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Reply #1: Breaking a vow is not that hard after the first time. Ask any serial adulterer. [View All]

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No Elephants Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-30-12 02:53 AM
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1. Breaking a vow is not that hard after the first time. Ask any serial adulterer.
Edited on Fri Nov-30-12 03:16 AM by No Elephants
Democratic voters have been learning that Democrats will not necessarily side against the plutocrats.

I think that, when neither party truly represents the 99%, more and more of the 99% will go with the Party that they trust to at least not raise their taxes.

But now, Republican voters are learning that they cannot necessarily trust Republicans on taxes. And, Romney was right on one thing: keeping taxes low is not much of an issue if you don't have a job or can't make enough at the three jobs you do you have.,

So, the line between the parties will get even more blurred.

Things may get really interesting.

Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times.

BTW, the Progressive Policy Institute is more active currently than the DLC.

As you probably know, PPI was established by Will Marshall, who with Al From, was the first employee of the DLC. (One of the reasons why I don't like using the word "progressive" to mean anything left of centrist. The Progressive Party was, after all, the moderate wing of the Republican Party.)

But, now, almost the entire Democratic Party has gone Third Way. Most Democratic voters are still clueless about that. Either that, or they are willing to settle for a Party that, for the most part, does not get batshit crazy over social issues.

But, until The Tea Party and Todd Akins gave Democrats a huge gift, Democrats were getting more and more quiet about social issues. Obama, for example, stammered most when asked about abortion and he would not handle gays in the military by executive order as Reagan had--and many of Obama's bundlers are gay.

Now, Republicans have decided that their far right religious and mostly white male base is not enough without more women and minorities. So Republican politicians are going to at least try to seem more inclusive and less batshit.

I guess that gets us back to the "interesting" question of how voters will tell the two parties apart as they continue to morph into each other.

I don't know if the Republican base, when denied, is as docilely loyal as the Democratic base when denied, though.

I'm thinking Libertarians may will be the unintended beneficiaries of all this morphing. I just hope the Bill Maher-type Libertarians greatly outnumber the Ron Paul-type libertarians.

But, I doubt it. I think Libertarians are basically Republicans who don't want to be taxed for anything, even defense.
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