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Reply #226: A. U cannot substitute Wiccan because that religion does not go about trying [View All]

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StarsInHerHair Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun May-22-11 01:26 AM
Response to Original message
226. A. U cannot substitute Wiccan because that religion does not go about trying
Edited on Sun May-22-11 01:28 AM by StarsInHerHair
to convert everyone who isn't Wiccan. Both Muslims & Christians have as a central tenet the conversion of everyone to their own respective religions; those 2 religions are invasive. I've recently had a group of women-I don't know which particular brand of religion-knock on my door & continue to knock on my door for at least 5 minutes, driving the dogs to hysteria. They were already told the FIRST time they pulled this to NOT COME BACK. Guess what-THEY CAME BACK. You want intolerance: look to Christians & Muslims-those who go after any other religion & call it false, evil, idolatrous, Satanic, etc.

..."For example, a Pagan who wished to open his shop in Austin, Texas, was harassed and ultimately forced to move because of daily taunts that he practiced Satanism. These daily taunts in front of his store caused him to lose business, and thus leave due to pressures of conflict with Christians. Another example of Pagan businesses being attacked is that of a woman in Lancaster, California as recently as 2002. She re named her store, and thus held a new dedication ceremony in the parking lot of the strip mall. Not only did conservative Christian hecklers harass her, but also when the police were called due to the disturbance of the peace, the police unit failed to respond (Barner - Barry) ."....

..."Among the Occult Witchcraft is a Nature Center which has a section called Earth Circle. This is bad because there is a Pagan group around Amarillo that calls itself Earth Circle and pagans usually pray in places called Earth Circles. Although there are no pagan rituals conducted at the nature center, it doesn't stop RA members from harassing people there.

Others in that category include palm readers, new age stores, a Masonic lodge and head shops.

In the "Idol Worship" category is a mosque, a Hindu temple, a Buddhist temple and a bunch of churchs Repent Amarillo does not agree with"....

..."Mrs Pinder, a mother of two and grandmother of four, and whose sister is an Anglican vicar in Basildon, described how a group of Catholics had entered her shop and abused her.

She said: It was as if we had returned to the dark ages. They told me they wanted to cleanse Glastonbury of paganism. They said they had lighters and were going to come back and burn us down. When the police asked them to apologise, they refused.....

..."Burnet, Texas -- A self-proclaimed witch in the eastern Hill Country is accusing a Christian pastor of leading a harassment campaign aimed at ruining her business and driving her out of the region.
Margie Allen, who practices the pagan religion Wicca, also charges that the Llano County sheriff's office with refusing to respond to her complaints and that Rev. Joann Jackson had organized an aggressive effort to force her out of the area.
The charges have attracted the attention of the FBI, which says it will investigate the claims by Allen, a consignment shop owner, as a possible civil rights case.
Allen says Jackson, her former landlord in Kingsland, ended her lease because of her faith, and that the pastor persuaded another Kingsland property owner to abruptly pull out of a lease deal while Allen was moving in.
"They think I'm satanic," said Allen, a Wiccan for the past six years. "We're dealing with very unintelligent people."
Allen later moved her Magick Garden shop to Burnet, about 20 miles away. But she says relocating didn't end the harassment by people who would gather maliciously outside.
"They'd wait until I was full of customers and then one of them would come into the store and say, 'Weren't you run out of Kingsland because you're satanic,'" she said. "Needless to say, that's not good for business."
She also says people would occasionally follow her from the store to her home and would feign trying to run her off the road. "....

..."A deputy visited while the store was still in Kingsland, Allen said, and boasted that another Wiccan family had once lived in the county, "but we ran them out of town.".... spelling edit
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