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femrap Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jan-07-13 04:26 PM
Response to Original message
2. The Evil
of men must be exposed so to stop it.

Same with the young woman, Jyoti, of India who died from her vicious gang rape. Her attackers have been arrested and people have pored out into the streets to protest how rape is ignored in their country.

When people say 'The Truth Hurts,' it really hurts. This is what mankind is capable must be seen or we have no chance of stopping it.

Rape can not be ignored. Because it has been, it is now rampant. Rapists know the odds are with them. Women are too afraid to report the charges to the police, who really don't care because only 2 to 4% of rapists are ever jailed.

When someone talks about the US's 'rape culture,' she/he is not kidding. There are shelves and shelves full of rape DNA kits going back years that have not even been tested. And rapists keep raping. They know the odds are in their favor.

If the NYT had not written about what happened back in August, 2012 in Steubenville, no one would have known. Those football players played their season with no remorse. Their wealthy parents want to send them to Ivy league colleges. "How can some tramp from West Virginia mess up my son's life?"

I used to be a huge 49er fan back in days of Joe Montana...and when I lived in SF. I had season tickets and I looked forward to every tailgate party. Today, I can't watch any football game because I've read so many stories of high school, college, and pro players who have violated women. And since they're 'admired/famous,' they just walk away. Why do they violate women? BECAUSE THEY CAN. I remember the first time I heard that answer. "Because they can." Who is going to stop them? She must have deserved it in some way or other....and the subject is closed.

Until you really look Evil in the eye, you have no idea what it can do to the person who survives it. Unfortunately, Jyoti, died of her massive injuries in Singapore where she had been flown for special medical care. She lived for roughly two weeks after her brutal attack. She had just graduated from Medical School. I will spare you the details of her injuries.

I was so glad to see that the Indian people filled the streets to mourn her and to insist on laws to protect women.

I remember when I visited Dachau, an American woman said, "This is horrible. Why do they insist on keeping it open?" SO IT HOPEFULLY WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN. After leaving, I had to sit down on the curb of the street just to get my bearings. The Evil committed at that place was beyond all concepts of Evil.

The young woman from West Virginia who was tortured and raped in Steubenville experienced true Evil. She deserves everyone's empathy, understanding, and righteous anger over what was done to her. She has been forced to deal with a corrupt police office and judicial system. This young woman DESERVES JUSTICE.

The number of women who are walking around with PTSD from the violence committed to their bodies is enormous. Does anyone ever hear that term, PTSD, applied to the survivors of rape?

I have little faith in Atty. General DeWine (former US Senator from Ohio who was defeated by Sherrod Brown), but that will not stop me from writing him a letter to demand justice for that young woman. Given that she lives in another state, I would think the Feds would be brought in, but I'm no lawyer.

If one turns away from the evil violence that is committed on women every single minute of every single day, one is condoning and denying that such Evil exists. Reading about what the women of Darfur have to endure is so painful to me. I wish I could arm those women so they could go out to gather their firewood. The US has done so little for them.

The Wars of Today mainly kill women, children and the elderly. I believe the collateral damage is around 70% of total deaths. It's too bad war isn't hand-to-hand combat.

As a species, I don't think humans have evolved much at all. In fact, I feel we are de-volving. Humans can now destroy what enables their lives...and they keep insisting on doing it. What kind of sense does that make? I hope Mother Earth smacks those who deserve someone told me...she is always the last at bat.

I hope I haven't offended anyone with my words. But what those football players and possibly others did to that young woman has to be shoved in the faces of those who deny such Evil. And the most handsome or charming man who lives down the street can be the one who attacks one's daughter, wife, girlfriend, sister, mother.....Men need to stand up and take action against the men who commit such Evil. Women have yelled and yelled about it, but no one listens. No one does anything. Even VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) was not passed...thank you, Eric Cantor. I wrote him a letter as well. And how does Cantor get away with letting Native Americans be preyed upon as sport by the White Man? Because he can.

The stories of violence against the Native American women will make you sick. And they should. Everyone has to say, "ENOUGH."

Write Cantor at: 763 Madison Rd. #207 Culpeper, VA 22701. He also has an office in Richmond.

Or email him. I did that as well. I used the Culpeper zip code and made up a street address. Lots of these asshat politicians won't take your email if you are not a resident of their district. Yet he is responsible for ALL women now having no recourse against the violence perpetrated against them.

Last, I never understood why Rape wasn't defined as a Hate Crime.
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