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Why no one should have used Romneycare as a model. [View All]

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No Elephants Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Nov-21-13 02:02 AM
Original message
Why no one should have used Romneycare as a model.
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Edited on Thu Nov-21-13 02:03 AM by No Elephants
It's Forbes, so read with caution. Nonetheless, Romneycare has not been a rousing success. /

How Democrats blamed insurers for stopping it when Billary put it forward. How Democrats mocked it when Romney put it forward. How Democrats defended it when Obama put it forward.

Nothing like principled positions boys and girls, now, is there?

Anyway, even more cynical than all of the above are Republicans in Congress, who claim that Obama put this through without Republican ideas. First, HeritageFoundation is a conservative Repubican idea; and shame on Billary and Obama for looking to a conservative think tank for health care solutions.

Second, Obama and Baucus not only let a health insurer write the bill, they let Susan Collins stick into it everything her caucus wanted. Even after she announced she would not be voting for it, they left her crap in the bill, I guess in the forlorn hope that they might someday get away with calling it a bipartisan bill (and indeed, I have heard some pundits make that claim, although it never flies).

Anyway.....HeritageFoundationcare, aka Billarycare, aka Romneycare, aka Obamacare, aka Wellpoint/Collinscare is going to give Republicans more fodder for their claims that government can't do anything well.

Well, maybe they are correct, as to conservative governments, none of which believe in government accomplisment and most of which think people in need should drop dead and stop burdening society.

But Social Security went active without any template for same before people even had Wite-Out, let alone computers. I don't recall reading a lot about all the OASDI foul ups. Ditto Medicare. (Notice, everyone uses Medicare Part D as an example of foul ups when a new program starts, not OASDI or Medicare.

You know how you apply for Old Age benefits under OASDI when you attain full retirement age? You get a notice in the mail that you will begin receiving benefits in $X amount.) You're welcome. Meanwhile, they've kept track of all your contributions since you first started working (unless some of your employers along the way were crooks.) (You do, however, have to apply for disability and survivors' benefits.)

And, as I have posted before, it's a miracle that the USPS can get a letter from the mail lobby of my building in Boston to the mail lobby of the building of my politics buddy in Los Angeles for the miniscule sum of under half a buck--and, at that, I'm my first class stamp is subsidizing all the job creators who get bulk rates for clogging my mailbox with tree-wasting junk mail and catalogs (much as they do with my email)!

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