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Reply #73: Baloney.....and a rant [View All]

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Stuttgart77 Donating Member (58 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu May-19-11 09:18 PM
Response to Reply #1
73. Baloney.....and a rant
You aren't seeing a realistic picture, and frankly, nothing is EVER our own fault. It's always someone else's fault. That's just wrong.

The Western world (of which I live in) got lazy and starving people worked to pull themselves towards prosperity, be it India, China, Africa or Southeast Asia.

Americans got immensely fat, dumb and happy. Mr. and Mrs. America were going to football practice with the kiddies a few nights a week and concentrating on music and art lessons because they're fun unlike academic homework. Meanwhile, the kids weren't getting a good grounding in reading, science and math; and no, it wasn't an education funding issue - American schools get more $$$ now they they ever have before.

Workers got comfortably used to yearly raises without merit. The things we count as "productivity" in this country, like shuffling paper and filling out excel spreadsheets and creating endless powerpoint charts really aren't productive. When it comes to manufacturing, parents pushed the kids into careers like business, hospitality, paralegal studies, and theater. There were fewer and fewer college level engineers being turned out and high school students without the practical skills to go into manufacturing. But thank God we had more ambulance chasers to sue everyone, because going into Law was a great career! There were more fast food jobs and fewer apprenticeship jobs in trades because everyone DESERVED a college degree come hell or high water. Because kids were busy playing with their iPods and playstations instead of studying in high school, when they entered the workforce they were ill prepared, but they continued to demand wages far too high for what they did, which is shuffle paper or serve burgers and fries. Plus, there were 40 year mortgages being pushed with no money down, not like 20 years ago when you were required to put 20% down and have, as one of Obama's sayings "Skin in the game". To demand anyone actually have to put 20% down for home ownership? No, no, to harsh and unfair and besides, "wages can only go up forever, right?" Mom and Dad were so busy leasing a new car every three years and hanging a plasma on every wall in the new $750,000 house, that they didn't even bother to read the mortgage paperwork at closing. Everyone had to have everything NOW. No reason to work and save for things. I want them NOW (or yesterday).

And how crazy to actually demand that most people actually pay a little something on their income as a tax! No, we have to have 51% of earners not paying anything and demand "other people pay...but just not me". I said income tax, not FICA. /

Meanwhile, people on the other side of the world were churning out products in factories, strengthening their currency, sending their kids to western schools for degrees in engineering, manufacturing, IT and physics and SAVING instead of spending every dime they had. What did we expect would happen? It's what happens when you get comfortable and have everything. It's not a corporatist's fault. It's what happens when people feel entitled to everything without working for it. No politician can save us. Stop relying on them. It's just the laws of economics and it's now a global economy, like it or not. A little self introspection is a healthy exercise now and then.

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