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Reply #64: Gore also criticizes Obama -- which is what the original OP correctly stated ... [View All]

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defendandprotect Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jun-24-11 10:04 AM
Response to Reply #59
64. Gore also criticizes Obama -- which is what the original OP correctly stated ...
Edited on Fri Jun-24-11 10:17 AM by defendandprotect
Gore is mainly discussing the CORPORATE CONTROLLED system of media --

and POLITICS ... while making clear that Obama is "paralyzed" --

We need less sensitivity here to criticism of Obama -- and more concentration

on the issues --

Trying to suppress criticism of Obama isn't addressing Global Warming --

Let me add that anyone still watching MSM gets what they deserve --

I'm continually shocked by people here still reporting on various of these programs --

What is amazing is that amazing uniformity of the news articles discussing Gore's article, which is why I encourage folks to read the article in full. I read it, and was outraged at just how different the article was from how it was portrayed in the media. Worse, shortly after the articles discussing Gore appeared, then the corporate media began another round of stories discussing how Gore's alleged trashing of President Obama is the latest example of the Left's dissatisfaction with President Obama.

On and on you go with but one note -- protect Obama!

Imagine that! Gore was once dismissed in 2001 as a corporatist by some on the "left," now he is the heart and soul of the left.

We don't know what Gore is except that he was a co-founder of the Koch Bros. DLC with Clinton --

and we've had 20 years of the Koch Bros/DLC being harbored within the party.

Gore resigned from it AFTER 2000 because he realized that their advice to STOP his populist

speeches had hurt him.

Gore also played a large role with Clinton in undoing 60 years of Welfare Guarantees --

giving Clinton the nod on it.

Gore has been supported lifelong by at least one oil company -- and the family has been heavily

invested in Occidental Petroleum.

Gore -- even after the death of his sister from lung cancer -- fought to keep the word "death"

off of cigarette packaging for the tobacco industry.

Gore would have been our second Koch Bros./DLC president -- and worse yet was bringing in what

looked like a major Trojan Horse -- Joe Liebermann. Certainly Gore worked with Lieberman

long enough to know exactly who he was -- and of his right wing views -- and religious


No -- I wouldn't say that Gore is the darling of the left --

But Gore did win in 2000 --

Finally, these mischracterizations once again impair the ability of the public to hold Republicans and our corporate media accountable. The narrative has been written. Blame Democrats. Give Republicans a free pass. Rinse and repeat.

If you are suggesting that people are unfairly criticizing Obama and Democrats then you are

avoiding the issues and the debate which makes clear the public's dissatisfaction with both.

This isn't just about Republicans taking corporate money -- it's also about Demcorats being

pre-owned and pre-bribed by corporate money.

In fact, if you read Gore's comments you know that he's actually saying that the work of

Congress is being adjusted to allow for their main occupation -- raising corporate money$$$!!

Perhaps we need to take Page 6 now and have an honest discussion of it --

because I see that there is still a resistance to acknowledging what Gore actually said --

including re Obama's oil drilling --

subsidies for oil and coal --

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