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Reply #50: Sovereignty and the UFO [View All]

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drokhole Donating Member (759 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jun-27-11 11:35 PM
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50. Sovereignty and the UFO
Edited on Mon Jun-27-11 11:49 PM by drokhole
This does a great job of covering the implications:

They write a much more condensed version (an essay titled "Militant Agnosticism and the UFO Taboo") in the book "UFOs: Governments, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On the Record" by Leslie Kean:

In a nut shell, it throws all our shit into disarray - it calls into question the state's ability to protect its citizens (due to vastly superior technology of "visitors"), it might create pressure to form a unified world government (threatening the structure of sovereign states), and it above all calls into question the very nature through which man is ruled:

"By this we mean that, in the modern world, political organization everywhere is based on the assumption that only human beings have the ability and authority to govern and determine our collective fate...Significantly, it is on this anthropocentric basis that modern states are able to command exceptional loyalty and resources from their subjects...To whom would people give their loyalty in such a situation, and could states in their present form survive were such a question politically salient?"

If aliens landed tomorrow, I'd imagine you'd having a lot of people assessing not only their, but mankind's, lot in life. People would lose a whole lot of interest in a whole lot of mundane/trivial shit incredibly fast - including working at near any job. Economies and business-as-usual would more than likely grind to a halt, especially if they decided to share their technology with us. Hell, that alone would probably eliminate more than half the jobs on the planet (energy/electronic/transportation sector, at the very least).

If they were malevolent, it's pretty much a resistance is futile/kiss your ass goodbye scenario. If they've mastered intergalactic(dimensional?) travel, our weapons would be as useful as storming Normandy armed with bags of shit. I'd imagine they'd at least be able to simply deflect, absorb, or jam our weaponry. Worst case scenario, they'd have mastered telepathy and could just paralyze our asses on the spot. And EVEN IF we could fight back, where the fuck are we gonna go? We're glued to this rock. They can always leave and/or come back with reinforcements.

This is all rendered moot, of course, if this is the guy that shows up:

In which case, hide your cats...
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