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Reply #68: Some on DU obviously still support DLC -- [View All]

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defendandprotect Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Sep-17-11 08:34 PM
Response to Reply #36
68. Some on DU obviously still support DLC --
Edited on Sat Sep-17-11 08:39 PM by defendandprotect
IMO, Sanders could run on a split ticket -- Socialist/Dem -- why not?

And Michael Moore could do the same -- why not?

But, agree with you re the Koch Bros. DLC -- we have to find out what if anything is

left of the Dem Party!

Maybe only thing left is the name -- ? We can pick that up and walk off with it --

and add "Labor" to it -- Democratic Labor Party? How about that?

Certainly the THIRD WAY has control over the Democratic Party so I would say it's time

to begin asking those hard questions about the party!!

Love Nader -- love Ralph -- pretty much everything we know about politics has been

related to us by Ralph Nader -- forty years and more ago he was telling us that both

parties and our government were being bought by corporations --

But the Democratic Party was anxious to scapegoat him -- it saved them from having to

answer a lot of nasty questions about the 2000 election!! Even today, computers are a

"taboo" subject in the party ... allegedly because they don't want to give Democratic

voters the idea that "our elections aren't honest" -- !!! Evidently that's the official

party line as related to Thom Hartmann by an elected Democrat -- i.e., "If the voters

got the idea the elections weren't honest, Democrats might not come out to vote!" --

:rofl: if it wasn't so sad!

We should also notice how the SCAPEGOATING OF NADER has distracted so many here from

seeing and understanding what actually happened in 2000! Certainly the LARGE COMPUTERS

used by our corporate-press also played a huge role in the steal! The LARGE computers

which began coming in during the mid-1960's gave MSM new powers to PREDICT and CALL

elections -- PREDICT and CALL winners and losers -- and even to PREDICT and CALL

Electoral College votes -- and the new president!

What we saw in 2000 was simply a reversal of those new powers!

The voting computers have been with us since the late 1960's -- and I'd question every

election back to Nixon/Humphrey!

But coming back to Nader, every time I see a post knocking him for 2000 -- I think it

should be a post knocking Chief Justice Roberts who played a large role in pulling off

the steal for Bush -- and he actually organized the GOP-sponsored fascist rally which

stopped the counting of 120,000 or more votes never before counted in Miami-Dade county!

No police interference -- though it was near-violent. But it succeeded in shutting down

the recount!

Those busy pushing the scapegoating of Nader also let the Gang of 5 off the hook for

actually putting W in the Oval office in their outrageous decision -- !!

Truth has a long arc -- but gradually many are coming to understand 2000 and Bush's "win"

had nothing to do with Nader -- and that actually Gore won no matter how the votes are


Currently, I think Nader has formed a coalition to survey the various states looking for

challengers to Obama in 2012. Hope it happens!

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