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Reply #9: See, this is the thing! This movement didn't sputter and die. It's already claimed the heads of two [View All]

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calimary Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat Dec-03-11 06:27 PM
Response to Reply #8
9. See, this is the thing! This movement didn't sputter and die. It's already claimed the heads of two
republi-CON State Senators. And now that walker appears in danger of joining them, the momentum does indeed seem to be growing. That is a statement all by itself. It's a CRITICALLY important statement to make - that the momentum is still growing. Even in the face of threats, cheating, and other typical and non-typical GOP dirty tricks, it's still growing. The energy is not waning. The eagerness has not worn off. People haven't grown complacent. Nobody's given up. They're still going full-tilt-boogie, and they're probably going to beat the deadline by a mile. That's what needs to happen for OWS too - because when it, too, becomes too big to fail, then it starts to have a for-keeps type of impact. Then you can achieve some real change and get some serious business done.

That's why this one's gonna work. It's too big to fail and it hasn't even slowed down in the growth department.

I'm watching a replay of the Rachel Maddow Show from I think Friday 12/2 and she reported on the evolution of OWS - driven out of the public squares they occupied, they were forced to adapt in order to continue to exist. And they have! The "Occupy Our Homes" movement is FUCKING DAMN BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I'm SHOUTING! (Which I'm trying to do less of - now that it's Advent dontchaknow). It means they've evolved, and directly into the heart of Main Street, where real people were being foreclosed. And they're occupying those homes and defending the homeowners! Smack-dab in the middle of Main Street where people live. Get 'em where they live. This is taking that at its most literal sense. FUCKING DAMN BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in AWE!!!! For Heaven's sake - one Occupy group that was driven away from its downtown camp went to occupy the soon-to-be-foreclosed house of a police officer! O.M.Freakin'G. Still don't get what OWS stands for? Take a freakin' look. There it is before your eyes and in yer face, on each individual foreclosure Ground Zero. FUCKING DAMN BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm SO happy to see OWS evolve like this. And it was characterized on Maddow's show just beyond deliciously: as though it were spreading faster and farther than anyone could keep up with it or keep track of it anymore. Impossible to contain. Impossible to anticipate. It pops up everywhere, all around you, at any moment. Like a wildfire. Unconventionally. Unpredictably. Off the conventional-wisdom grid. It's guerrilla stuff. And a whole lotta psy-ops, too, that go toward the whole "DESTABILIZE THE ENEMY" strategy. No one knows where it's gonna go next, or where it's gonna sprout next, or in how many more cities or towns or neighborhoods. Certainly the bad guys don't know. They can't anticipate effectively because this activity goes counter to everything they've been taught and have come to believe in. They don't speak this language regardless how hard frank luntz tries to drill the talking points into them for them to parrot out to people. They don't have a template for this because it's so distant to, so alien from, who and what they are.

Which means they won't be able to prepare. Supremely difficult to do if you don't have a clue what to prepare for.

That's why I'm thinking the Occupy movement is gonna work too. If it's evolving and spreading like this, with creative thinkers coming up with ideas like this, then it's gonna work. And it's going to have an impact. May take awhile, but it'll happen - if it's going like this.
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