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Reply #22: Done This is my email to Andy" Where's my health care" Harris [View All]

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BobbyBoring Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jul-26-11 09:11 AM
Response to Original message
22. Done This is my email to Andy" Where's my health care" Harris
Dear Mr. Harris,
I'm writing to remind you that you were sent to Washington to serve WE THE PEOPLE, not the wealthiest 1% or the craziest 13%. Why do we, the working Americans have to sacrifice when so many are doing so well? No one is asking for a tax hike. All we want is the Bush tax cuts that were supposed to sunset to sunset. They would have if your party did not hold extended unemployment benefits hostage. I'm sick and tired of hearing "We don't want to hurt the job creators". What jobs? The Bush tax cuts have been in place since 2001. During the Bush presidency, net job creation was 1.4 million. Obviously, tax cuts do not create jobs.

I read yesterday that a total of 16 TRILLION was "Loaned" to the financial sector during the bail outs. Most of this went in to the pockets of Wall St criminals. These people destroyed trillions in wealth with their Ponzi schemes and not a one of them has been charged. On top of that, most of their "Earnings" are taxed at the 15% capital gains rate. What's up with that?

Mr. Harris, the American people are waking up. The elections in 2010 went the way they did because many Democrats stayed home. Believe me, it won't happen again. There's a ground swell happening and in 2012, ANY Congressman or Senator that does not represent the will of ALL the people will be voted out of office, regardless of party affiliation.

We demand a balanced approach to the debt crisis. Mr. Boehner is wrong when he says Washington doesn't have a revenue problem. We do have a spending problem. We're spending 2 BILLION a week on wars that President Bush started but I've heard no mention of cutting that. All I've heard is cutting programs that people depend on.
Do the right thing Mr. Harris. The future of America depends on it.
Thank You,
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