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No Elephants Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Aug-08-13 12:48 AM
Original message
Thanks and you-re welcome, rpannier.
Edited on Thu Aug-08-13 01:37 AM by No Elephants
Believe it or not, I started googling because PBS was running a program about "girl" singers and groups of the doo wop era and that got me to John Garfield.

Supposedly, some on the right have been trying to vindicate McCarthy because some things from the Soviets in WWII have since been decoded. That bit was in one of the wiki articles, but I don't remember which one.

Depends on what the Soviet documents said, doesn't it? What if all they said was "So and so attended a meeting and paid dues." That was never illegal.

The ideals of some kind of fairness to workers and racial equality would, I have no doubt, appealed to the left in the roaring 1920s and 1930s (lead up to the Depression and the Depresssion) at least as much as they did in the 1950s to the 1970s, when the left was pro civil rights and pro union.

If the Soviet documents said anything like, "John Garfield gave us a bundle of classified info we never saw before," I'm sure someone on the right would have found a way to leak that by now, much as the right hated Hollywood until Hollywood started going right and much as McCarthy gave red baiting a bad name. And much as it was an embarrassment that people like Goldwater and Nixon continued to back him until the very end, so the Party twice ran people holding a discredited extremist position for the Presidency.

Besides, it's not as though the documents vindicated McCarthy. It is pretty well understood that J. Edgar Hoover was feeding Joe McCarthy names. The wiki articles do not say that outright. However, one of them mentions that some document that purported to have originated in the FBI could not be admitted into evidence during the hearings because Joe McCarthy denied the FBI had given it to him, but would not say what his source was. So, the document could not be authenticated.

As most of us have probably heard, Hoover probably had more than a friendship with his "long time companion," to whom Hoover left his estate. And Hoover made a practice of getting sexual information about prominent people. Also, McCarthy's assistant, Cohn, died of AIDS, while denying it. Yet, McCarthy was as big a gay baiter as he was a red baiter. This has made people question whether McCarthy was gay. I don't know, but there is evidence that he was a habitual drunkard, given that he had cirrhosis of the liver. Back in the days when the Senate was called a clubhouse, his fellow Senators had to have known about his drinking. Yet, they allowed this to go on.

Doo Wop.

It reminds me of today, with people in Congress so scared of appearing disloyal to the US that most of them vote for the Patriot Act, which contained several provisions that even a Republican dominated SCOTUS declared unconstitutional. And they still vote for amendments that go even further than the original abomination.
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