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Reply #65: considering time lost on global warming, ignoring RW radio has been the biggest blunder in history [View All]

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certainot Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Sep-17-11 06:02 PM
Response to Reply #63
65. considering time lost on global warming, ignoring RW radio has been the biggest blunder in history
it wasn't fox that turned the democratic party into the democrat party, or swiftboated ACORN, or van jones, or clinton or gore or kerry. fox helped but only the coordinated radio monopoly could do that kind of unchallenged repetition day after day.

palin was chosen to get limbaugh behind mccain in time for the convention. she was announced minutes before his friday show started the week before the convention and limbaugh used it as an excuse to finally give his blessing to mccain- without which the convention would have been a disaster.

it is why immigration became and becomes such a big deal around elections- and how it has been such a useful issue to the GOP for passing voter suppression.

we've always had money in politics and democracy was designed to handle that. and we were making slow progress. but the last 20 years has been a disaster for progress. radio has made the difference. it allows them to create the constituencies to enable money to win. dems keep trying reforms and keep getting beaten by team limbaugh channeling the think tanks, deciding what is and what isn't acceptable. until the left finally challenges radio forget any real reforms. any media reform attempts bring howls about 'free speech'. election and campaign finance reform is the same- dems are trying to steal elections. team limbaugh will not allow dissent and those that would don't make it past teh dittohead dominated primaries. there can be no bipartisanship, no democracy. and their swiftboating and voter suppression works because the left ignores it.

the left has no written searchable record of it and has no idea of all the crap they've had to react to, and how many times they've been beaten, merely because they ended up noticing and reacting too late. whether it takes years like ACORN or weeks like van jones or one week of concentrate limbaugh action like the global warming email gate idiocy, the heavy lifting of unchallenged repetition can only happen on that coordinated talk radio machine.

that is where the teabagger's alternate reality was created- they are limbaugh-hannity dittoheads, just brought out into the open and given bus passes from the kock bros.

that is where most of the teabaggers got the notion that defaulting was no big deal and had an upside.

anytime something big is brewing catch a few of the RW blowhards and you'll see the patterns. anything the left or obama is successful with in messaging will trigger and immediate response from the think tanks who will develop a distortion or distraction campaign that starts on radio. and if a favored RW pol fucks up there will quickly be a number of rationalizations and excuses to choose from. just listen to limbaugh make excuses for perry next time he fucks up and know that 20 mil will hear it from him and then probably the rest of the team wil be close behind. there is little variation.
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