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I'm sorry to hear things have been so bad over here, and here's why -- [View All]

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Leopolds Ghost Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jun-18-13 01:13 AM
Original message
I'm sorry to hear things have been so bad over here, and here's why --
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Edited on Tue Jun-18-13 02:13 AM by Leopolds Ghost
I posted a content-free greetings and welcome back type post and got 5 friendly replies over here on DU2.

In the intervening 5 days I spent a long time pulling together photos for a very lengthy post on the NSA
business. All newspaper articles and clippings I've saved for years and years.

I dragged my heels on writing it because I was afraid it would be ignored by the neo-liberals, quasi-conservatives, highly paid technocrats, increasingly conservative aging boomers, and anti-civil libertarians that seem to dominate the discourse of our vibrant New Democratic Party. That's if and when they don't simply ignore people, which most "mainstream Democrats" seem to tune out anyone they think is an "activist".

So I haven't posted it yet.

I'm wondering if I should.

But I did post a long series of photos about the Iranian Election and a video on DU3.

It got almost no replies.

In fact I think the only reply was from formercia who is also here.

(the video is from the anti-Ahmedinejad movement that happened there in 2009 which helped lead to Occupy)

I find it easier to have a discussion here than there. For one thing people use the continual turnover of new posts as an excuse to drop the subject before a day has passed, as if they were on some sort of chat line or something. So only the people with the most "karma" (or whatever) get any significant response to anything they post. Sort of like Facebook or Tumblr or Reddit.

I think more people have replied to me here on the "hardly active" DU2 than ever reply to me on DU3. It's like an echo chamber over there with people only responding to people they agree with. And the political climate on the new DU seems to mirror the polls, with half or more of the posts attacking the whole Snowden-gate as "drama" created by malcontents who secretly hate Obama.

They're making post after post about how anyone who didn't think they were being spied upon was stupid, and majoritarian populist appeals to the fact that most people put their entire lives on facebook (apparently, most people are either stupid or uninteresting enough that they don't feel the need to separate their public and private life, or even to have a private life with friends offline.)

Even snooper2 is posting something similar to that over there, and other posts I've read whose content would suggest an attack on the both administrations for its egregious abuse of power (under the color of unconstitutional law) are followed up with a postscript about "see, those are the facts and that's why this scandal is no big deal." As if they knew about it all along but were in mutual agreement with the administration that it shouldn't be talked about back in the day.

This despite the fact that people like me were shunned and made to feel like freaks for talking about the scandal years ago, when they passed the laws making it legal (Obama's vote put the FISA "reform" over the top) because of prior leaks that are now being forgotten and ignored. Like the huge Harper's expose from over 5 years ago.

So which is it, am I/we/other people a freak and a conspiracy nut? Or are there no liberals left, much less left?

Have all the activists essentially been chased away from the party, creating an echo chamber of unhealthy, closed minded ideas from people who believe that "we" are in control and can do whatever the f*** we want to "those people", the "naysayers", i.e. anyone who doesn't like the current leaders?

Because people just don't reply to me over there anymore.

.... ....
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