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Reply #73: What you're saying doesn't add up to what Maxine is saying [View All]

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Number23 Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Aug-18-11 08:00 PM
Response to Reply #72
73. What you're saying doesn't add up to what Maxine is saying
She does understand her constituency. Which is why she's asking them to "unleash" her. If her constituents wanted her to go after Obama, she wouldn't have to be asked to be "unleashed."

Her constituents don't want her going after Obama. They are angry at HER and at Congress. Obama's numbers have dropped in minority communities (which is perfectly normal) but he still enjoys pretty good to great support from minority communities.

The actions of this WH lost them the House in 2010

I'm always amazed when I see this line here. The reason so many voted for conservatives in 2010 is because they view this president as TOO LIBERAL. The idea from so many on DU that Obama's "conservative" practices is what lead to the loss of the House is beyond inane.

There are a billion articles printed either right before or right after the election that state time and time and time again that the American public (rightly or wrongly) views this president as TOO LIBERAL. My dear, THAT is why the Democrats lost the House in 2010.

A more recent Rasmussen article shows that 57% of Americans view the president as "more liberal" than they are, while a whopping NINE PERCENT view him as more conservative (and I have NO DOUBT that every bit of that 9% comes from people reading way too much DU)

Teachers, eg, since I know that field, millions of them are now totally disgusted with his policies

You know "millions" of teachers??! Wow! That's really something.

Even on DU amongst teachers, there is a very wide variety of opinion on the president's policies. One of my favorite posters here was a teacher and I know several who don't even participate in the teaching threads because they were so disgusted with the way some of the teachers here conduct themselves and act as though they speak for everyone in the profession.

Yes, Obama's poll numbers do stink right now, but it's very interesting to note that they are still higher than Clinton's and Reagan's were at this time in their first terms. And we know that both of them went on to win second terms very handily.
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