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Reply #3: Kick for Az Zintan, a timely update [View All]

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3. Kick for Az Zintan, a timely update
17:57 Almanara Media An eyewitness interview with a resident from Az Zintan gives a comprehensive update on the situation right now.
Interviewer: May peace blessings and mercy of God be upon you
Eyewitness: May peace blessings and mercy of God be upon you too
Interviewer: My brother, as an eyewitness from the city of Zintan, how is the situation for you in Zintan today?
Eyewitness: The situation is shelling by Grad rockets and tanks. Bombardment is happening on civilians in a horrific way, and since this morning
Interviewer: Right, did they enter the city or?
Eyewitness: No, they are shelling from the outskirts of the city from a distance of up to 10km. They have not entered the city and God willing will not be able to. And they have been firing since this morning
Interviewer: Right, and from which direction are they coming at Zintan?
Eyewitness: They are coming in from the east
Interviewer: Didnt the regime announce a ceasefire at 9pm last night?
Eyewitness: Take it as a standard from the regime, they always announce in the evening a ceasefire but in the morning they will be destroying buildings and killing innocents
Interviewer: Have strikes against Zintan been going for a while or did they just start last night or this morning?
Eyewitness: No, it has been going on for the past 3 days, from the day before yesterday
Interviewer: And he is attacking?
Eyewintess: Attacking with rockets and heavy artillery
Interviewer: Right
Eyewitness: And he is even shelling the mosques
Interviewer: There is no power except with God. Please tell us about the number of casualties, the situation in the hospitals and medical supplies
Eyewitness: The situation in the can I put this to youthere is a big shortage in medical supplies and staff due to the blockade around the city. Hospitals arent well equipped anyways, theyre small and as you know the regime has never properly stocked them. They are generally small town/village clinics that dont have the proper equipment or medical stocks
Interviewer: Right, what about supplies?
Eyewitness: There has been a shortage of supplies, baby milk and fuel. Probably since the beginning of the revolution and it has been non-existant
Interviewer: Have the battalions and Gaddafi forces been striked by the Americans and Brits yet?
Eyewitness: Not yet. We ask them that they strike it, but they have yet to do so. There are even forces in the Northern region, from the direction of the mountain aka Al Jfara. There he has his base which houses the Grad rocket launchers and heavy artillery. Theyve been there for 2 or 3 weeks. We managed to capture one of their officers and he told us that he receives orders from Gaddafi which state that Zintan needs to be wiped off the map.
Interviewer: We pray that God wipes him before he harms a single hair from the people of Zintan.
Eyewitness: God-willing
Interviewer: Right, you as an eyewitness. What is the morale of the people and revolutionaries?
Eyewitness: I can tell you that the morale of the people is high, God-willing and things as far as the people go, they are in a good state. We will not surrender and we will destroy him God-willing
Interviewer: God-willing. What message would you like to pass to the Libyan people Khalid?
Eyewitness: I tell them to persevere and be patient as we will be victorious God-willing
Interviewer: Right
Eyewitness: And as far as the regime goes, its finished
Interviewer: Right, may God grant you victory and may He assist you and make a way out for you and protect you.
Eyewitness: God-willing, ameen
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