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Reply #96: What's "RA"? You mean Rational Recovery? [View All]

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Warren DeMontague Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon Jun-13-11 07:09 PM
Response to Reply #91
96. What's "RA"? You mean Rational Recovery?
It's my takeaway that Trimpey can be, in his own way, as dogmatic as some of the most overzealous god-pushing 12 steppers. But RR works for some people. Also there are tools, like REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) which overlap with some of the RR tools and ideas without being as centered on, again, 'ours is the ONE and ONLY way to do it'.

Meetings work for a lot of people, as does having group support, which is what the Lifering Secular Recovery people are about; they're an outgrowth of what used to be secular organizations for sobriety.

Here's my take on AA and why I think it works as well as my problem with some of the dogma (because I think a 'higher power' is a fiction, albeit -for some people- a very useful fiction) ... I think when people are deeply embedded in an active physiological addiction along with all the mental effects that entails, it is very difficult if not impossible for them to use the same brain which is inside the addiction to get out of the addiction. Sort of like using a broken hammer to fix itself. I always likened early sobriety to trying to cut one's own hair in the mirror... you kind of have to do the exact opposite of what your brain thinks it wants to do. For many people, turning the mess 'over to God' is a way to get out of the headspace of the addiction. For others, recognizing and sometimes personifying the 'addictive voice' can help, which is what trimpey's AVRT does as well as REBT.

I'm totally in favor of people doing whatever works, and I know lots of people whose lives were saved by AA. My problem comes in when 12 steppers espouse dogma implying it's the only game in town, or the only way to become 'really' sober. It's not.

Also, re; "Sex addiction"- I don't know. Part of me, having seen people go through stuff like the DTs, is reluctant to accept that psychological dependence or even obsessive/compulsive behavior qualifies as the same animal as 'addiction'. I would hope that, at the very least, we could agree that no one will benefit from definitions of 'sex addiction' as 'masturbates more than 3X a week' -- no one, that is, except financially interested 'treatment professionals'. With a more expansive use of the word, though, if sex or eating can be an 'addiction', so can exercise (guilty here!) as well as going to 12 step meetings.
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