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Reply #6: War Inc. hearts Muammar Gaddafi [View All]

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Octafish Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Mar-03-11 02:58 PM
Response to Reply #3
6. War Inc. hearts Muammar Gaddafi

Take plastiques, please.

Ed Wilson got shafted

by Preston Peet
October 18, 2000

In 1977, Edwin P. Wilson sold Libyan dictator Moammar Quaddaffi, 42 000 pounds (20 tons) of C-4, one of the most powerful explosives around, and perfect for terror operations Libya was on the US list of nations sponsoring terrorists, and was therefore off limits to this kind of business. After a worldwide, 5-year operation to bring Wilson to "justice," prosecutors and investigators for the US government finally got him, and put him in prison for fifty-two years. They committed perjury to do it.

The US Department of Justice announced on April 14th, 2000 that it is going to open an investigation into federal prosecutors' misconduct in obtaining a conviction (February 5th, 1983) of Wilson for selling the C-4 to Quaddaffi. The disclosure came about as a response to Wilson's filing a motion to hold seventeen current and former CIA and 'Department of Justice' ('DoJ') officials in contempt of court for not informing his defense that the prosecution was knowingly using a false document in prosecuting Wilson.

"The allegations of this case have been referred to (the 'Office of Professional Responsibility'), which will conduct a thorough investigation," says a footnote at the end of the eight page motion filed by the government. The 'San Francisco Examiner' reported (April 14th, 2000) that 'DoJ' spokesperson Myron Marlin says that the 'DoJ' will not actually investigate the prosecutors' criminal use of false information during the trial until Wilson's appeal over his conviction is "settled."


Due to the Judge in the 1983 case ruling that a CIA agent could not testify using a pseudonym, therefore opening him to cross-examination by Wilson, the prosecution had a problem. They needed someone that could convince the jury they had been able to see all relevant documents in CIA files on Wilson. Wilson was claiming that he had been working for the CIA when he sold the C-4 to Quaddaffi. The prosecution was charging he was a rogue using his contacts from former service in both CIA and the 'Office of Naval Intelligence'. Wilson had been able to show that he'd had more than 80 "non-social contacts" with the CIA since his retirement in 1971, leaving the prosecution's case in turmoil. Then Charles A. Briggs came to the rescue. Third ranking CIA officer, Briggs signed a declaration on February 3rd, 1983, that on November 8th, 1982, he had authorized a search of CIA records "for any material that in any way pertains to Edwin P. Wilson, or the various allegations concerning his activities after February 28th, 1971, when he retired from the CIA." The Briggs Declaration states that with one exception in 1972, Wilson did not work "directly or indirectly" for the CIA since retiring.


When it comes to making big money off Uncle Sam's C-4, or modern colonial slaveholdings for empire, it really is a small world.
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