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Reply #134: Adequate subsidies and how we pay, or not pay, for those subsidies ... [View All]

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slipslidingaway Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-03-11 01:43 AM
Response to Reply #129
134. Adequate subsidies and how we pay, or not pay, for those subsidies ...
recently the administration decided they could not make the numbers work for the Class Act ... who could have imagined.

Also there are some recent articles on how the subsidies may be calculated at the PNHP site, they may not be all people think. Add that to the fact that a major a contributor (the Class Act) was just deleted from the bill by the administation. Where is this money coming from for subsidies, I'm happy to have my tax dollars go for a not for profit system, not very happy to pay for subsidies for vacation homes and to enrich the bottom line for investors.

Both bills reduce the deficit because they collect money for a new long term care....

Posted by slipslidingaway in General Discussion: Presidency
Fri Nov 20th 2009, 12:24 AM
plan that will not have any cash outlays in the beginning years.

....Generating revenue to cover the plan's cost over the 10 year period...bottom of page 7 in the CBO report. While the program itself sounds good, notice how this new piece reduces the deficit by 72 billion in the 10 year window.

Nice way to reduce the cost for Now.

The headline news was that this bill would reduce the deficit by 104 billion...

BREAKING: CBO Releases Numbers On House Health Care Bill : Reduce Deficit by $104 Billion where did that reduction come from, it appears a large portion (72 billion) is due to this new long term care insurance, aka CLASS.

While that is something to celebrate, the plan would have people paying in over the 10 year budget window for something they will need in the future, naturally this will be all gains until people start drawing from the fund. For reference this is shown on page 26, Table 3 of the CBO report.

It reminded me of the SS Trust Fund that was pre-financed and helped to reduce the deficits, especially during the Clinton and Bush years...]/b]

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