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femrap Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Jan-12-13 06:06 PM
Response to Reply #12
13. I had never
heard that Elton John song. It is quite beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

49ers play tonight...I don't even know who they play. Seattle? Which was in the AFC but is now is the NFC so to cut down on Transportation costs and the owners can make more money. I'm not stupid.

I might check in from time to time to see the score. I wonder if it's raining in to watch them slipping and sliding in the mud!

My mom exhausted me. It seemed to take forever to get the Xmas decor packed and put away. I fixed Italian Wedding Stew in the Crock Pot. I did laundry and more laundry.

I got my teeth cleaned over at OSU....and they raised the cost AGAIN! I have one molar that I'm trying to keep and the Perio Dept. insists on examining me and charging me $25 for 5 minutes. I think the Perio Dentist said 'SERIOUS SITUATION' five times. $5 for each SERIOUS. I told her: "For the last time, I'm telling your dept. that I will probably die before this tooth comes out. And if not, I'm not going to pay you $5,000 for you to replace it. Do I look like a Chase's CEO, Jamie Dimon? Now stop stressing me're just making my death more eminent."

Why would anyone in their right mind get a tooth pulled unless one was in horrible pain??? I know it's a little loose. Big deal. At 60, what isn't loose? I don't see why I can't get a wooden tooth like George Washington???

The Perio was very nice, a woman from India. She understood where I was coming from. For $5,000, I'd go to Europe with a backpack and stay for months.

I've been going to OSU since 2007 and I've watched their College of Dentistry become more and more 'businessfied.' I've told them that I don't fit well into their Business Model. All of the dentists have had to take 'Marketing Classes' I think. And every so often, they have to 'push' a specific procedure so the grad students are getting the required experience. I was in
sales for many years and I can see the signs. Plus these dentists aren't very good salespeople.

I stopped at Trader Joe's for some yummy pizzas made in Italy and organic brown rice for my DETOX. Organic Brown Rice and apples....what do you think? I think I could go for 3 or 4 days. I'll see. Won't start for another week. Do you go there? I wanted to stop at Marc's in Westerville, but I'd been at the Dental Clinic for 3 HOURS and it was getting dark.

I have to drive this new freeway where they cut down a couple of forests and there is so much animal life out there. I already hit a huge raccoon and felt awful. I swear he/she was committing suicide. There are always a bunch of deer dead beside the road and I'd hit another car before hitting a deer, I imagine. As far as I'm concerned the deer were there before the freeway.

This Lew dude who is going to be Sec'y of Treasury is from Citigroup. I was listening to Amy and Bob Black from U of MO in KC and they were saying he was a big part of the problem back in 2008. Honestly, I'm just sick of these Wall Street dudes taking over the handling of the money of our country....well actually, it's the handling of our DEBT.

I'm going to listen to Democracy, Now! from Friday....I think Matt Taibbi was on as well.

I see that Elizabeth Warren is not sitting in the back row 'per etiquette' requires.

It was so warm today in Redneck Central...I took a very long walk and it felt so good. Met some people with animals. I always stop and talk to the people who have animals. I figure they have a decent character. If he/she is being mean to the dog on the leash, I tell he/she that I feel sorry for their dog.

Time for dinner and relax from my few days at Mom's and my dental experience.

How were your meatballs and sauce?
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