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defendandprotect Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Jun-28-11 01:08 AM
Response to Original message
63. If you're going to suppose .....
Edited on Tue Jun-28-11 01:10 AM by defendandprotect
Think you need more basic info --

Like aliens having created human hybrids 375,000 years ago --

And, allegedly the scenario already happened -- perhaps something similar to

how it was shown in "Alien visitation of the third kind" --

Supposedly it was Ike's adminsitration which was involved --

And, correct, if you listen to Bob Dean, we are on the outskirts of the univerese --

and sometime soon to be roped in -- caught up with everyone else.

Why should anyone have "faith" in male-supremacist religion --

if the "Guards of the universe" were heard -- it was misunderstood as "god" -- that's all.

We're starting to figure out that they may use anti-gravity, but evidently a lot more to it

than that. We're interested in weapons -- they seem to be avoiding using them ....

for 375,000 years.

Wasn't there a program on tonight about the aliens being a threat to us?

That's the trend -- more reason for war and armaments -- let's see ... commies, China,

terrorists, aliens?

Seemingly, the 1500 or more every year being abducted since the 1960's or so have made clear

that they have given us long away information on energy -- but it was too inconvenient for

the oil/gas industry -- they didn't like it!

First thought on why they would be here is that this planet had something they needed --

creating life here may have begun as creating a slave race -- which was eventually freed.

How many alien species? At the time of our Apollo/astronauts they were referring to the

"Heinz/87 varieties" -- others say there are more than three hundred known alien species.

Agree -- what you can accept intellectually -- isn't necessarily what you can accept


If our planet is in crisis -- then there may be a bit of truth in myth -- i.e., spaceships

to take people off of the planet? These would be those previously abducted -- allegedly

usually families -- and some say they have been changed genetically to adapt to their

new home base.

Would you want to be one of the abducted and saved -- or would you want to stay no matter

what is going to happen on this planet?

I'd stay -- of course, there is still the question of reincarnation -- something that was

taught by all the world's major religions .... until it became inconvenient for elites!


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