonthreshold effects", by which every radioactive particle released had a statistical probability of doing damage to either the DNA of a cell or to the immune system, by low-level internal radiation from ingesting such particles. He also predicted that radiation would accelerate the mutation of microorganisms, leading to the inference that persons with damaged immune systems would in time succumb more easily to these new strains.
He states (page 201):
    " I posited that cancer and damage to the body's immune system (resulting in premature death) may also be due to nonthreshold effects. . . . I also suggested that a global increase in mutations of bacteria and viruses (irrespective of the cause of the mutations) might have been an important factor in the spread of such diseases as diphtheria in the 19th century, or the influenza epidemic, and that low-level radiation might further increase the rate of mutations."


Despite what ABCNNBCBSFixedNutNoiseworks doesn't tell me, I pray the people of Japan and the island of Honshu are in the clear.

The United States of America could use a Sakharov. Perhaps if they weren't so well paid...
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