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femrap Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-12-13 06:34 PM
Response to Reply #3
4. Wasn't Hoover still
around then? Goddess, that was 50 years ago this November. I remember seeing Oswald murdered
on live TV. Even as a child, I thought...'Now why would he kill him? Now we can't get his story.' You knew something didn't smell right.

I remember when Marilyn Monroe died. As a child I was a big fan of hers. I loved 'Some Like it Hot.' And to this day I enjoy a good drag queen show.

Anyway, I was sitting having breakfast at some diner-type place w/ my dad and one of his buddies. My dad was reading the paper and said that Marilyn Monroe had committed SUICIDE. I was aghast. I slammed on the table and said, "There is no way that Marilyn Monroe killed herself." I went on and on. Finally my dad said, 'Well, that's just what the paper says. I don't know if she did or not.' I just couldn't have people thinking that she had killed herself when she hadn't.

For all I know, Nixon could have been behind JFK's some gangsters/CIA dudes/mercenaries. There are so many evil ones out there, it's tough to pick and choose.

Hell, it's gone thru my mind that what happened at Newtown could have been planned (please don't ban me...I'm just thinking.) Do you know that there is this National Gun Sporting Organization headquartered in Newtown? I'd never heard of the organization...just the NRA. All of the classy folks in Newtown belonged to it...and went target practicing. It was marketed as 'Family Fun.' Getting women and kids into guns is the only way to 'grow the business.'

I just have questions...and maybe I missed the answers since I don't watch MSM TV....but there was some dude coming out of the woods beside the school w/ cameos on in handcuffs and he kept saying, 'I didn't do it.' Did anyone find out what his story was???

And then when that CT Sheriff or State Trooper came out banging the microphones about 'The only information that can be put on Social Media is from what I say. And if it isn't, you will be subject to arrest.' WTF was that all about?

I just like to have my questions answered. And now someone on TV said that they're thinking of taxing ammo 50%. Now, isn't that a little much? I mean there are poor people out in the country who hunt for their food. In fact, that's the only reason for hunting, IMHO. Not for some damn taxidermist to put a head of an animal on one's wall...but that's just my opinion. What's the word people use when things seem a bit off....HINKY?

Sorry if I offended but I like to see the blame go to where it belongs. And I never did hear the results of the Geneticist who examined Adam's DNA....for a schizophrenia marker. That would explain A LOT. If he was hearing words telling him to kill his mother and children...I know this first hand. My cousin beat the hell out 2 guys because 'voices in his head' told him they were rapists. That's when we all found out he was schizophrenic.

It just blew my mind when I found out about that National Sporting Gun Assoc. being HQed in Newtown....big mansion w/ columns. This is a town of 25,000...not that big.

Oh, just give me my aluminum hat and I'll go watch the 9ers in peace! lol

Hey, divinediscontent....which game against Cincy are you talking about? 9ers beat them twice!! I bet a couple of people I knew in Cincy. Those were good games. Alas, now I google the players and see if they have a rap sheet!

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