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Reply #2: Michelle Rhee is no "activist", not "grassroots". claims to be both. [View All]

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madfloridian Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Sep-02-12 02:08 PM
Response to Reply #1
2. Michelle Rhee is no "activist", not "grassroots". claims to be both.
First off, defending public education is NOT acting like a Republican. It is acting as Democrats should act.

Never would I have suspected that the Bush education agenda would be heartily welcomed by Democrats.

Hubby and I are voting for Obama, in fact we were large donors in 2008. But that does NOT mean I have to silence my voice when he is wrong.

I have already written my responses to your concern about They were getting money for the signatures, just as they do on all petitions. They can not pretend to be an activist site when they are hosting Students First, one of the biggest corporate venture groups in education. They finally realized that.

Michelle Rhee is no activist.

Here is what I have written already about why she is not healthy for public education.

A treasure trove of Michelle Rhee quotes about her education philosophy.

I think if there is one thing I have learned over the last 15 months, its that cooperation, collaboration and consensus-building are way overrated.

That was said at the Aspen institute in 2008.

Sometimes she uses this voice to imitate teachers; other times, politicians or parents. Never students. "People say, Well, you know, test scores dont take into account creativity and the love of learning, she says with a drippy, grating voice, lowering her eyelids halfway. Then she snaps back to herself. "Im like, You know what? I dont give a crap.

That was said in an interview with Time Magazine with her on the cover with a new broom that sweeps clean. She doesn't give a "crap" about creativity and love of learning? Really? Yet she is speaking at the DNC convention, given good prominence.

Another quote made at the Fordham institute in 2008.

"People tell me the unions are an inevitable part of this (school reform). My thing is, what has that gotten us so far? All the collaboration and holding hands and singing Kumbaya?"

Did you know that she and Arne Duncan kicked a retired teacher, well known blogger out of their education summit because he had been critical of them on his blog?

A retired D.C. teacher who has written critically about Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Michelle Rhee said security guards escorted him out of an education data summit where the two were speaking on Wednesday.

Guy Brandenburg, who writes the GFBrandenburgs Blog (which is subtitled Just a blog by a guy whos a retired math teacher) describes in a post how he attended the National Data Summit in Washington D.C. for which he had signed up to attend and started handing out a pamphlet he wrote criticizing data-driven school reform.

..."The pamphlet, which you can see here, is titled Problems with Using Data to Fix Our Schools Or, Garbage In, Garbage Out. According to Brandenburg, security guards approached him after he had handed out about a dozen pamphlets and told him that he had to leave because the summit hosts didnt want him there. He was told he could not stay even if he stopped distributing pamphlets, Brandenburg said in an email.

After he left the conference, he wrote this post on his blog:

So much for freedom of speech.

I am exercising my freedom of speech when I write about the harm being done to public education. What puzzles me is why it is so hard to get people to care.

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