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This is not Obama's Katrina, it is his Hiroshima. [View All]

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grantcart Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sat May-29-10 11:30 PM
Original message
This is not Obama's Katrina, it is his Hiroshima.
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Nothing irritates me more than the American obsession with connecting the most recent event with the most well known recent famous example.

Every conflict is Vietnam.

BP is Katrina.

Any abuse of power is Watergate.

It makes intelligent discussion almost impossible because you have to first explain why the comparison isn't apt and then you have to return to the real issues.

This episode has nothing similar to Katrina. We have had hurricanes before and we knew about evacuations and getting things ready. We knew that people needed food, water and that hospitals needed electricity.

We really haven't had a lot of experience with deep sea oil exploration wells blowing up and creating an event that, from an environmental point of view, is closer to Hiroshima than it is to Katrina.

President Obama needs to elevate the issue to an even higher plane.

In 90 days the oil will be stopped and the clean up will become a massive multi billion dollar event. There will be some unexpected good news, clever inexpensive solutions that no one thought of before, and some harsh realities about rebuilding plant and fish populations that will take a decade if we are lucky.

The Japanese response to Hiroshima was two fold:

1) They changed their fundamental way of thinking. The threw out their militarism and constructed a constitution that didn't even allow for a traditional military.

2) They developed a cooperative environment to rebuild their economy.

You want to ban US offshore drilling? Fine.

Right now their are 400 wells being added to a single field in Brazil. If something happens to those wells the oil goes into our Oceans.

Until we change our petroleum based economy then oil companies around the world will be pushed into more and more hazardous environments to take on more and more risky extraction.

The low hanging petroleum fruit has been picked. From now on it gets riskier and riskier.

So now is the time to summon a collective American response, ironically modeled on the Manhattan Project that created the "Little Boy" that wiped out Hiroshima.

Think big and add a zero.

Now is the time to grasp the historic opening to challenge this country to pivot like Michael Jordan and go in a completely new direction.

Create incentives and taxes that will take petroleum out of the car industry in 15 years.

We can do it. We tamed the west, built the trans American railroad, electrified a continent, and yes we walked on the moon.

In 6 months from now, Mr. President, you will not be judged on your response to this crises based on how well you coordinated the cleanup but how effective you are in making these wells redundant.

We can do it, trust me, after all we are the people who figured out how to wipe out an entire city with a single bomb.

It is summoning this country to big challenges that this country has shown the world the strength of its people and the brilliance of its leaders.
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Home » Discuss » General Discussion: Presidency Donate to DU

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