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Reply #10: because the global, private banking cartel has ownership and indirect control of all the major [View All]

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stockholmer Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Nov-27-11 02:44 PM
Response to Reply #2
10. because the global, private banking cartel has ownership and indirect control of all the major
central banks and multinational institutions (the BIS is the capstone, it is the central bank's central bank), and because SOVEREIGN debts are completely tied to the bond markets, the credit default swaps, interest rate swaps, etc etc, the banksters can now bring entire nations to their knees, and strip true sovereignty away from the citizens. All one needs to do is to look at what is going on in the Eurozone to see this process.

If the people try to say no more, let the banks go under, the entire system, from the central banks on down will utilize multi-dimensional fiscal, political, and military (as a last resort) threats to crush any talk of debt repudiation. Iceland is the only nation so far to successfully fight off the sharks, but they are small, and in a unique position of self-sustainability.

Just go back and look at the bailouts in the USA in 2008. The House of Representatives voted the bailout plan down the first time, and then the combined weight of the Federal Reserve (Bernanke), the US Treasury Department (Hank Paulson), and the biggest private banksters (JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citi, Wells fargo, Bank of America, etc) literally went on to the floor of the House and threatened martial law and global collapse if the banksters were not bailed out. Here is California Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman saying this very thing (on the House floor) . The $700 billion TARP programme was a sideshow, a distraction, as the real looting was well over $20 trillion in secret loans and giveaways (many times to foreign, non-US banks) that the Federal Reserve proceeded to do. See my post here for an account of $17 trillion in giveaways and sweetheart loans by the Fed, much of it uncovered by Senator Bernie Sanders in a PARTIAL audit of the programme.

Private profits are kept by the banksters, private losses are dumped onto the backs of the sovereign citizens. This is the essence of fascism. The wealth is extracted more and more, and funneled upwards to an ever-narrowing group of systemic controllers. The rest of the world is bound into multi-generational chattel debt slavery.
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