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chervilant Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Mon May-02-11 09:06 AM
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114. Really, DUers?
Edited on Mon May-02-11 09:18 AM by chervilant
Far too many of us are in react mode, driven by inchoate fears and resentments. Far too many of us are willing to pollute our spirits with negativity, eagerly engaging in name-calling and other forms of vilification. Far too many of us are willing to glorify violence or resort to violence, just for entertainment or personal gratification.

We seldom acknowledge the import of overpopulation, but Calhoun's research with rats has proven that when a critical level of overpopulation occurs, the outcome isn't pretty. With rats, abnormal sexual behavior, hyper-aggression, eating their young, and increased mortality are a few of the problems that occur. With humans,... well, isn't it past time we acknowledge that our species has passed a critical tipping point?

Watching the hoi polloi pick sides, and lob verbal grenades at each other, as though our corporatist-driven political and/or religious ideologies are the most important framework within which we coexist on this planet, remains both disappointing and unsettling...

Consider that the majority of people who have "graduated' from our system of public education in the last twenty years have been suckered into believing that at least three quarters of us have average or below average intellects (a corporatist-driven deceit). Consider that we've been trained AWAY from critical thinking skills and toward rote memorization, so that we can perform like trained monkeys on ridiculously expensive and pedantic standardized tests. Consider that almost half of our adult population is functionally illiterate (perhaps we can READ the words on this page, but many of us would be hard pressed to explain the gist of what we've read). Consider that our nation ranks in the fourth quartile with regards to our high school students' ability to demonstrate competitive academic skills in math and science.

And, yet, the vast majority of us are completely focused ('oh, look, it's a sparkly!') on red state/blue state, democrat/republican, conservative/liberal, either/or dichotomies that distract us from the destructive and stultifying radical income inequity within this nation--AND the concentration of wealth GLOBALLY in the hands of less than four hundred people...

The revolution, WHEN not IF it comes, promises to refocus our species. We're so deep in the abyss of self-immolation, our efforts will of necessity be solely about sheer survival. Selfishly, I'm glad I'm in the twilight of my years...

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