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Reply #71: Well, no, I guess we should just stand up [View All]

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sabrina 1 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-19-11 04:54 PM
Response to Reply #64
71. Well, no, I guess we should just stand up
against the murderous dictators who have OIL and who are threatening to cut us oil addicts OFF, or are failing to control their oppressed populations who might take over the country and toss out all those multi-billion dollar oil contracts we have.

You know, the way we stood up for the Iraqi people against their murderous dictator, another one of our former beloved dictator friends. But now, we don't care much about the Iraqi people.

Did you see how our puppet government, installed by our bombs etc. is mowing down Iraqi protesters for asking for jobs etc.?

They thought they had a democracy, poor people. And what was our response to THAT brutality last week?

Do you know? I'll be happy to post it. It should serve as a warning to the Libyan people, I will say that.

Why can you not admit to the truth that the whole world knows? If you have the gall to live on top of OUR oil or other valuable resources we will invade your country and 'bring you democracy', just like Iraq!

But if you are being brutalized by a dictator that we support and who hasn't given US any trouble lately, and isn't making our, well, their oil difficult for us to get, well, too bad for you. See Iraq again.

It's not hard, some people will benefit from our invasion to protect OUR oil, but many, many more will not. Over a million Iraqis were liberated off the planet by us, and we are currently brutalizing the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan. But hey, we get to preach about not tolerating brutality towards civilians, and what's anyone going to do about it? We have the most bombs and as everyone knows, we never hesitate to use them, damn those women and children for getting in our way.

The Libyan people specifically demanded that no U.S. troops step foot on their soil. They DO remember Iraq, which they used as an example 'we do not want to be another Iraq, abused and brutalized by foreign forces'.

Unfortunately what they want doesn't matter.

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