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The heinous pervert charges against Assange. And he may also have Monica Lewinsky's dress! [View All]

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breadandwine Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Dec-15-10 03:58 AM
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This is an account of the sexual case against Julian Assange, which was linked on Michael Moore's website when he posted his support for Assange and put up bail money. Moore urges his readers to view this article. (Linked in this Moore post here --- )

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Original ----

But don't listen to any of this. You need to be listening to corporate news readers and State Department screaming as told by the NATIONAL PERSPIRER.

So allow me to give you a summary:

Julian Assange, a KNOWN AGITATOR and FELLOW TRAVELER (he does a lot of traveling, DOESN'T HE?), was acting MIGHTY SUSPICIOUS and behaving as if he was UP TO NO GOOD because having not a care in the world in his mild mannered job as an accountant in Teaneck, New Jersey, he HAD HIS CELL PHONE OFF (a KNOWN act of GUILTY BEHAVIOR) when a couple of women who had repeatedly been sleeping with him consensually began to worry because Assange's condon tore, PROOF THAT HE WAS TRYING TO !!!!!KILL!!!!! THEM! so they were MIGHTY DISTRAUGHT when they tried to call him and couldn't get through. The women had had consensual sex with him REPEATEDLY, a KNOWN act of PERVERSION. One of the women, who was having consensual sex with him was asleep during one of the encounters. That's practically like being drugged. It's rape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine sleeping through sex? In Sweden????????????? Obviously, Asssange must be one of the most BORING people on the face of the earth! This proves he really WAS an accountant from Teaneck, New Jersey!

So if he was merely a boring accountant from Teaneck, New Jersey, why was he afraid to turn on his cell phone??

Because he's an international spy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can well understand how IMPORTANT this all is to those two women since normally nothing interesting ever happens in Sweden except having sex and eating goat curd.

Obviously, this is how Assange picks up girls. He tells them in a thick Middle Eastern accent, "In your country I am a terrorist. But in MY country, I am a hhhhero." It's all obviously a scam to give himself MYSTIQUE with his gullible sexual conquests.

When he's in France, Assange tells the girls he's really a French train robber. Girls in France go NUTS over guys like that.

Protect your children! Don't let them read the SCURRILOUS AND DEGENERATE WIKILEAKS REVELATIONS!!!!!!!!

You know what's REALLY leaking? Julian Assange's condom!


Here's the proof:

Once the boys in River City start reading a dime novel while hiding in the corn crib, you KNOW that Wikileaks is CORRUPTING OUR YOUTH.


And this just in. Rumor has it that Julian Assange is also in possession of Monica Lewinsky's sexually stained dress! THAT'S why they had to impeach President Clinton. We'll get to the bottom of it all. Just as soon as we ROUND UP JULIAN ASSANGE.

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