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Why the GOP hates Progressives more than they love America, in election 2012 reality TV hunger game [View All]

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Democrats Ramshield Donating Member (90 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Mar-31-12 03:29 PM
Original message
Why the GOP hates Progressives more than they love America, in election 2012 reality TV hunger game
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(Written by a real life survivor of America's hunger games, who has become an American expat living in the European Union).

Proof of the real life hunger games in the GOP led Class Warfare against the American working class!!

Here's an honest question for anyone who hasn't seen the movie the Hunger Games which is set in a fictitious post-apocalyptic America which have been gerrymandered into 12 districts, wherein people are forced into a gladiatorial type reality TV game to fight to the death as a source of profit and entertainment for an elite American 1% type ruling class who are residents of an opulent American capital city. The elites allow for the survival of only a few winners from a district of the former area known as Appalachia, (renamed District 12), wherein American working class coal mining families are allowed to eek out a stark, bare bones, grey Orwellian type subsistence by the new American underclass in the area formally known as Appalachia.

(For anyone who can't watch the video below, please note the depraved decadence of the champagne sucking, smarmy Wall Street surrogates of the Plutocracy, purged on top of Roman pillar type architecture reminiscent of the Circus Maximus near the ancient Roman forum looking down with great amusement at the 99 percenters struggling masses below in the ultimate reality TV spectacle in America's 2012 real life hunger games).

To which one might ask why would working class Americans be prepared to struggle when the odds are so stacked against them, wherein the plutocracy is allowed to keep the lid on by creating a handful of a few lottery winners, wherein the odds of anyone ever winning big are ridiculously small. The answer in a clear case where art imitates life can be found in the trailer of the theatrical release of the Hunger Games inserted below, where a message can be summed up in aggregate in a single word which is hope!!!

(Cross posted by Democrats Ramshield from the Daily Kos. Please click on the link below to read the rest of this article and watch the videos. Thank you.)
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