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femrap Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jan-08-13 04:12 PM
Response to Reply #4
7. I turned on
the College Football Championship game last night just to catch the Notre Dame has a rapist on its team. Raped a young woman whose family loved Notre Dame, now, not so much. He even told her that no one would believe her.

So I was glad to see they were getting beaten by 35 to 7 at the time. Then I thought, hell, Bama probably has some thugs on their team as well.

I don't even know if Cincy won their playoff game. I'll find out eventually, I guess.

I gotta say, I snickered a bit when OSU went undefeated but couldn't go to the big dance...I'm sorry. I wonder if they would have played Notre Dame or gone to the Rose Bowl???

My father was a huge OSU and Browns fan. I can remember watching Browns games as a child on a Black and White TV. And I thought that they were named the Browns after Jim Brown!!! LOL! He turned out to be a thug as well.

When I was little, my dad took me to the OSU basketball games when Fred Taylor was the coach. Fred played golf where my dad was the Pro. Those were the days of Jerry Lucas, John Havelchek (sp?), that white dude who became a nasty coach at U of Indy (I'm so glad I've forgotten his name). I still have programs from those days. I met Jerry and John and they signed a golf ball for me. My dad thought it was cute. I would have preferred the autograph on paper because the ink came off the ball. They were so tall! I was 6, 7, 8 years old at the time. I was just agape at their height.

And Cincinnati beat us twice in the finals...Robinson, wasn't he the great player on their team? I followed him in the pros as well. But OSU won once! I was quite the BB fan until BB players, too, seemed to succumb to thuggery.

Now, I only watch figure skating and gymnastics...the Olympics.

I followed John Havelchek all thru his career with the Celtics. I happened to be in Philly when John played his last game there before retiring. I got a ticket way up in the rafters. It was amazing how much the people admired him. Standing ovation that lasted forever. There was a very nice ceremony for him. I was so glad I got to see that. But after the game, a gang of young dudes encircled me and tried to steal my purse. And no one in the line to the subway helped me at all. Finally, I yelled, "Hey, you stupid fools...why don't you go steal from someone who has some damn money cuz I sure don't." And they left me alone. But when I got onto the subway, they threw a bottle and broke the window. I had some glass in the back of my hair...that was it.

And I will never go back to Philly again. That place was mean back in...was it 1978? I can't imagine it now. Same with Cleveland...I went to high school in Lakewood my senior year 1970-71. Damn, those people were mean, too. I'd love to go to the Rock n'Roll Hall of Fame but it's in Cleveland. Of course, now I'm much hardened and I walk around with a look on my face that says, "Come on. Just try it. I got lots of shit I would like to unload on you." And no one bothers me. Knock on wood. Only in places where the Rednecks are looking like they might not be up to any good.

To this day I hate the Lakers (they were the nemesis of the Celtics)...more so w/ Kobe. I loved the Celtics! Robert Parrish...he had been out in N. CA. in Oakland. I had such hopes for him...he had talent and damned if they didn't trade him. I knew they'd regret that trade. He blossomed in Boston. I had season tickets w/ the Golden State team for a couple of years.

Did you know that Super Bowl Day is the worst day for Domestic Violence....booze, very long game, lose of bets and kapow!

I did get to go to one Super Bowl...49ers vs. Dolphins 1985 at Stanford. I had season tickets and damned if I didn't get picked in the lottery...I just knew I was going to get picked. Plus it was my b-day weekend. Anyway, this dude in my office (whom I really thought was sleaze) had bugged me all year about betting on my 9ers...he always hated them. I never took the bait.

Then the Super Bowl and the MSM was all about Marino this, Marino that...and the 9ers are just a 'finesse' team. So I went into his office and said, "I want to bet. Are you ready?" He said, "Sure. How much?" I thought for a while and said, "Can you do $500?" You should have seen his eyes pop...looked like saucers. He couldn't say no because he had bugged me all season.

Anyway, I made sure it was big news around the office. After the 9ers won, he turned to a fellow office worker who told me later that he said, "The worst thing of all is that I owe femrap $500."

I just had this gut feeling that we were going to kick Miami's butt. I never bet like that...and have never done so since. But it was like 'the perfect storm.' It was destiny.

The tickets were only $50 back then...and the season ticket holders get the WORST SEATS in the stadium. It's all Corporate. I went to a couple of the Corporate Tents since I was in my workplace had clients there at the time. Free booze. Free food. I remember thinking that the homeless should be here today.

Whenever I had a party at my house and had leftovers, I would sit them out in front of my apartment in San Fran. with plastic forks, napkins, paper plates, garbage bag,etc. Next day everything would be mess. All cleaned up. Egads that was back in 1978-1981....then I headed north out of the city. I grew up in the country and needed some space and fewer people. But I enjoyed living right in the middle of a city for nearly 4 years.

I've rambled waaaaaaaay too much. But sports used to be fun for me...but when Joe Montana retired, it was like an end of an era and the game changed. All of a sudden, it just wasn't fun anymore. Jerry Rice playing for the was just wrong. The 49ers were a hot shot show-offs. When out in public, they behaved liked true GENTLEMEN. I'd go down to Roger Craig and Ronnie Lott's restaurant and they were so cordial and fun. I met Jerry Rice coming out of a movie with his daughter. I was just awestruck...yet he took the time to say hello to me...while his daughter ran away.

But times change. Morality changes. And the MSM aimed straight at the most base of human emotions. Now I look at this culture and I think of 'sewage water treatment plant.' Have you ever seen one? Some engineer I worked with was dying to see this big sewage treatment plant so we had time before the plane left. I was absolutely bowled over. My co-worker was talking to the manager. And I was just mesmerized by these huge football-sized pools of BUBBLING poop! I never knew anything like this existed. Well, I could hardly contain my laughter. The manager I guess was used to this reaction and he said, 'It's OK to laugh.' My co-worker was not happy with me. I can still see (and smell) those huge bubbling pools of poop. Anyway that's how I see our culture today. But I still laugh when I think of that plant. What a sight!

Now I watch the sport of Politics....LOL! And now it's not much fun and I've become an old cynic who has been betrayed once to many and realizes that it's The Rich vs. Everyone Else. And as a member of The Former Middle Class, I wish there were some hope. I just don't see it right now.

I'm keep waiting for the 20 to 30 year-olds to say 'enough already.'

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