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Reply #116: Only if they meekly accept it! [View All]

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Moostache Donating Member (905 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Oct-19-11 12:40 PM
Response to Reply #7
116. Only if they meekly accept it!
The OWS movement and others that will arise from this latest theft must hold the line and inspire the masses to depart from the corrupted system.

Two-party, unlimited money-for-access/influence politics is a living fossil.

Fortunately, we already have a great foundational document to restore a representative republic, but it appears more and more that getting to that point is going to require a complete reset of the American government - literally expelling EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE INCUMBENTS FROM BOTH PARTIES and starting completely over - with term limits, publicly financed elections, life sentences for political subverting of the electoral system, restructuring the Senate to allow only proportional allocation of seats (minimum of 2, but extra senators for every 1,000,000 citizens of a state after that and direct election of the president by popular national vote (goodbye electoral college). We also need to return to the "Fairness Doctrine" for broadcast media - meaning that all political or talk radio and TV shows would be banned from airing only single-sided lunatics without also airing equal time for an opposing viewpoint or counter argument ---- NO MORE 24/7/365 propaganda machines masquerading as "free speech"!

I am saddened that so many in this country fail to see the true damage that is inflicted on the population when unmitigated propaganda is allowed to pollute the minds of millions without interruption. It has led directly to the hermetically sealed bubble that so many people live in today and they can't even recognize the walls of the prison they have been placed in like cattle for the slaughterhouse!

There was nothing inherently wrong with New Deal-era regulations aside from the fact that they very much prevented plutocrats and oligarchs from pillaging the system and impoverishing millions to enrich themselves. Tightly regulated and segregated banking is essential to have anything remotely fair in a capitalist economy. I have ZERO problem with people making as much money as their efforts allow provided two things happen - 1) they pay taxes in proportion to the benefits this society and its infrastructure and social stability provide - meaning a PROGRESSIVE TAXATION SYSTEM IS UNIVERSALLY APPLIED and 2) that whatever their monetary fortune may be, they are banned from using the financial advantages they enjoy from translating into power and access man, one vote and no more!

The rhetorical question from so many on the campaign trail is always the same - "Take our country back" - but they don't REALLY mean it! They don't want to wrest power from the ruling 1% to form a more perfect union...they want to serve their paymasters and get another fix of that sweet, sweet campaign cash. Our politicians are all crack whores looking to suck that next dick for a $20 rock. This country cannot be saved until we have hard term-limits, population-proportioned representation in the Senate and money-free elections (btw the licenses to broadcast on the airwaves of the United States are granted by the FCC, meaning that come election time, those same airwave licenses could be suspended to allow for political coverage that interrupts ALL regular programming for the run up to the election...this IS done elsewhere in the CIVILIZED places where the population is not so cravenly set against itself over trumped up non-issues and idiocy!)
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