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Reply #13: While the media does play a part in trying to pit the left versus Democrats... [View All]

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MessiahRp Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Thu Jun-23-11 06:42 AM
Response to Original message
13. While the media does play a part in trying to pit the left versus Democrats...
Dems do a pretty damn good job by siding with or capitulating to Republicans and their corporate benefactors so often. And when Obama and his crew always seem to come out more forcefully against the Left than they do the Right, whom they are eager to compromise with at every turn (while we can just STFU), then it's not just the media's fault that Obama has lost appeal to many on the left.

And don't spout some non-scientific strawpolls from Netroots Nation saying 87% of Liberals support Obama because that's hogwash. Kos has been an ardent supporter of Obama to the point that he goes after any critics of Obama from the left mostly in the same way that his loyalists do here: attack the messenger and ignore the message (or attempt to demean it).

Reality is Obama has moved very slowly on LGBT issues. Completely dismissed the left during the HCR debate which if he had started on the left and negotiated backward he would have gotten so much more as an actual "compromise" than he did by starting where Republicans demands initially were and then negotiating away most of the valuable stuff to try to pick up two lousy votes. He does this every time. He's like the worst car buyer ever hitting up the lot of an extremely polished and shady car salesman. Instead of starting at everything he wishes he could have and negotiating to what he can actually get, he starts at what he should actually get and negotiates back to whatever the fuck the GOP decides to give him. Just enough crumbs to keep their rabid base believing Obama got what he wanted and is dismantling the country so they can win the next election cycle out of misinformed anger and rage.

As for the troop drawdowns, neither Iraq nor Afghanistan's numbers are sufficient. We were engaged in much greater numbers in Vietnam and managed to pull all of our troops out in approx. 2 years. There's no need for us to keep 50,000 troops in Iraq. No need to maintain 60-70,000 in Afghanistan. Especially until 2014. We went to war to get Osama Bin Laden not to rid the universe of every terrorist ever. That would be the most impossible task ever and the greatest waste of human life and financial resources known to man. We need complete withdrawal of all troops from both countries in 2 years. If we can do it in Vietnam when we were still fighting large scale battles towards the end, then we can do it in Iraq where we're basically just policing the joint and Afghanistan where we're running individual search and destroy missions. There's absolutely no reason to keep troops engaged indefinitely.

Obama's been a major disappointment because of his unwillingness to fight the GOP as hard as the Left and because on many occasions he has been just as bad as the GOP about kissing corporate asses. He deserves a LOT of the criticism he receives here and elsewhere.

The media may sensationalize his actions in a way that makes it appear Obama is picking fights with us, but in many ways yeah they have regardless of media spin. Robert Gibbs coming out and making insulting remarks... Obama himself taking shots proves it's not just the media causing these issues. I know Gore wants harmony on our side but honestly, that goes both ways and good luck.

Since after all if the left asks the President for anything his supporters call us whiners and throw the pony comment around or try to lump us in with Teabaggers. We're a constituency as well. Just because we're covered in the media in a degrading light while teabaggers are made to be heroes doesn't mean our causes are somehow invalid and unworthy of listening to. Obama runs that "make me do things" meme out there often so we speak out and say what we want... and are roundly ignored practically every time out. Does Al Gore believe that the media makes Obama ignore us? Do they twist his arm and control his Presidency?

I think not.

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