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Anneewakee - Joe Paterno [View All]

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Rebubula Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Nov-10-11 11:10 AM
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Anneewakee - Joe Paterno
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I was sent to a reform school in the early 80s. It was called Anneewakee and was located in Douglasville Georgia (with campuses in Carabelle, FL and a girls campus in Rockmart, GA).

The founder and operator was a pedophile named Louis J. Poetter. It was a well known secret that he was interested in the male students - mostly the weaker ones of course, predators rarely attack the strong - and had even once been banned from contact with the boys after someone complained in the mid 70s. Many donations to local and state politicians (including then Gov. Jimmy Carter) basically made that restriction go away.

When I was there - he was known to favor certain boys and would have 'sleep overs' with them on his boat at the Carabelle Marina (built with the slave labors of the boys there). He kept other boys and their questions at bay by using an Aryan giant named Carl Moore (I was never sexually abused there, but Carl once kicked the crap out of me for talking back to Doc - he was an honorary Doctor and everyone referred to him as Doc Poetter - during a trip to Mexico) and some other flunkies.

Two years after I terminated the program (was there for 2 years, 1 month and 2 day - we lived in the woods in rustic cabins, sturdy tents and even Teepees and spent most of our days doing physical labor on the campus grounds) - the whole Anneewakee program came crashing down when several former male students came forward and a trial was held.

Many people went to jail for having knowledge of his (and several others) crimes and keeping quiet. It was a strange time for me as I also knew about some of this - but it is was a knowledge built on rumors from disturbed adolescents and angry kids.

Doc Poetter served a few years in prison as did Carl Moore.

Because of my background....I am incensed about the fact that so many people KNEW...they FUCKING KNEW this Sandusky fellow was raping kids. Moreover, the defense of those in power that knew and did not alert police (by several posters on this site) is making me physically ill.

There is NO FUCKING EXCUSE for people to know...not rumors, FUCKING KNOW about children being raped and not doing a damned thing about it.

I want to say that my experience in this reform school was, overall, very good. I was a troubled young man that made many life long friends and was able to overcome some anger and learn ways to deal with all the shit that life throws at you.

But I will never forgive the enablers that allowed this monster - Louis J. Poetter - to continue to abuse children LONG after the 1st incident occurred.

Joe Paterno and everyone at Penn State that knew about the shower rape are guilty of enabling a monster and the - probable - continued rape and abuse of children.

Everyone apologizing for their actions REALLY needs to consider the fact that children were raped and abused and NOT ONE FUCKING PERSON THAT KNEW CAME FORWARD TO SAVE THEM!!!!!!!!
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