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Reply #25: Evo Morales was a very poor, Indigenous coca leaf farmer who rose to become... [View All]

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Peace Patriot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Nov-20-11 11:02 AM
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25. Evo Morales was a very poor, Indigenous coca leaf farmer who rose to become...
...head of the coca leaf farmers' union, thence to president of Bolivia. He is one of the great leaders of the leftist democracy movement that has been winning elections all over Latin America. He is a member of a race that, as late as the 1960s, were not permitted to walk on the sidewalks in Bolivia because they were brown-skinned.

Hugo Chavez was so poor as a child, they couldn't afford baseballs and bats in baseball-crazy Venezuela. He and his friends had to play baseball with sticks and rocks. One of his vows as president was to provide equipped baseball fields to every poor community in Venezuela. The only opportunity for poor youth in a Venezuela run by the rich oil elite was the military. Chavez joined, rose through the ranks, got an education, formed a leftist reading group among his fellow officers and eventually tried to revolt against elite rule, after a massacre of poor protestors--in a failed coup that landed him in jail. In jail, he became a hero to the poor majority in Venezuela and was later elected president of the country. He is, no question, THE pioneer of the leftist revolution in Latin America.

One of the keys to understanding this astonishing, peaceful revolution is the friendship and alliance that arose between Chavez and Lula da Silva, which included monthly meetings between the two to discuss issues and a commitment to social justice--to "raising all boats"--within their countries and in the region. BOTH came from backgrounds of poverty and oppression--a phenomenon that is actually common in the New Latin America.

Jose Mujica, president of Uruguay, drives a beat up old VW and owns almost nothing (a small flower farm, his home, where he lives with his wife of many years). In his youth, he was a member of a leftist group that fought the fascist junta in Uruguay and was imprisoned and tortured by the junta.

Fernando Lugo, Paraguay's beloved "bishop of the poor"--who spent most of his career as a bishop living with, and advocating for, the poorest of the poor--farmer workers, campesinos--overturned 60 years of rightwing rule (including a heinous dictatorship) when he was elected president of Paraguay in 2008.

The current president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, successor to Lula da Silva, belonged to a leftist group fighting the fascist junta horrors in Brazil and was imprisoned and horribly tortured by them.

All of the hideous dictatorships that imprisoned and/or tortured these future presidents of Latin American countries did so with the enthusiastic backing of the U.S. government, including U.S. "training" of some of the torturers.

Daniel Ortega led the revolution against the beastial oppression of the U.S.-backed fascists in Nicaragua (the Reagan Horrors). He is now president of Nicaragua.

Not all of these leaders of revolutions or current/recent leftist presidents in Latin America came from stark poor backgrounds. Rafael Correa, president of Ecuador, was educated as an economist in the United States, for instance--but all of them are advocates for the poor majority and none of them would have had any chance to rise to the presidency--and indeed were in mortal peril--when the U.S. was holding sway in these countries. Michelle Batchelet, until recently president of Chile, was from an upper middle class background. Her father was tortured and murdered by the U.S.-backed fascist dictatorship in Chile (the Nixon-Kissinger Horrors) and she had had to flee Chile as a young woman, or she would have been next. Her father's crime? Advocating for the poor majority!

"ONLY IN 'AMERICA" can people of poor backgrounds rise to the presidency? What humbug! The sad truth is that "only in the United States" (which is NOT all of America) and only in U.S. client states in Latin America--such as Colombia and Honduras--are the corporatists and war profiteers allowed to run rampant over the poor majority--murdering them and thieving from them! Further, Obama would never have been permitted to enter the White House if he hadn't agreed to serve these corporate/war profiteer interests--which he is very plainly doing. The advocates of the poor, here, were assassinated in the 1960s--JFK, Martin Luther king, RFK, 1,2,3, bang-bang, shoot-shoot--and we have never been the same since. This paved the way for the rich to get richer and for horrible wars as well horrible, horrible policies in Latin America that continue to this day in the countries that have been unable to free themselves from U.S. rule!

And hear this: The key to these leftist victories in Latin America is TRANSPARENT ELECTIONS. We have lost transparent vote counting here, to Corporate Rule. It's all done now with 'TRADE SECRET' code--code that we are forbidden to review. Latin America has gone the other way--TOWARD transparent elections and majority rule, and consequently toward social justice, peace and cooperation. While our "New Deal" is dismantled by the rich, Latin America is gaining their "New Deal," at long last--because they did their civic homework on honest elections.

I believe that Barack Obama was actually elected in 2008--on the hopes and dreams of the U.S. majority for peace and justice--but the problem is that he was also PERMITTED TO BE elected, probably as the cypher into which our corporate rulers hoped to bury the memory of the Bush Junta with its vast crimes and vast theft. I believe that they also shaved his mandate, just in case he had any remaining intention to serve the majority. THAT is what 'TRADE SECRET' vote counting has done--it allows the Corporate Rulers to play our political system like a piano, setting up long term narratives and scenarios for more corporate resource wars and more looting by the rich.

"Only in America"--or rather, "only in the United States"--can one, private, far rightwing-connected corporation--ES&S, which bought out Diebold--gain control of 80% of the voting systems in the country, using 'TRADE SECRET' code with virtually no audit/recount controls!

The sad and tragic truth is that, in the Americas, "only in the United States" and in the few Latin American countries still bullied by the United States, would the theft of our birthright--our right to vote--be tolerated, and, indeed, "only in the United States" would this assault on the foundation of democracy be UTTERLY IGNORED by all of our political leaders and the corporate press.

I have to laugh (bitterly) when they say that Hugo Chavez is "undemocratic." Hugo Chavez was elected in THE most honest and transparent election system in the Americas! And he is hated here--and relentlessly slandered and reviled--for that very reason: he is an honestly elected, GENUINE advocate of the poor majority who takes his duty to the majority more seriously than any president in the Americas since FDR!

On the other hand, there is not one public official in this country--from Barack Obama on down--who can prove that he or she was actually elected! Not one! That is how bad this "TRADE SECRET' vote counting system is!

We wonder why our interests are not being served, no matter whom we appear to elect? THIS is why.

Important note: Latin America also has bad, bad corporate media--worse than here--and billions of our tax dollars infused into Latin American elections for rightwing causes and candidates--yet they've been able to elect genuine leftist leaders throughout the region. The difference: honest vote counting. "The people" can overcome corporate money and media IF the votes are counted honestly in the PUBLIC venue.

If we truly want to change things, so that the poor majority is served, we need to start with the corporate-run voting systems!

It really doesn't matter whether our political representatives come from poor or working class backgrounds. Great leftist leadership can come from any quarter (as FDR so resoundingly proved). President Obama's remark--about "only in America"--was not only wrong; it was irrelevant. Who cares what anyone's background is, if they stay true to democracy and serve "the people"? It is a form of prejudice--and demagoguery--to tout a poor background and then serve the rich, once you've made it to the top. Democracy makes it possible to elect leaders who serve the poor majority, and the interests of the country as a whole. TRANSPARENT VOTE COUNTING is the bottom line of democracy. No reform is possible without it. We must get that power back--we MUST!
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